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Yokomo RC Car Kits

yokomogelb Yokomo RC Car Kits

Yokomo RC cars are a brand of radio controlled cars that are rapidly rising in the world of motorsports. Over the years, Yokomo has increased their product range, from RC Cars, Accessories, Kits, Bodies and more.

Yokomo is famous for world replicas of Touring Cars, and in house designs touring cars for racing. These models have won numerous prestigious championships over the years, especially the Japanese National Championships.

yokomo ichiroku m Yokomo RC Car Kits

If you are looking for something that is more customized, you can get chassis, engines, body parts, electronics, fittings and wheels to suit your needs. This allows you to build a fantastically customized car that can move like the wind.

The advantage of buying Yokomo RC cars is the amount of upgrades that are possible on your model. These upgrades aren't just your usual set of visual changes, but also include a lot of performance-based enhancements as well.

Some of the most popular upgrades are electrical. You can get working headlights on your Yokomo RC cars as well as different light buckets, coloured LED lights for the wheel rims, which glow in the dark, as well as under-body lights.

If you are looking for something that is fantastic to drive and visually stimulating, then Yokomo RC cars are just the thing for you. Whether you make them yourself with parts or buy a complete kit, you will find little else that can match the radio controlled model experience provided to you by Yokomo RC cars.

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