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LRP Grip Carpet & Trinity Tire Traction Fluid Stocked!

2 RC Tire Traction Additive have been stocked in rcMart!


LRP Blue Factor Top grip Carpet 2 for RC Tire Traction Additive #LRP65011

Provides maximum grip for all tires on carpet!

lrp 65011 1 LRP Grip Carpet & Trinity Tire Traction Fluid Stocked!

This fluid can be easily applied to all types of tires on carpet. It will provide maximum grip for the tires and improve the racing performance! Odor Free!

Recommend to all serious RC Racers.

Item no.: LRP65011


Trinity Tire Weak 2000 Tire Traction Fluid #RC6684

Increase tire traction without accelerating tire wear

trinity rc6684 1 LRP Grip Carpet & Trinity Tire Traction Fluid Stocked!

Tire tweak is the most popular tire conditioner for both RC and slot car foam tires. Tire tweak doesn’t soften your tires but it restores the natural chemical grip of the tire. Tire traction is increased without accelerating tire wear. Quicker lap times because of greater cornering speed without bogging on the straightaways.

Rub int tire the night before a race and let it dry. If it is damp next moring, please wipe off with dry cloth before venturing out on the track.

Item no.: RC6684

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