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Xray T2, T3, T4 Parts Stocked!

Xray T4 Aluminum Lower Suspension Holder Orange XR-302049-O

xray 302049 o 1 Xray T2, T3, T4 Parts Stocked!

CNC-machined alu lower suspension holder which is part of suspension holder system allows suspension arms to be mounted independently from the diff bulkheads. Orange color.

Item no.: XR-302049-O


Xray 50mm Drive Shaft – Hudy Spring Steel for T2 T3 T4 XR-305323

xray 305323 1 Xray T2, T3, T4 Parts Stocked!

CNC-machined 50mm drive shaft for XRAY T2, T3 made from world-renowned top-secret HUDY Spring Steel™. This race-quality drive shaft is the smallest in the world, exclusively manufactured by HUDY. Drive shaft diff end has been strategically lightened to reduce rotating mass without compromising strength.

Item no.: XR-305323


Xray Anti-Roll Bar Rear 1.5mm for T4 XR-303495

xray 303495 1 Xray T2, T3, T4 Parts Stocked!


The T4 rear anti-roll bars for narrowed bulkheads for super-fine tuning. For easy recognition the anti-roll bars have laser-engraved stripes (to indicate bar thickness) for easy and instant recognition.

The anti-roll bars are mounted using the included composite holders on the bulkheads, and to the integrated anti-roll bar mounts on the suspension arms.

Item no.: XR-303495

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