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Tamiya Parts Stocked!

Tamiya XV-01 Aluminum Steering Brideg fits PRO T TC FF-03 Uprade Set 54454

tamiya 54454 1 Tamiya Parts Stocked!

This aluminum steering bridge replaces the kit standard part for increased rigidity and steering precision. Provides steering linkage section with increased rigidity to offer sharper steering response. Anodized with blue finish.

Item no.: 54454


Tamiya 1:10 Toyota 86 FR-S Light Weight Body Parts Set fits TA-06 TA-05 TB-03 TT-01 TT-01E 84332

tam 58529 2 Tamiya Parts Stocked!

The Toyota 86 has been a highly anticipated sports car since the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. In 2012 the vehicle was finally released to markets around the world. In Japan it is known as the Toyota 86. In Europe it is known as the GT-86 and in the USA and North America it is known as the Scion FR-S. Now, Tamiya's proven Light Weight Body Parts Set.

Item no.: 84332


Tamiya Aluminum Wheelie Roller Set for WR-02 WR-02 G 54473

tamiya 54473 1 Tamiya Parts Stocked!

The included roller wheel on the WR-02 chassis is made of plastic. Many comical R/C releases have been put on the WR-02 chassis such as the Wild Willy 2, Volkswagen Bus Type 2 and the Farm King Wheelie. This new aluminum roller ball is fitted with ball bearings for smoother operation and it also provides a custom appearance.

Easy to fit onto the Wheelie series models, and built-in 1050 ball bearings provide smoother wheels-in-the-air action.

Item no.: 54473

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