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Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

NOVAK Havoc Pro SC Brushless ESC w/ X-Drive for 540 550 Motor 2WD 4WD RC Short Course Trucks 1745

novak 1745 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

Timed and Ready to Race!

The Havoc Pro SC Brushless ESC (#1745) is the first speed control specifically designed to meet the rigors of short course racing. In fact, it includes everything any short course enthusiast could ever want in a speed control: It boasts electronic timing, on-board programming with 14 adjustable parameters, a brand new braking system, and it comes factory wired to the most powerful short course motor available. Stop your search here; Novak has the short course ESC for you!

WHAT IS X-DRIVE? This new update significantly improves the throttle feel and response. It also reduces the ESC's operating temperatures for more efficient operation. Team drivers, test drivers, and customers who have run the Havoc Pro SC with X-Drive in side-by-side comparisons to their original ESC have all noticed an incredibly smooth feel, improved drivability, lower temperatures, and overall higher performance resulting in faster lap times and longer run times.

HOW DOES NOVAK'S X-DRIVE WORK? Simple. The switching speeds of the ESC's transistors have been drastically increased. Speeds of this nature have not been considered until now. Novak engineers have developed this exclusive firmware and hardware update that permit the Havoc Pro SC to have the absolute best response times and switching speeds. For the highest performance ESC for your off-road, on-road, and short-course vehicle, the Novak Havoc Pro SC with X-Drive is the speed control you need!

Item no.: 1745


NOVAK GTB 2 w/ X-Drive Racing Low Profile Brushless ESC for 540 550 Motor 4×4 SCT & On Road RC 1748

novak 1748 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

Novak X-Drive™ has arrived in a major way, and is taking the racing world by storm! This new technology has now been added to the tried-and-true GTB 2 platform, and is here to stay. Novak is pleased to introduce two new racing speed controls—the GTB 2 Racing w/X-Drive (#1749) and the GTB 2 Racing w/X-Drive- Low Profile (#1748).

Item no.: #1748


NOVAK M2 Dig 3S ESC w/ Dual Rock Star Expert Brushed 45T Motor BEC Combo for AXIAL RC, RC Crawler 1847

novak 1847 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

Novak is now offering a unique cost-saving combo for MOA vehicles—the M2 Dig 3S / Dual Rock Star 45T Motor & BEC Combo (#1847). This new Novak product features two, 45-turn Rock Star Crawling motors and Novak’s heavy-duty external BEC. These motors are Sagami-built with high-quality materials, are completely rebuildable, and provide maximum torque needed for rock crawling. Because the M2 Dig ESC operates dual motors, this combo is ideal for MOA (motor-on-axle) vehicles like the Axial® XR10™, EnRoute’s® Berg™, Integy’s® Super and Unlimited Class of crawlers, and Clod Buster®-based vehicles. Additionally, a 3-Amp BEC (#5463) is included for higher-power applications, so you have everything needed right out of the box!

Item no.: #1847


NOVAK Club Spec Sensored Brushless ESC for 1:10 RC On Road & Off Road 1852

novak 1852 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

Looking for an affordable entry into the world of brushless power systems? If you demand a great-performing, reliable, race-proven, sensor-based system from a well-known manufacturer then look no further! Family-owned and operated for over 30 years, Novak Electronics is located in Irvine, California and has exactly what you are looking for. The new Novak Club Sensored Brushless System-17.5T (#3330) features a quality-built speed control for 1S and 2S LiPo applications, and a 540-size, 17.5-turn brushless motor. Both ESC and motor are designed, manufactured, tested and supported by Novak at their Irvine facility using the absolute best components from all over the globe. The Novak Club System is ideal for all popular RTR or 1/10th scale on-road or off-road vehicles, including popular 2WD short-course vehicles. The Novak Club Sensored Brushless ESC (#1852) is also available and is compatible with all popular sensored 540-size and 380-size sensored brushless motors. You can now join the excitement of club racing with a quality system, without breaking the bank!

Item no.: #1852


NOVAK Timbuk2 Brushless ESC w/ Ballistic Crawler Brushless System 13.5T Motor for Axial RC Wraith 4WD 3223

novak 3223 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

From Here to Timbuk2

The sport of Rock Crawling has become a major part of the R/C world, and Team Novak is proud to introduce their newest and smallest rock crawling ESC to the crawler line up, the Timbuk2 Crawler Brushless ESC – 2S (#1832).

The Timbuk2 is designed to work with Novak's Rock Crawling Ballistic and older-style Super Sport Crawling Motors. Basic operation of the ESC remains similar to its predecessors the Goat 2S and Goat 3S, but Novak has taken the advice of the rock crawlers and completely updated the braking adjustability and other features of the Timbuk2. New adjustments in the brakes means even more control and response from your crawler.


A feature that is central to the Timbuk2 is the complete on-board programming. No extra devices, plugs or cards are needed to maximize the features of this ESC. The Timbuk2's easy-to-use button and LEDs will guide drivers to their desired setting and allow them to make changes ON THE ROCKS! But have no fear, if adjusting and tuning is not your game, the setup out of the box works extremely well. You can tune anything from the strength of the brakes, to how smooth the throttle response is, and even the rotation of the motor. With dozens of combinations, the Timbuk2 has what you've been searching for in a Brushless Rock Crawling ESC.


In addition its compact and lightweight design, the Timbuk2 uses advanced MOSFETS that are incredibly powerful, yet small in size. This has allowed Novak to create a powerful ESC that boasts tons of power. Another sophisticated feature is the Novak-developed Rock Boost™. When the Timbuk2 reaches full speed for a fixed amount of time, Rock Boost engages and electronic timing advance is applied to the motor. This allows you to have ultra-fine low speed control, unstoppable torque, along with the top speed and higher RPMs of much faster motors. No need to use pricey 3S LiPo batteries for the speed you need.

The Timbuk2 also features completely updated braking adjustability with three distinct types of drag brakes. In addition to standard Hill/Drag brakes, and No Drag Brakes, the third braking style available is Novak's exclusive Rock Crawling Hill/Hold Brakes for use with heavy rigs and serious rock crawling. This braking method applies stopping power to the motor to hold the rig in place.

Item no.: #3223


NOVAK Club Spec Brushless ESC w/ Club 540 17.5T Motor Brushless System for 1:10 RC On Road & Off Road 3330

novak 3330 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!


The Novak Club ESC features Novak’s newest breakthrough for the club racing market: One-Touch and Go!™. Simply complete the One-Touch programming and the Club ESC is ready to run! No adjusting, tuning, or customizing. Novak has taken input from our team drivers, racing customers, and our test team to select one of the most universal, throttle profiles to date. This means you have nothing to worry about or tune on your ESC. Novak has done all the hard work for you, and has customized the ESC for optimal non-timing spec or “blinky” class racing. That’s right, an ESC that is race-ready AND easy to use! The Novak Club Brushless System is also factory wired with heavy-duty, gold-plated, battery and motor plugs for easy and quick installation.


Sensor-based motors and ESCs offer unmatched throttle response, and have no hesitation off the line. Novak released the first sensored brushless system designed specifically for R/C cars in 2003, and the Novak Club Brushless System is based on this industry-revolutionizing technology. Customers currently running a sensorless or brush motor set-up will be absolutely shocked by the amount of control and response of power found in Novak’s pure sensor system.

Item no.: #3330


NOVAK Edge 2s Brushless ESC w/ 540 10.5T Ballistic Fastest Speed Motor Brushless System TRAXXAS connector 3335

novak 3335 01 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

Edge Out The Competition

The EDGE 2S Brushless ESC is truly a combination of affordability and performance. This ESC is perfect for all types of racing, including 2WD Short Course, Off-Road, On-Road and Sportsman classes. Featuring simple and easy-to-use on-board programming, diagnostic tools, and temperature protection, this ESC has it all. So, get the edge on the competition!


With its compact and lightweight design, the Edge is ideal for all 1/10th and 1/12th scale applications, but it is especially suited for vehicles with little room for electronics. With a footprint 35% smaller than the GTB 2, the EDGE is sure to fit in any vehicle. However, don't let its small size fool you. This is a feature-packed ESC. In addition to utilizing the same software as Novak's popular Sportsman class GTB 2 ESC, the Edge also boasts a low profile heat sink and an easy, "Plug-and-Play" set-up.No soldering. Just plug it in and start racing!

  • Model #1850 is factory-wired with a genuine Traxxas® battery connector and gold-plated bullet-style motor connectors.
  • Model #1851 is factory-wired with a Tamiya®-style battery connector and gold-plated bullet-style motor connectors.

Item no.: #3335


NOVAK Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motor 8.5T 9000Kv for 1:18 & 1:16 RC Car 3450

novak 3450 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

Novak has bred a micro brushless motor that is the first sensor-based brushless motor specifically designed for 1/18 and 1/16-scale cars. Because it is sensored and lightweight, it gives these micro scale cars the ability to maneuver at high speeds in extremely tight spaces, all with unsurpassed low speed and braking control.

Item no.: #3450


NOVAK Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motor 10.5T 7300Kv for 1:18 & 1:16 RC Car 3451

novak 3451 1 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

Novak has bred a micro brushless motor that is the first sensor-based brushless motor specifically designed for 1/18 and 1/16-scale cars. Because it is sensored and lightweight, it gives these micro scale cars the ability to maneuver at high speeds in extremely tight spaces, all with unsurpassed low speed and braking control.

Item no.: #3451


NOVAK Terra Claw Crawler Brushed Motor 35T for RC Crawling 3535

novak 3535 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

Novak's affordable Terra Claw Brushed Motors provides precise movement control, exceptional torque, and is extremely durable, ensuring many smooth and maintenance-free crawling and bashing seasons.

Item no.: #3535


NOVAK Ballistic RC Crawler Brushless Motor 13.5T 3300Kv 3614

novak 3614 01 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!


And like all Novak Ballistic motors, the Ballistic Crawlers contain heavy-duty solder tabs and a removable nine-inch shielded sensor harness. And by taking advantage of the Ballistics' interchangeable wound stator construction, crawlers can simply replace the stator for any available stator between 13.5 and 21.5 turns. The motors are also equipped with a custom-silicone gasket seal to keep dirt and debris from damaging the motors' sensor plug. The Ballistic Crawler motors also include a Crawling Sintered Tuning Rotor – 14mm (#5950). The rotor's large diameter and exclusive magnetic material provide the motors with more torque and stronger braking. It also increases natural drag braking and improves the motors' initial throttle response, providing more control on steep climbs and downhill descents.

Item no.: #3614


NOVAK Ballistic Sintered Rotor 12.3mm (Neo) 5941

novak 5941 1 Novak ESC & Motors Stocked!

This is the replacement Ballistic 540 Sintered Rotor — 12.3mm (#5941) for Novak’s Ballistic 540 Brushless Motors. It is also compatible with other Novak 540-size motors that have an oversized front bearing, such as the Velociti, SS Pro, and Club brushless motors.

Item no.: #5941

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