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3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

3Racing F113- High End F1 Race Kit

3Racing F113 is now available for pre order! To pre-order this RC car, just add to cart and check out as usual and it will be delivered in Mid January.

3Racing F113 is the first competitive F1 chassis race kit to bare the 3 Racing “Factory Racing Products” label, the introduction of this label was conceptualized with the idea of including the best materials in our high end race kits and to distinguish our line of successful Sakura car kits from the entry/mid-level to race level. All car kits to bare the “Factory Racing Products” label will feature the finest of materials namely imported high grade 7075 aircraft aluminum, imported woven carbon graphite, PTFE coated shock bodies and ball ends.

3racing kit f113sp 4 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

3racing kit f113sp 5 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

Front Suspension

The F113 was redesigned from scratch and shares very little parts with the successful F109, the F113 is the first to feature various innovative concepts previously unseen on mainstream F1 chassis currently available while maintaining the realistic looks of a real F1 car which in many cases is the fundamental success of the class. The F113 will feature a unique front suspension unlike anything available, dual Through Shaft Coil Spring Oil Filled Alum Dampers, Independent Double Wishbone Suspension and features adjustments such as Droop, Camber, Caster, Reactive Caster, Roll Center, Shock Angle, Ackermann with the entire infrastructure supported on 7075 Alum bulkheads.

3racing kit f113sp 6 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

3racing kit f113sp 7 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

3racing kit f113sp 8 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

Rear Suspension

The rear of the F113 employs a 1/12th pan car inspired design with the widely used single pivot ball, side springs and drag link rear suspension system with a longitudinal Symmetric Stroke Through Shaft Design rear Coil Spring Oil Filled Dampers to handle the front and rear weight transfers and another mounted transversely to handle the side to side damping.

3racing kit f113sp 9 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

Rear Drive Train (Picture shows early prototype motor mount)

The F113 will come standard with a 1/12th scale type 1/4" rear axle and diff equipped with 1/8” stainless steel diff balls plus specially processed diff plates which gives it the extra hardness to handle any high powered brushless motor . Axle Height adjusters will allow adjustments in 0.5mm increments for precise ride height adjustments with any tire diameter.

The motor mount will be constructed from machined 7075 alum for the best rigidity and heat dissipation and will accommodate both Brushed and Brushless Motors.

3racing kit f113sp 10 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

Upper and Main Chassis

The 2.5mm main chassis and 2mm upper chassis are CNC machined from premier grade imported woven graphite. It will accommodate both standard and low profile servos with plenty of room for electronics. Chassis mounted battery pack stoppers will come standard to precisely position your Lipo battery packs on every installation whether you are using standard or shorty Lipo battery packs.

3racing kit f113sp 11 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available
Steering on the F113 can be handled through Standard or Low Profile servos depending on the type of batteries and electronics you are using with a servo saver horn for most popular servos (23, 24, 25).

3racing kit f113sp 12 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available


To maintain high speed stability and agility, the body, front and rear wings features a completely new design with the aim of providing the right amount of downforce while maintaining realistic looks, the body will as always be unpainted polycarbonate with a realistic hard plastic Driver Helmet and Ultra flexible impact resistant rear wing and front wing mount.

F113 and Speed Passion Power Combo

As part of our celebration in the launch of the F113, 3 Racing will feature a first time Cross Over Promotional Combo of a Standard F113 kit bundled with a Speed Passion 17.5R Power Plant and the Innovative Revention S engine management system.

The combo will be offered at a special price, your F113 will now have the power and control needed to race at the highest level.


3racing kit f113sp 13 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available

3racing kit f113sp 14 3Racing F113 Preorder is now available


Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may feature minor updates and improvements.

Item no.: KIT-F113SP

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