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Traxxas High-Performance Coaxial DR-1 Dual-Rotor Helicopter #6308

Traxxas High-Performance Coaxial DR-1 Dual-Rotor Helicopter #6308


Fast, Stable, and Easy to Fly! DR-1 Dual-Rotor Coaxial Ready-To-Fly Helicopter


traxxas 6308 dr 1 helicopter p1 Traxxas High Performance Coaxial DR 1 Dual Rotor Helicopter #6308


Traxxas® makes it easy for anyone to experience high-flying excitement with the DR-1,™ the easy-to-fly helicopter that sets a new standard for easy flying, durability, and fun. The dual-rotor coaxial design delivers stable, smooth hovering and precise movements that can be mastered in seconds. The ergonomic 2.4GHz two-stick transmitter features full 4-channel control. The customizable control modes allow you to learn flight skills fast in Normal Mode, then unlock faster flying performance with Expert Mode for high-speed flying maneuvers. Aluminum side plates, tail boom, and landing skids give the DR-1 a realistic, high-tech look and Traxxas Tough durability. The DR-1 is built for years of fun with available replacement parts and custom option parts. The DR-1 is completely ready-to-fly, right down to the included LiPo battery, handy USB-powered charger, and Traxxas AAA alkaline batteries. Traxxas protects your investment with our award winning support and exclusive Helicopter Replacement Plan.


2.4GHz Multi-Mode Transmitter


traxxas helicopter transmitter Traxxas High Performance Coaxial DR 1 Dual Rotor Helicopter #6308


Connected. That is how the DR-1 feels thanks to the clarity and control of the Traxxas 2.4GHz Multi-Mode Transmitter. The dual-stick transmitter includes a full complement of tuning features and offers the unbeatable convenience of "no channels, no crystals" 2.4GHz technology—but that's just the beginning. Each time the transmitter and DR-1 are powered on, the transmitter automatically binds to the helicopter. Switching between Normal and Expert mode is as easy pressing the right control stick. A bright LED light provides information on the fly, indicating binding status and Normal or Expert mode. Trim adjustments are quick and easy thanks to the LCD screen and digital trim adjustment buttons.


Anodized Aluminum Frame, Boom, and Skids


traxxas 6308 dr 1 helicopter p2 Traxxas High Performance Coaxial DR 1 Dual Rotor Helicopter #6308


DR-1 is built Traxxas Tough with rugged aluminum parts that can withstand not-so-perfect landings as they enhance DR-1's looks with vivid blue and red anodized finishes. DR-1 matches high strength with high style for exciting flights and back-in-action durability.


High Capacity LiPo Battery and USB-Powered LiPo Charger


traxxas 6308 dr 1 helicopter p3 Traxxas High Performance Coaxial DR 1 Dual Rotor Helicopter #6308


To maximize flight time and fun, the DR-1 includes a high-capacity Power Cell LiPo battery pack. Traxxas Power Cell batteries offer consistent power flight after flight, with low weight for high-performance flying. Battery installation is simple; just slide the battery into the the main frame and plug it in for instant airborne excitement. Between flights, recharging the battery is fast and easy wih the included USB charger. Plug the charger into a powered USB port, connect the battery to the charger, and you're on the way to the next take-off. An LED keep you informed of the battery's charge status for no-guess charging.


Easy to Fly with Gyro Stabilization


traxxas 6308 dr 1 helicopter p4 Traxxas High Performance Coaxial DR 1 Dual Rotor Helicopter #6308


DR-1's sophisticated stabilization system automatically re-centers the rudder control each time you power-on or land, and features a piezoelectric gyro for exceptional hovering capability and easy flight control. If you out-fly your skill level, just release the sticks to return DR-1 to level flight. There's no easier way to get airborne with a high-quality heli than the Traxxas DR-1.


Exclusive Helicopter Replacement Plan


The DR-1 is built for years of flying fun. Replacement parts are available to keep your DR-1 airworthy, and like all Traxxas products, the DR-1 is backed by our award-winning service and support. The DR-1 is also included in our exclusive Helicopter Replacement Plan.* You can trade in your DR-1 at any time, and in any condition, and purchase a new model (transmitter not included) for just half the list price of the ready-to-fly DR-1.


MODEL 6308: Fully assembled DR-1 coaxial dual-rotor helicopter, Ready-To-Fly with 2.4GHz multi-mode radio system, one 3.7V 450mAh LiPo Battery, and USB-powered LiPo Charger.

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