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Pro-Line Big Blox vs AKA Enduro Tires Comparison

New Pro Line Big Blox Buggy Tyres Pro Line Big Blox vs AKA Enduro Tires Comparison
Pro-Line Big Blox Buggy Tyres
big blox vs enduro 600x324 Pro Line Big Blox vs AKA Enduro Tires Comparison
Pro-Line Big Blox vs AKA Enduro

Since Pro-Line posted pictures of their new Big Blox tire, there are different comments about their similitudes with the Enduro tire from AKA. Some said that Pro-Line has cloned AKA’s Enduro, others said that Pro-Line simply took AKA’s famous tire and updated it.

This is not the first time such a controversy occurs. Beta tires has released AKA clone tires about one year ago. And don’t even talk about all the Bow-Tie clones (or evolution, as you wish) tires you can find on the market!

At first glance the AKA Enduro and Pro-Line Big Blox look almost the same but when looking a little bit closer, there are some major differences between both tires.

First, the lugs on the Big Blox are positioned closer to each others. The Big Blox has a low wear characteristic and its more suitable for long mains on high wear tracks, like the upcoming World Championship.

Without having track tested both tires back to back, this is quite hard to judge how the Big Blox and Enduros compare. However,  several differences have been noticed:

  1. On the Enduro, all the lugs have diagonal cuts while the lugs on the Big Blox have diagonal, vertical and horizontal cuts.
  2. The four center lugs of the Enduro are aligned while the two external rows use smaller offset lugs. All the lugs on the Big Blox are aligned.
  3. The Enduro has one row of chamfered lugs on the sidewall. The Big Blox has two rows of lugs.

Source: Myrcbox

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