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REEDY Sonic 13.5T Brushless Motor (Sensored) #RE-942 stocked!

REEDY Sonic 13.5T Brushless Motor (Sensored) #RE-942

reedy sonic re 942 13.5t brushless motor sensored 1 REEDY Sonic 13.5T Brushless Motor (Sensored) #RE 942 stocked!
REEDY Sonic 13.5T Brushless Motor (Sensored) #RE-942

Reedy's Sonic line of brushed motors were a favorite of racers worldwide and powered numerous National and World Champions in the late '80s and early '90s. It is only fitting that the famous Sonic name be revived for the first complete line of competition brushless motors from the world-renowned Reedy brand.

Designed strictly for competition and already proven at the highest level, the Reedy Sonic brushless motors feature a lightweight case design with extra-large, strategically placed vent holes to reduce operating temperatures. Lower temperatures result in less fade over the course of a race, longer run times, and increased motor life.

Manufacturer: Reedy

Where to buy: rcMart 

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