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Sakura CS Sport 1:10 RC Drift Car Kit by 3Racing

3Racing will soon release a new 1:10 RC Touring Car, Sakura CS Sport!  Their Gift Box is ready & we can expect they will avaialable in market pretty soon!

Sakura CS Sport (Item No: Sakura-03) is specially designed for RC Drift Car fans as it is equipped with the CS-Gear system. Another feature is you can enjoy the fun of 4WD, FF, FR all in one car by some simple modification!


3racing cs  sport drift d3 sakura EP FR 4WD on road KIT SAKURA D3 1 Sakura CS Sport 1:10 RC Drift Car Kit by 3Racing


3-Racing Sakura D3 CS Drift Sport Features
    Front motor drift chassis
    Designed for CS modified drift style
    3 belt driven chassis
    Lateral battery position
    Low profile design
    Additional steering angle
    Integrated rear diffuser


What is Countersteer (CS)??
Countersteering is the act of turning the tires of your car into the direction of the skid to prevent the car from oversteering or spinning. Even in 50/50 drifting there are situations that require some countersteering technique to keep the car in control. In the RC drifting world, CS drifting refers to changing the drive ratio of the front, rear or both differential. By changing the drive ratio, the power distribution of the car will no longer be 50% front and rear. If the power distribution is differed by for example: 30% front and 70% rear, then the car behaves more like a RWD car; similar to a real drift car. This makes the car more difficult to drive due to the rear wheels trying to out-drive the front wheels of the car. This leads to more countersteering and also adds to the realism of scale drifting.  (Source: http://driftmission.com)

CS is achieved by a couple of methods:
Underdrive (UD): Increasing the drive ratio of the front differential, the front ratio is larger than the rear.
Overdrive (OD): Decreating the drive ratio of the rear differentail, the rear ratio is smaller than the front.


Where to buy Sakura Car Kit?

Where to buy Sakura hop up & Parts?

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