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Tamiya Xv-01 new Rally Kit

Tamiya has announced the release of Tamiya XV01, the new ralley kit are designed for all-terrain platform.

"XV" stands for "Crossover Vehicle". As the name implies this vehicle is intended to serve as a common all-terrain platform which can be used for rally cars, on-road cars, and pick-up trucks. It is equipped with covers to protect the drivetrain and R/C units from dirt and debris and its suspension provides a ground clearance of over 10mm. The motor is mounted at the front and power is delivered via a drive belt to the front/rear gearboxes, which are equipped with gear differential units. The "PRO" spec kit comes with plenty of Option Parts as standard equipment.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi rally car is the first model to feature the newly-designed XV-01 chassis, fielded in 2011 by the Subaru Team Arai. Led by Toshihiro Arai, the championship-winning driver of the 2005 and 2007 Production Car World Rally Championship (PWRC) seasons, the team entered the Impreza in the 2011 Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) series. The team also raced at Rd.5 Rally Hokkaido in the 2011 Asia-Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), where Arai impressively drove the car to victory. The Tamiya R/C assembly kit precisely replicates the Subaru Impreza in every detail for Rally R/C enthusiasts looking for the next level in a performance and realism.

front Tamiya Xv 01 new Rally Kit
Tamiya XV-01 Top view
side Tamiya Xv 01 new Rally Kit
Tamiya XV-01 Side View
front1 Tamiya Xv 01 new Rally Kit
Tamiya XV-01 front view


  • Front-mounted motor is housed in a gearbox which has been designed for ease of maintenance. Separately available Slipper Clutch Set (Item 54378)
  • Radio gear components are protected by covers that are secured by screws. The ESC space features a detachable cover which incorporates ducts for heat dissipation. Wheel well liners help deflect dirt and debris.
  • A hatch on the underside of the XV-01 chassis enables quick access to the battery.
  • Holes in the chassis bottom help remove any debris which may block steering movement during off-road use.
  • Reversible-type rear suspension ensures plenty of suspension stroke for off-road driving. The separate suspension mount also makes it easy to change settings such as Toe Angle.

Where to buy: www.rcmart.com/tamiya-58528-xv01-subaru-impreza-wesc-p-35267.html?utm_source=RSS&utm_medium=New_Product&utm_campaign=0605_Tamiya_XV01

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