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How to upgrade your Tamiya F104?

tam 58431 2 How to upgrade your Tamiya F104?F104 Hop-Up Options
There is a wide range of hop ups in the RC market, sometimes it is hard to find out what you need to tune your car. Upgrading the recommended parts will help improve stability, grip, and offer better protection to Tamiya F104. 
Recommended Upgrades:
4.     Softer rear shock spring
5.     M04 front shock spring

Tamiya Soft T-Bar (#54165)/ 3Racing (#F104-07/15/FG) T-Bar 1.5mm/ 3Racing (#F104-07/18/FG) T-Bar 1.8mm
The T-Bar and the M04 spring offer stability to the car, especially when running over bumps. The soft T-Bar also improves rear grip when running on low friction tracks.

TRG (#TRG5101) Hybrid Motor Mount/ 3Racing (#F104-09/LB) Motor Mount
Meanwhile, the aluminum motor mount maintains cooler motor temperatures; this will offer better protection to the motor, making it long lasting.

Tamiya F104 HT Servo Saver (54159) / 3Racing (#3RAC-SHAMU) Servo Saver
Enhanced the steering and handling, improved precision for turning. It will also protect the servo gears from impacts, making Tamiya F104 tougher.

Other F104 upgrade parts:


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