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Serpent S411 FF 1/10 EP 2WD Stocked

0418 serpent 400009 Serpent S411 FF 1/10 EP 2WD Stocked
Serpent S411 FF 1/10 EP 2WD (# 40009)

Serpent S411 FF 1/10 EP 2WD (# 40009) has now stocked in rcMart.com. This Front Wheel Drive FWD racing car is a highly competitive racing class. Fast and easy set-up, easy maintenance and straight out of the box performance with top quality parts.

Take a close look at the Serpent S411 FF 1/10 EP 2WD:

Serpent 411 FF front section

The front section is machined from 7075 T6 aluminium which holds the front mounted motor securely and as low as possible for optimal center of gravity.
The alumnium parts and carbon shocktower create a very strong assembly to stand the brute power of the motor and form a strong basis for the suspension.

Suspension front and rear

The 411 FF uses medium type suspension arms, c-hubs, uprights and steeringblocks.  The front and rear uses machined aluminium suspension brackets for a super stabile and smooth drive.

Bodymounts front and rear

The long version flexible bodymounts  suit the higher type  bodies used in  FWD racing.  The 411 TC type bodymounts also fit the car as needed to use a lower bodyshell.

Anti-roll bars

Front and rear wire-type anti-roll bars.  The anti-roll bars are pefectly centered and hold in place with nylon holders in the corrrect size. The anti-roll bars connect to a pivotball on the suspension arm. The length of this can be adjusted easily from the bottom with a hextool.

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