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Traxxas XO-1: RTR Super Car | Hit 100+ mph in 4.92 sec!!

The world’s fastest Ready to Race remote control supercar!!! Expert Drivers only!

0328 xo Traxxas XO 1: RTR Super Car | Hit 100+ mph in 4.92 sec!!

Traxxas XO-1                             

The Traxxas XO-1 – currently the world’s fastest RTR radio control car, has redefined the meaning of SPEED and POWER.


This monster beast reaches 100+mph in 4.92 seconds!! Some

also reported XO-1 reaching 140MPH!! XO-1 hits 100+ mph easily, with stability, and repeatedly.


Pushing it to these extremes is a 1,650 Kv. Traxxas Big Block Brushless

electric motor, powered by two rechargeable 3-cell, 5,000 mAh

lithium-polymer battery packs. Thanks to its powerful motor and well-designed

speed control, it also performs very smoothly when easing on the throttle.

Grips & Turns

Wanna do a four wheel drift with ease? Throw XO-1 into tight turns? Gain

Grips without warming up , wearing in? Enjoy a complete new experience with XO-1 !!

IPhone / IPod apps -Traxxas Link App

Don’t wanna smash your car when playing? Tune your car with ease using Traxxas

Link App (for IPhone/ IPod touch).


Traxxas XO-1 is now available in rcMart.com

Click here to experience a new level of Speed, Fun & Power!

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