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New MT-4 Sensors Upgrade Kit Launched

e1a634cc621c00d7059db0bce524a3b8 New MT 4 Sensors Upgrade Kit Launched
Yeah Racing MT-4 Telemtry Sensors Upgrade Kit

We are pleased to announce the launching of NEW MT-4 Telemtry Sensors Upgrade Kit for Brushless Motor, which is specially designed for Sanwa MT-4 telemetry system. The original MT-4 telemetry system is renowned for its innovative incorporation of temperature and RPM sensors and telemetry system in its kit. This kit is a replacement of the 2 kit sensors and aims at simplifying installation and provides even more accurate and stable sensor readings for RC enthusiast

Designed to Simplify:

MT-4 Sensors Upgrade Kit integrates both temperature and RPM sensors into one small unit. This small unit is then mounted to a specially-designed aluminum mount which also provides pre-drilled mounting positions for 25mm / 35mm cooling fan. The entire unit can then be mounted to the motor just like a normal clamp-type heatsink.

Temperature Sensing:

This temperature sensor, which has the same level of accuracy as the original one, is strategically positioned underneath the PCB with flexibility to adjust to an optimal position of just touching the motor body for precise measurement.

RPM Sensing (for Brushless Motors ONLY):

RPM sensing can never be easier with the Sensors Upgrade Kit. By capturing the magnetic field generated around the brushless motor using specially-designed electronics and antenna on the PCB, it can convert the captured data into RPM signal for the MT-4 telemetry receiver. Accurate measurement at over 100,000rpm in real time is feasible!

This completely contactless approach provides the following benefits:

  • No clumsy installation (and subsequent maintenance) of IR sensor and reflective tape
  • Genuine RPM reading of the motor rather than the spur gear
  • In-car vibration and dirt will not interfere your readings any more

    Please click HERE to find out more

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