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Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP 2011 – Round 2 Race Report

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Game 2 F1RCGP2011 in Ibaraki
YATABE ARENA February 6, 2011 (Sun)

r0200 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Weather: cloudy (indoor) temperature:  13 ℃, Humidity: 50%, surface temperature: 15℃

F1RCGP2011 the stage and the second game of the series is Onrodosakitto indoor Yatabe Arena in Tsukuba, Japan. Yatabe Arena as the nation’s largest Rajikonsakitto, grand opening in 1989. Circuit is one of the great historic 22-year anniversary this year. Currently a large renovation into a crescendo which continued from last year, has become hooked on the original form Yoshi Tadasu Ooita from his facility earlier this year to May, total radio-controlled facilities in around June, Hiroshi Hazime is scheduled to be transformed.

Expansion of public space and rest, also includes floor overlooking the course, main course on three sides (drifts off-road-road), and a circuit shop 20 square meters will be expanded. Dawn finished, it will be coming from across the country a lot of people from around the world than the solid right now is really fun.
This race is a temporary indoor Kapettoonrodokosu (Week 1 160m, 30m of the back straight with a.) Will be held in. The first bonded carpet surfaces and in some places, where there is uneven recovery, because it is not entirely flat, so it may be necessary to boil the directions set in the gap between the strong set of machines can handle it. The hurt is like carpet, 3mm height of the machine is provided with special provisions to say more than usual in that part of the balance is required a different machine. The tournament will be co-sponsored JMRCA1/12 Japan Championship qualifiers Kantou a racing car. Thus, a drug used to grip / 12 racing cars and, under circumstances not use a mix of F-1 car, it is expected to rapidly changing road conditions. Ahead of changes to the road’s top aim is to become an important element, has become full of the elements Rajikonresu even more profound at any time.
F-number of participants per class: Name 35, F-scale Class 1: Name 5, F-1 Grand Prix class: 20 teams, 13 total 60. Class F-1, F-scale class 1, F-gathered for a fondness for many of the drivers, extract the very spectacular race. Meanwhile, F-Class 1 Grand Prix, F-to compete in a year to race 1 Team YM players and Masami Hirosaka, RCmagazine TeamBomber expert top and other players Adachi’s Yoshi Tadasu engage them and Team Bomber in ace active F-1 world champion athletes Katou Takashi, F-will be expanded further without regret their battle with the regular drivers who knows the top one. The second race was established as an F-class scale is also increasing gradually the number of entries gathered at various members of the drivers skill. Each main race and the points system, very different race classes and other methods, is characterized by a series champions have a chance to everyone. F-Class Championship Series at a speed no one scale, making it the world’s most F-system can become a person like RC.
Vertices Ubeku working hard under a single category here all the drivers together, it will attract viewers. One One is the speed, beauty and body color, and battle with friends, and also a battle with a stranger, there are many attractions! Say a category F-1 RC walls is not the genre or technique?

r0201 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0202 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0203 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0204 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0205 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0206 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0207 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0208 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Practice Day
Practice day the day before in a slightly overcast, but the low temperatures, the circuit because of the indoor Yatabe Arena, you care at all. I repeated many players eager to travel from the opening hours of the morning. I travel a lot, too, practice time, separated by category, F-I look like I have tomorrow race scene will start running up together one hour of practice. Pitt has good heating I environment, very easy to spend on each player, plus a special Purehabupittoeria cleaning staff is well thoughtful, beautiful, clean and always has been. In addition, detailed attention will light up the course owner can rest area where there is only placed on women and children stand behind the pilot. And women had come to this day many families.
Looking at the course, was showing off the first eye-catching run, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players, the names of both players Yokoi. Reached the area of ​​aging FRF010 conversion is also excellent for Riagurippu, FANTOM going to run through sharp corners in the acceleration of the motor. Yokoi was a strong player in the opening game, so like to keep strong in this Yatabe, equipped with 2 A name hangs in the main advance expected. The ZEN is the pain of the teeth is a very fast lap laps Hashimoto players. Performed well in the next part of the product testing, battery Mashinrashii portrait layout, utilizing the speed of cornering speeds the conversion of outstanding Ri F104ZEN, one can put the time into 14 seconds. RCmagazine TeamBomber put on one time to 14 seconds even Katoh, Semasu Adachi players stand 14 seconds as teammates. Into the afternoon on the course and started coming into the units were outstanding players for 14 seconds. Adachi outstanding player in pilot technique, Bomber brilliantly manipulated conversion, some information about that time slightly more than Kato. What more could TeamBomber RCmagazine from the convenience of playing the opening game, the second game like this that contains a very spirited. In addition, F1RCGP2009 Morita Futaba F-1 Racing player, David good condition players are wrapped together into an across the board on average be close to finish 15 seconds flat. And this season, his first team, Team M Sugita, players, athletes ride on cars Tokuno 14 seconds, the eye of the storm has become a second tournament. Mechanic also said three grooves Ewatari team managers, team work is thorough. A is aligned both persons want to advance to the main office. Then, Team YM players participated last year will continue to Ban Hiroshi. Also fired into the practice, and driving everywhere, yet showed a technique borrowed his machine Kitazawa, put it like that close to a top team time quickly. IFMAR Yokomo driver now can not be overlooked was the point of the players had worked as a mechanic Ban Hiroshi Matsukura Naoto world champion players. Others, Team Castrol Lotus Toki Mori family (Shigeru) players put up a top driver, team structures still serve as a second driver Satoru Hutoshi player. Version F103 machines as well as normal last year. Tamiya F103 in the design of this thing called fight F1RCGP normal class Grand Prix, the team has proven to me. Coming from Chukyo, PAPER MOON Arakawa, has seen a strong run their players Kuroda. The drivers were both experienced players, most recently Kuroda is one of the top drivers doing business experts stable. From the tournament will also be a new body color, which is like a fresh feeling Me race. The Grand Prix class also increased the number of teams in this manner very, in the sense that every year come to the next level, becoming a person can show the audience a great race. F-1 race is actually doing Shimo Yoshi, Shimo Yoshi is fun to watch. I’m glad to be a sponsor and the venue Keru feel free to come and fast.
F-1 class, F1RCGP2010 Negishi player body color of the trademark big success in the tournament showed Reitonhausumachi Hong Kong, Sakai players were painted in yellow-green color, showing a strong network of both persons and sharp cornering is like. If the time from mid-late second Sere 17 F-It can enter one’s name on a class level. However, F-Class is a concept first class and enjoy myself. And engaged in a battle in close quarters with fellow than the time it will be shown at each main race should give me a great boost the race went all together. Class F-1, F-540 class motor is a Mabuchi motor scale, LiFe6.6V will come out of the race is little difference in the power of each player. Appears as a subtle difference between setting the time difference technique and a little corner stitching. Work is key to winning the throttle and steering work more attentive, but also very deep and master classes.
F-class machines are one Scale Jordan Grand Prix has been running at a pace that continued into the first race of the yellow color Hibino. Conscious strategy tires, what takes place 付Ketai impetus for the first series title as it is. As the second half of this year, Day practice players are likely to emerge in the team structure exercises performed in the tires, and looking forward to future classes.
The tournament begins tomorrow at last. The course is fully affixed to the side banners hanging from the night cleared the way for volunteer staff, and new toys.征Suru three players this round second leg Yatabe Why on earth would anyone? Tomorrow’s race is likely to gather many galleries.


r0209 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0210 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
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r0215 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0216 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Day of the race
Many people visited the hall from the very day of the race the morning. Pit is packed at once, for a morning run of the last practice before the race was given, and is busy preparing for each player. Meanwhile, prepare the tire race control staff, under pressure to pay, hours after handing in something, breath of relief. On track, while driving is more than the number of machines yesterday, seems to grip down slightly. 15-second time in the middle of the Grand Prix class, F-1 to the middle class in the late seconds 17 seconds 18, F-1 scale class was in his early 18s. Team newcomer Williams Grand Prix class SMOKER pattern of bright yellow and blue contrast F-Shima Taki players driving to show a good fight armed with a machine. In addition, FREEDOM changed to a novelty-based color orange Osaki team players, we chose in design has been set too. 2 A continuous battle is expected to enter the main. Since 2011, early in the season yet, but clearly can not be drawn into the landscape this year’s team, because this round is particularly high levels Yatabe tier players, teams assassin of the top teams in addition to swords, super weave Members The highlight is the battle.効I not come like a little later on the difference early in the season standings, the manager of each team face an unusually serious look. Grand Prix classes in the morning practice was seen in everywhere just like a close run race. I like to tweak the setup many teams down the road a little grip compared to yesterday. Class F-1, F-class scale, so a slower speed than the Grand Prix class of machines affected by the road so the difference appears to be no difference. Practice is over, go to Doraibazumitingu. Suzuki chief for the flu this arena will serve as chairman broadcast Yatabe, suddenly, is introduced as a replacement for Mr. Uchiyama Yatabe Arena staff. After greeting the tournament chairman, has a detailed description of Mr. Yamashita, chairman of the sports trial, F1RCGP2011 Yatabe Arena is the opening round of the second game! Admission to the course side is also a spectator in succession, you will gradually heating up the atmosphere!
※ On the day the magazine RC, RC Magazine kindly rushed to cover both worlds. Because the sale will be published in March, by all means please everyone.

r0217 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0218 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0219 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0220 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0221 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0222 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0223 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0224 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

First round of qualifying
Qualifying first round of Class F-1 scale. I came one week in mid-18s from the first lap, Hibino Jordan Grand Prix. A vivid yellow color machine, the machine equipped with a unique front Taiyakuikkuchenja. Hibino it on lap two, update a 18-second personal best time in 110, but unfortunately retired due to time up trouble further promote the machine. Later, Kato Red Bull Racing (Humi Takashi) also update the personal best 18 seconds in 177 players, time to pull out of the second fastest time Razu Hibino. The next lap, 18 seconds in the 176 Scuderia Ferrari players Kimura, 1 / 100 sec Kato (Humi Takashi) higher than the second place player emerged. However, it crashed or straight end of the matter immediately! We will destroy the machine. And over time near the front quarter, Kato (Humi Takashi) athletes showed a high-spirited run on the last lap, beating out 18 seconds to update the personal best 064, Red Bull Racing Kato (Humi Takashi) in this round Shi became provisional fastest time. Time-scale class struggle is a very close race, the # 4 Williams F-1 Kato (Susumu) 0.336 seconds what the time difference to the players! This class of vehicle regulation, so narrow compared to some other classes, setting point seems to be cornering the high-side measures.
Class F-1 first round of qualifying, the fastest time of the preliminary heat in a first, the good players from the practice Sakai. The machine was painted in body color yellow green. Lap time loss is taken to be 1 foot on the pylon little black emerald green color Morita (Kouhei) Shi players and battle, a little place called the week to go before 14, 13L4’00 .264, the best 191 18-second mark. Everyone makes mistakes in the overlap, inherent fired precision driving. The heat continues, the players Williams color Hattori, players will sail fast black color orange Eda, Sakai Razu the players over time. And four pairs heat, the players Reitonhausumachi Negishi, ran a great show both names blue-green-white players Jitankara Suzuki, 14 laps rush! Negishi player top goal is nearly flawless run perfectly, 14L4’11 .978, the best 17-second mark 738. Negishi is a good player Konaringubaransu machine was brought to Nyutorarusutea around the machine to fit well to the changing track conditions. Incidentally, this heat, watch the second best time is 17 seconds, 771 Ferrari Miyano player. The goal was third fastest heat time, the performance division of The Costume soften Ramenman everyone was No. 1. The pair also play the last five goals Heat top players take care line based artist Omura Williams in Chiba Prefecture, the fastest time in lap 13 stop 迫Rezu top preliminary round, the Reitonhausumachi Negishi players and say things are now. Suzuki is up to 14 players entered the week ranked Jitankara 2. Sakai from third player, the time difference between the top 10 players Tyrell Esaka no difference in the very situation just four seconds and 312 do. Also look at this, F-tension conveys a specific class Ropawabatoru.
Class F-1 Grand Prix first round of qualifying, heat set in as early as the current World Champion F-1, RCmagazine TeamBomber Kato appeared. Aggressive driving is a unique alive, place 2 ALEX RACING Winners Yokoi expand the difference between players, and it easily record lap 16, 16L4’11 .315, 480 best of 15 seconds. However, too many players will come into heat the next 16 laps. Heat the first two sets of top goal Futaba F-1 Racing player Morita 16L4’10 .489, the best 15-second mark 426. The second goal ALEX RACING Winners Heat players are Kambayashi 16L4’10 .503, the best 15-second mark 387. The third goal of the Heat players are also Hashimoto ZEN 16L4’11 .149, the best record time and excellent 387 Kambayashi players like 15 seconds. Even in the relatively lower the qualifying round and said that this practice from the time of the grip, ZEN F104 conversion of the behavior of the roll has produced a very light grip and movement. Driving too exhausted to shout skilled players of course Hashimoto. The three groups that follow the final heat, RCmagazine TeamBomber show sail fast players than team-mate Adati Katoh, 16L4’10 .217, the best 15-second mark 458. Concentration of players piled Adati stable throughout the run of highlight is, modest but the best, the first time demonstrated in top veteran drivers in the average laptop. Takes the provisional fastest time. Team Bomber conversion is showing exceptional strength in fighting carpet surfaces, you may feel that other than the car’s acceleration, especially through corners. In this round of the ninth week until the player enters 16 ALEX RACING Yamashita, A He was in the main border required 16 weeks. The place from the top 6 Team YM close to 2.3 seconds behind Ban Hiroshi players. Is still the top team in an unpredictable situation because of the great reversal in land next opportunity.


r0225 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0226 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0227 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0228 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0229 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0230 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0231 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0232 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Qualifying second round
Between 1 / Kanto qualifying and racing into the scale of 12, qualifying second round started down the track to change direction slightly. Class F-1 scale, the strong performance of the Red Bull Racing Kato is the same, one entered a whopping 17 seconds! 967 17-second mark for the final pole position. Red Bull’s Narotoreddo Katoh F104Bomber conversion. The calm behavior cornering machine, machine performance is impressive ease of use it very much. Second place was a personal best 0.093-second update, the player Kimura, Scuderia Ferrari 074 18 second mark. Perhaps accustomed to drive F-1 machine, it is best not run out of a sense of stability is rather good. The third place winner of the last Hibino Jordan Grand Prix. To qualify to run in and say things like there is still time. Time difference between the top players from the fifth Itou what Ferrari 0.586 seconds! Only the final 50-lap marathon until the tire is expected to continue to close it very close.
Class F-1 second round qualifying. Further down the road grip even while players struggle with each time update, one pair showed a sail fast heat 10 seconds or more to update his best players Tirerukara Iida, 13L4’02 .717, best in 18 seconds, 410, cheer Gallery Also attached to the side, 10-place finish overall RiMimasu brilliant. In the last three sets of heat, the players are self-time black color orange Eda 0.368 seconds to update, confirm the four on the grid. And also update your own time 629 players Yasushi Takashi 3 seconds of the heat. Machine-based color orange color Futaba. Himself, the race to say the first thing Yatabe, you may feel the course has gradually got used to. Pole position in the fastest time in the previous first round, players earn Negishi Reitonhausumachi! Suzuki to second on the grid Jitankara players, is third on the grid is fixed in Sakai player. I rank high among the influential in the final round is expected to more intense close combat. Update the first time players a second round of this final 14 players, players have only 40 percent.I come out just to see this thing is bad grip, making it very tough qualifying rounds.
F-1 Grand Prix class, second round qualifying. Go down to the grip and also from time to time, followed by the development of each player struggled to say. A pair of heat despite RCmagazine TeamBomber Katoh was nearly flawless run, a personal best Razu update. Settle for fifth overall on the results grid. The Heat players ALEX RACING Winners Memasu Yokoi was a sharp line in boldly, and increasing shortness of breath did you miss the late, slightly updated personal best 0.213 seconds remained, regrettably 11th. If you have to slow down, A Main had just confirmed, ALEX RACING Winners will be a major setback for the team. In the ensuing three sets of heat 15 seconds 326 ALEX RACING Winners repainted Kambayashi best players, but players sail fast Yokoi minutes, sound-time updates Razu midfield players miss Kambayashi, third overall at this point to confirm the grid. Then, RCmagazine TeamBomber GP players will Adachi, also no record. However, the lack of updates from other prominent players, won the pole here RCmagazine TeamBomber as of the first results of the first round Adati player. Throughout, F-change became tough qualifying rounds and continue down the road grip of a class. Team YM had done each time the tire diameter adjustment settings and power sources Ban Hiroshi players, has been struggling the best setting is determined not really. Meanwhile, Team Castrol Lotus Toki two names of players, A and aligned into the main team is bouncing a tough qualifying round of this adversity. As we reported before any machine, F103 is Nomarushashi. To say positively amazing. This round, only six players time player updates, only 30 percent say players will result. In addition to qualifying only two times I went in the direction of change expected to be tough road. It is also firmly attached to the lucky side, to fight like this Yatabe round was a key factor.


r0233 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0234 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0235 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0236 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0237 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0238 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0239 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0240 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

For final
There are many in the qualifying round measuring unexpected problems, while more than two hours late for appointments, qualifying players still finished well to prepare for finals. Hours after the race has already Normally, the road conditions ahead, nobody is unpredictable situation. The track temperature has dropped since at least the qualifying ℃ 5, taking into account the setup and it will be necessary to secure Riagurippu. The 1 / 12 scale racing Kanto qualifying because it has done at this point it appears that, travel agents with a machine placed between the grip it has no destination. Many issues must be considered, you can expect it to be likely to struggle together to pinpoint the balance machine. Downturn in the qualifying round in sixth place was unfortunately not Ban Hiroshi Team YM players, F1RCGP title for the first time, state that a variety of drawing up a strategy to chat with everyone. Other team drivers also not been busy preparing to use free time. F-class players is a little easier Rubeku faster, players are seen to be equipped with steering gyro. F-1 race is likely to be the next commodities Electronic say so.
Also, to say the F-must be done in a short time before this final practice pit one class scale. This pit personnel are not specifically provided in regulation. Team pit crew to rotate one tire, the team conducted three people sharing, there seems a lot. Hibino Kuikkuchenja mounted to the Jordan Grand Prix has been overwhelming to this effect, what challenges do we say anything which pits members of the Red Bull Racing, led by Kato, is likely to be very impressive. Next to that, probably because of the extra players Kimura Scuderia Ferrari, has seen jumping for joy. This is what you are fit to cry later. Also finished before the start of the annual Doraibazuintabyu begins Now for the final.

r0241 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0242 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0243 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0244 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Class F-1 D Main Race
Class F-1 D main race. Great acceleration from the start, take away a player ranked second on the grid Lotus Motoki. However, one place immediately at work Shimasu sharp steering Tasaki players start from No. 1 Marlboro McLaren. Place between two players willow Ferrari, we are a fierce battle Yoshida player. Yoshida and miss player, the players came up in lotus Motoki, accept players signed Ferrari willow, Motoki, players re-emerge in second place. However, Lotus Motoki player, but fell greatly in the chicane or urgent, a quick follow-up and return without loss of time at Marshall. Meanwhile, the player with the Marlboro McLaren Tasaki Oita difference between second place, runaway status. A difference of more than 6.8 seconds behind straight. Tasaki machine players are showing a sense of rolling cornering work is very complex in-field corner, driving can also set the machine so it looks like that fixed. In just steady running, superb players Tasaki Marlboro McLaren F-1 D decided to win the main class. In second place is the beginning of the top players – the difference between the Conqueror Lotus Motoki intense battle for third place in the middle of two packed up to 5.4 seconds behind, winning played.


r0245 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0246 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0247 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0248 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

F-1 C Main class finals
F-1 C Main class finals. Shigematsu player Paul shot the orange color from the grid one Autobacs. Wada Kyameruierokara players emerged from the grid in fourth-place finish two Janpuappu. Well come to the fore the subsequent exchange of white-collar blue Kobayashi third fastest player. The players passed the number two player Kyameruierokara Wada, Kobayashi, coming up in second place. Morohashi, third fastest players white and yellow. Wada is a fourth player. Four of these are far from the top four while running at intervals of 0.5 to 0.7 seconds behind. Then, the fourth player to run the camel Wada, Morohashi players signed left-field section, rising to third place. Top war, Shigematsu orange color player, player Blue White Kobayashi, Wada been narrowed down to three players Camel overlays a run at regular intervals. As a midfield player beat another car Wada power, speed, caught in the rising section of the left-field players Kobayashi, in second place. The players quickly catching Wada Masu Hashi Shigematsu top players. The players will also pass the players finally Wada Shigematsu, stand on top. Wada camel player, even more than the power to dominate another car is very smooth line of the chicane. The difference between the two largest players Shigematsu, open until 7 to 10 seconds, lay the state monopoly. And Wada maintained their top players until the end, the final goal in the top 4 C to reverse the grid from the main march. Shigematsu, two players ranked in the top orange color was running from midfield, the players get out of the melee late third Blue Pink White Plains, with the prize.

r0249 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0250 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0251 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0252 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Class F-1 B Main race
Class F-1 B Main race. Each car will start in a timely fashion, a beautiful opening. Starting from the top of the grid Tyrrell 1 (PIAA) Miwa player. Hattori, No. 2 player Williams, McLaren Sawa Nishi third fastest player in the hand by the players Thurs S. Minarudi fourth, followed closely by second place to fight. Then, the players coming up the path to the green and white car ahead Sueyoshi well in the fourth corner of the end of the straight. Second place in the melee of fighting, three of the top players laps wheel well and has more than one straight ahead to follow. Three-wheel Tyrrell painted black player (PIAA) is a very nice run, without any sense of the corners of the stall, we will run through smoothly. The two fastest players in the axis Williams Hattori, Sueyoshi third fastest player, player Blue White Ishibashi fourth, fifth player Sawa Nishi, Narimasu players in each dumpling. The place gets to 4 minutes, further heated battle in second place. State that someone has to shake the players from behind a player Sueyoshi Hattori. The players are away Hattori Williams hooked the car to the end of the straight leg on what course of Marshall, meanwhile, signed a player Sueyoshi Hattori players, rising to second place. The top three players wheeled into second place by a large majority with nearly 10 seconds the meantime, Tyrrell were carefully wrapped in a driving processing is always stable (PIAA) eight-minute call by a three-wheeled players, stunning B Main Memashi a top goal Or.

r0253 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0254 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0255 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0256 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

F-1 B Main final Grand Prix class
F-1 B Main final Grand Prix class. Dash decided to start a wonderful, ALEX RACING Winners Yokoi player. A narrowly missed the main this is, just a good start to the anger that Rasan. The second place athlete Futaba F-1 Racing’s David.F-1 Grand Prix class is very speedy deployment. From third place on the grid for 3 Team M players Tokuno. Top team each car is cornering aggressively attacking the line. Yokoi’s top players battle, David battles the players of the difference between two second comma. Then, while in contact with two straight end, while driving the No. 3 Team M emerged as the top player Tokuno. The second player David. Contacts in the field yet again to fight the top! The sake of the players went off Tokuno, Futaba F-1 Racing’s David while waiting players, ALEX RACING Winners Yokoi emerged as the top players again. Yokoi top players, 2 David fastest players here 3 PRO-SHOP FUTABA fastest rising players Oyama, the fastest player to say by 4 Team M Tokuno. Difference from the top to the fourth comma nine seconds. Then, in the infield, Team M vehicles set to turn on some characteristics of the players Tokuno, and jump up into second place Surusuru. ALEX RACING Winners Yokoi top players chase. 1.5 seconds difference. However, where the race gets to the middle, Miss Here, Futaba F-1 Racing David coming up in second place player. Yokoi top players battle, David is the difference between the players and still for about one second. However, David made a small mistake while players, takes the difference is gradually expanding Yokoi player. In the late racing, sail fast to the top player in Yokoi showing great concentration and still come out well signed lap top goal as it played beautifully. Second place will not allow more than necessary to lead the top and always continue to travel the 1.5 seconds behind, also greatly RiGeta Futaba F-1 Racing David Gallery Players. FREEDOM in the top three players driving tenacity Osaki Beteranrashii played a prize.

r0257 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0258 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
r0259 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0260 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Main Scale Class F-1 A
Main Scale Class 1 A F-finals. Each player before the final pit crew and referral is made to begin the race at last. Red Bull Racing pit in pole position Katoh, Adachi, Matsukura, Takagi and pit crew of three preparations. Scuderia Ferrari is the second fastest player Kimura, Team Futaba Morita hardened by two of the pit crew readiness stability, the Jordan Grand Prix’s fastest Hibino, do you have a recipe for Kuikkutaiyachenja, one of the pit crew Kamibayashi preparations and people in each team has its own personality. Race drivers will be tested, including total power, is where things can be looking forward yield results in this gorgeous members.
The start flowing to clean each player in the field towards the first corner. Kato is a top lap Red Bull Racing. Subsequently, the two largest players Kimura, Scuderia Ferrari, Jordan Grand Prix Hibino third and fourth player Scuderia Ferrari Itou, No. 5 Williams F-1 Kato (Jin), the order of the players. Took the top in battle of top players in the infield players Kato Kimura, Scuderia Ferrari was running for second place, rising to the top. Top players Kimura, Kato 2nd, 3rd Hibino, these three players in the dispute is 0.3 seconds behind. The players stood on the top Ferrari Kimura, ignore all the pace, up the pace gradually. By far takes the difference between inches and Kato second Red Bull. Meanwhile, the two battle for third place, Red Bull Kato, the situation continues to battle the commas are still two seconds behind Hibino. From the gallery, but the pace up for the shit talking BiImasu Kato Red Bull Meanwhile, steadily increase the pace of Ferrari’s top players Kimura, Yoshimi Tadasu build more than six seconds behind. And in the middle of the race and, out of the pits players indicated Kimura, Kimura pits players! It thinks, trying to pit the shortcut reckless course much has been noted in the waiting pit crew Morita and returned to the course. What Kimura player, a big time mistake on pit road Doraibazumitingu said (not listening), it seemed to. Red Bull Katoh top group at this point, Jordan Hibino, three players of the difference between players gone Kimura Ferrari tries to pit again Kimura player. The first pit Kimura players! Subsequently, Hibino pit in Jordan! Each car is the pit one after another. Avoid the congestion of the Red Bull pit where Katoh not yet pitted. And Kato has pitted ripe for Red Bull! Matsukura, Adachi two pit crew doing the work quickly by sheer force of numbers, lets out a superb pit at the top of Kato. The difference between the two top players travel Hibino Jordan about 6 seconds. Good pit work was great finesse. After the last match is waiting on the track between drivers. Red Bull Kato anyway, was supposed to ease the clear victory, the pace does not rise as you wish, you are catching up to scorching Hibino Jordan. Read the rest in the lap of the difference between second place and the pit crew Katoh, multiply the pressure on Kato. The difference narrowed to fight the top three seconds, you have seen drama like this? Was supposed to, the sake of electrical system problems Hibino rainy day Jordan, now in game. Conqueror of the 50th lap race, the Red Bull Racing Kato! Say it matches a winning combination of breath and pit crew. In second place was in trouble last Hibino unfortunately, played a third place finish Kimura players early Ferrari was running the top.

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Class F-1 A Main
Class F-1 A main final. Each car will get off a clean start. The top players from the start Paul Reitonhausumachi Negishi, American Suzuki Jitankara second place, third place players Sakai, yellow-green color, black color orange Eda fourth player, a pretty large number of columns so far as qualifying grid . Negishi top two players eventually get out of the players a little Suzuki to third place battle axes Sakai players, players Eda, followed by the white color orange Yasushi Takashi players sprinkled Futaba, followed by a narrow margin. The players jumped into Sakai player in black color orange Julia chicane triple, rising to third place.Kitai to struggle at the top two and gradually increase the pace. Top war, different jams, Oita, where the battle has become the comma of a second. Leyton Negishi top players, American Suzuki Jitankara running in second place, and almost unchanged speed cornering speed is the straight side by side in the conflict positively hardball, flying in from Gyarari cheers. Visually, driving more aggressive player in Suzuki, the car is reacting to the sharp end of the straight dive. Firmly kept in line and said the impression of protecting those players ran Negishi. The battle lasted about two minutes late, at the corner of the end of the straight dive, stand in the top pointing to a perfect player Negishi Suzuki Jitankara player. However, players are not giving up yet Reitonhausumachi Negishi. Furiously pressuring from behind, an invitation by mistake infield single player Suzuki, Negishi RiKimasu top players again. Rapidly approaching the top four during the two previous Reru here. Yasushi Takashi third fastest player in orange white and has a close fourth player Julia. Top four start fighting more intense here. Julia players will hit the fence, first sidelined. The top fight, players Negishi, Suzuki players are narrowed down to three players Takayasu. Top players Negishi, Suzuki is the difference between the tenth of a second player still looking to the benefits of state of a second fisherman in the back Yasushi Takashi player. No dispute about the top heat up more, players push fiercely Suzuki Negishi players, three consecutive rushes into the chicane but the pressure to write. Change the line in two irregular, with a chance to hit a light side by side two of the top battle, jump up to the top players awaited third Yasushi Takashi was being run here! No. 2 player Zidane Suzuki, Negishi and third fastest player in order to say, reversing the earlier and the top three. Then, three seconds behind the comma is also a leading player in the stability, the closed line lapped being blocked, the players emerged as the top Suzuki that chance again. This clock seven minutes, less than a minute remaining. Suzuki players, players stability, differences in each car by the players during the last 4 seconds and a comma Negishi, painful mistake in a single player in the field running in the top Suzuki in the last 15 seconds! Away went off, Yasushi Takashi last player standing on top, where a conflict dominate this stunning top for over seven minutes, and rarely seen in sporting events played an F-1 class win! In second place is the top player throughout the fight involving Reitonhausumachi Negishi, third place run at steady running repeated plainly, emerald green color of black players Morita, fourth place Jitankara greatly in the last crash lost time Suzuki entered the players. Suzuki players also narrowly missed a third-place finish, running from the gallery at the fair were sent to applause.

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r0267 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0268 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Grand Prix F-1 A main class
F-1 A main final Grand Prix class. The opening showed a great start, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players, as early as the second position up from third on the grid. However, it decided to start dash above the No. 6 Team YM grid Ban Hiroshi player. The left section of the beginning of the race course, just signed a player Kambayashi earlier rising to second place, jump up to second place! The top pole position start, RCmagazine TeamBomber player Adachi, body color, a vivid orange-red and white color Bomber. Kono Adati early players, Ban Hiroshi player, led the race out of three players one step Kambayashi. The chase is slightly behind in fourth place, ZEN player Hashimoto. ZEN tone is pretty good machine, you can chase a high enough momentum. Eventually, the top and widen the gap in RCmagazine TeamBomber subsequent scorching Adati players, ALEX RACING Winners Team YM Kambayashi players with the players behind the stars align Ban Hiroshi, Ban Hiroshi players pass right at the exit of the chicane. Kambayashi players emerged in second place. Then, while running fourth on the grid soon Hashimoto ZEN players, Ban Hiroshi players approaching the battle group is formed of three second place them very narrowly. Team YM Ban Hiroshi little player, but there are no speed pattern compared to other cars, and third place to protect the inherent daring technique. Race enters the second half of the top players are still RCmagazine TeamBomber Adachi, and even better to come to this final balance of the car, and faster lap times continue to repeating a behavior very easily. The difference between second place at this point with four seconds, the rock-solid stance. On the other hand, was engaged in a battle for third place for over 2 minutes, 5 ALEX RACING Winners players, led by Kambayashi, Ban Hiroshi player, ZEN players Hashimoto these three are cut at the last minute, Team YM Driving Ban Hiroshi player The noise from the system! Then, ZEN fierce attack from behind the players hung Hashimoto, Hashimoto signed a player straight Ban Hiroshi players, rising to third place! Even when the drive system is almost worn out, Team YM Ban Hiroshi saves on subsequent players desperately try to defend the fourth place, 30 seconds off at rest, RCmagazine TeamBomber Katoh, PAPER MOON even player Kuroda are exchanged, but it steadily down the rankings. The top goal throughout this stunning show the race, played by Paul RCmagazine TeamBomber Two Players Win Adati! F1RCGP now happy victory. In comments after the race, players thinking of battle and Adachi Ban Hiroshi old player, how willing are very hot. Going to boost the remaining races of the season more and more in this vein, F-is a world champion wants to shine.

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r0271 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0272 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Awards podium champagne
Top 3 players of each class together, made ​​the awards podium. To borrow space in the back area of the course under construction, set up a podium in the cold wind blowing Mu, and trophies awarded, and champagne! This first victory Katoh F-scale class 1 and class F-1 is a stunning reversal of players play stability, and, F-1 RCmagazine TeamBomber Grand Prix victory in a first class player Adachi, everyone is Happy with the race gave a gallery show. Starts to fall sporadically rain, the champagne of customary, include a bid for leading players Kimura finished third class scale, with a win Ikkiri from other players as well as the exposure to vintage of the prize without, from pit crew Matsukura Naoto, Bucket of cold water had been poured at the end. Kimura dash player ever to show, catch the chase Matsukura pit crew was very impressive was head down for a while. Each winning player, so Congratulations! In addition, careful and like catching a cold!

Besutorukkinguka Awards
Besutorukkinguka Award, the Williams FW09 Sakurai Hiroshi players have been selected. Carefully painted in color-toned green-yellow, the driver what Doraemon! Even more remarkable was the venue. Was also made ​​over the tip of a small wing of the wing rear wing end plate. The current state of the art F-coloring of the machine is very good one, there is also interesting is better than the previous generation machines like this one. I hope that next time all of you a great body, a masterpiece is waiting.

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r0275 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0276 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

All lottery awards
The time is now overdue, and finally we all gathered in the course side will go into the whole ceremony. The card is handed to every one of the participants commended the chairman of the event. This award cards has to be used as proof of Resurizaruto 頂Keru drives out this official, is listed in the overall ranking order of all cards. In other words, B is concerned, the main 1 player ranked 11 described families, know the final system’s main characteristic RC is easy for such a ranking to see your friends as well. Then, from the closing words of the Convention Chairman, and thank-you to everyone who participated in this race than the late chairman of the broadcast of the apology stated that measurement problems, the participants to consider everyone from afar, tournament Once the closing is now. Enjoy drawing was held at the end. Enjoy the lottery, it also significantly delayed time to end this tournament, I received collectively by the management side to let some extent. Raffle prizes, so the volume itself remains the same, state that you received very pleased. The last remaining Yokomo Touring Car kit was provided by direct drive. Won the player did not really look Yaranu sensation. And participants, all participants, thanks to late.

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r0279 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0281 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0283 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)r0284 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Major equipment data F1RCGP Games
F1RCGP data will be competition. Machine, radio, amplifier, battery, F-1 share and Guranpurikurasumota names of all participating athletes County, age, and sex ratio is. Those who join the next expedition who is by all means, please make yourself useful. Round3 F1RCGP2011 scheduled to be held next day, June 3 (Sunday) is a circuit tournament in BIG +3 Tokushima. We look forward to the participation of everybody.


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r02car Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)
Car Share
r02mot Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Share Motors
r02pre Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Competitors County Name

r02pro Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Car Share
r02sex Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 2)

Sex Ratio

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