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rcMart 10 years old now!!!

10year rss rcMart 10 years old now!!!

Congratulation!!!!!!!!!! 10 years just passed since 2001. rcMart is 10 years old now! We keep growing up, keep enhancing and keep caring about you guys! 2011 is rcMart 10th anniversary. We want to thank all you guys for all supporting in these past ten years and also the future!

So~~~~~~~~~Monster Continued Promotions are coming soon for repaying all your supporting! You will see what amazing promotions that we provide to you guys!

Over past ten years, we offered different special offers, promotions and discounts for you guys! You must be bought something really cheap for your car, Don’t you? Ok! We will keep providing more and more special offers to you! No matter what you want us to offer, we will offer what you expect. Because we do care about you and we also the fans of R/C product! We sell R/C products, also buy and use them too on our own cars. So, we totally understand what you need and your expectations. We promised “WE” will do better, because “YOU” deserve better!

NOTICE!!!!!!!!!! We will provide 8 different promotions until the end of 2011. Every tenth day of coming month, we will launch a promotion. But we will not disclose any information about the contents of promotion. So what will be the promotion hold? What benefit will you get? What are the Monster sales? What you can experience? How fun, How come, How it’s going, How it is go on? That’s too many questions on our heads. Hey! DO not waste time to think or identify what rcMart will do! This is not worth to spend much time on thinking. You just need to enjoy our offers on the coming months and keep checking our website, Facebook and RSS. That’s all you have to do same as you do it every day! So, remember to pay close attention to our coming promotional activities!!!

HAPPY 10th Anniversary to rcMart!

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