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Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP 2011 – Round 1 Race Report

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Game 1 F1RCGP2011 in Nara
Seiki RC Stadium on January 16, 2011 (Sunday)

r0100 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Weather: cloudy (indoor) temperature:  6℃, Humidity: 36%, surface temperature: 8℃

F1RCGP2011 opening game of the series, in Nara Prefecture Sutajiamuseiki RC (Onrodosakitto room) was held on. RC is held here in the third F1RCGP Sutajiamuseiki, opener is still two years in a row last year. In the Kansai region as the Mecca of F-1 event is one of the circuit is showing a surge in recent years. Open circuit, in April 2008, head to the third anniversary this year, has seen a surge increasingly more and more users. The shop staff, RC car, battery, and familiar with peripherals such as chargers things, RC is also thorough system of after care of the fans. Atlantis is particularly strong on product assortment, brand new amp, with very full lineup of the motor. Became the mainstream in recent years LiPo, LiFe battery on, Atlantis has to focus on branded products is made in the test circuit, a lot of places have great quality products are released. In addition, spare parts and come with complete product line based around the company Tamiya RC to better last year is larger role as a shop.

For the circuit facilities, 1F asphalt surface electric Onrodosakitto one full-fledged fine-grained, 2F There are two aspects to the carpet surface electric drift circuit. 2F circuit, until last year 1 / was only the size of the course 10 Minutes drive size, the size of the circuit is only Minutes Yokomo 16M renewal was made on the size. The circuit also has three aspects Rajikonsakitto In total there are only around here is so crowded on weekends with many customers. Also, because it also features air conditioning, you can enjoy comfortable driving RC at any time without worrying about the weather and temperature. It is easy to track parents and children can also come in that sense.
Become a stage for the opening game, 1F is the asphalt Onrodosakitto electric. Week 1 160m, 25m with a back straight, the pavement surface is flat like the above fines. Because it is a track layout changes are made annually in December, the last of this layout is different F1RCGP. In any event, F1RCGP enough to count every single thing in the game but very Tekunikarusakitto series, making it tough for many crosscut layout.

The weekend cold wave has swept the major Japanese islands, was whispered worries and snow that paralyzed public transportation in the day of the race is blessed with generally good weather, the F-number of participants per class: 22 , F-1 Scale Class Name: 4, F-1 Grand Prix class: 11 Team 15, a total of 41 names. From this season F-will be established class scale 1, 185mm Real Narrow width F-painted in team colors vehicle to a full-fledged was also required to change the wheel and the best lap method also race for F-1 Class be. Mabuchi 540 power system, LiFe is unified, you can enjoy the close quarters battle, what regulations will be made possible by the reversal of the replacement tires. In addition, F-1 class, including, in full LiFe is made of all classes, from improved safety, more speed down the battle, was also a feature of this year, like the running costs can be reduced. F-1 Grand Prix class no noticeable revised rules, especially high-speed battles drivers this season, has been considered both like you enjoy the gallery.
Honkon GP final last November after a test was done in many different teams and each player a month or so this off-season will be unveiled many new items to meet this 2011 race season It is also one of the highlights. This opener is very important in the sense divines year. F-class scale but also seen a new trend, the report goes into detail as possible to the season. And for management, the mind always fair racing, F1RCGPA so we wanted to go to enjoy the event to you a new heart Everyone, thank you in the future.

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Practice Day
Sun will be devoted to practice the previous day. Each player, team members entered the site already seems to vigorously tested. F-number is from the team this season has been a new entrant to the Grand Prix class. In particular, the team is ironing out MOROTECH Morohashi players Coralie car, and things have entered the field before that date. Morohashi F1RCGP2010 Round10 players in last year’s Grand Prix F-influential Honkon decided to first win his first one class. Colder than usual temperatures, conditions that can not secure grip as well as I was too tight to ensure that the runtime expects the final eight minutes to set safe booklets. Meanwhile, last year won the F-1 Winners RACING ALEX is , 1st Kambayashi players led driver, accompanied by the strongest players Yokoi 2nd driver to come in the same year of thorough preparations. Fusion also nicely summarized racing machine, seems a good time out. The time from the late 12s in the Grand Prix class, if this is a pretty fast ride like a 13-second first half. The prestigious ALEX RACING history was head hunting as well Hibino driver Winners share the same test menu, a good place to show as early as teamwork. The move also in the car Hibino FRF010 Fusion of movement has demonstrated outstanding. The players from Shikoku BIG +3 RACING Kawano is doing a test on a pair of players is very fun Nakatsu. To say, this is a BIG +3 RACING Tsutomu Makoto F1RCGP2010 drivers are aligned in the Grand Prix team won the Asian championship in Hong Kong is a member of Proven. Your machine from this year’s ZEN F103 uses a conversion. Kawano player comments, technical course with a good thing. However, F103ZEN part due to poor performance of the conversion exercise will be covered, remain firmly state that best lap. Team Shikoku and the other is offering players coming in – I Yoshiyuki. The class will also participate in F-1 scale, but seemed to boil down a busy two-class machines. And that more than anything else is most likely to Team Tech F-1, bringing many parts Serubeku update the pride of local home Grand Prix, and things have boiled down the contents of the safe. In addition to the new team-up power as well TT player driver also. Practice Day, the only player coming to Tamura, the state machine, intent on checking the final stage. 13 seconds flat while hitting around time is also of course, was put into a new body – F125MD/AF-01 was a great performance to drive the machine fitted with a new Dihyuza.
In the afternoon begins to accumulate F-1 class players to participate, you will be crowded course. Showing that F-1 class running strong, Tomita Takeshi PLAYERS last year’s opening round winners. The familiar purple Faiyapatan Ri F-1, a technique imported from wielding the vehicle fires out well, I already like the F-1 class, or transcend it. Seconds, beating out the first half lap 14, F-540 ran out impressive to say the down time of about one second a Grand Prix class. The machine features in a larger rear wing, has grown slightly behind the wing end plate. RC also make it a regular feature of Sutajiamuseiki Mashinmodefai.
Finally, the class focuses on an F-class scale. F-form in the pursuit of the real one, also very beautiful to see, everyone was finishing machines have a presence. This time, four players remained in the number of participants, all machines are made to feel the feelings of the body. Jordan Grand Prix Hibino yellow color, seems to be out ahead of time that the player Jagareshingu Yoshiyuki green color. The tires measure, but the front axle of the machine recipe items Hibino Jordan Grand Prix. What, are equipped with Kuikkuchenja, has become one-touch interchangeable. This race will be a fight pretty favorable items. Many players on notice that the item had been received and many questions. New category ideas about race can be seen still trial and error. Evolution is also a very exciting place in the future. Tomorrow is opening at last. Each player, past efforts, is to demonstrate Moratai things over and piled up.

r0105 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0106 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0107 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0108 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Day of the race
Day of the race, the track was cold by the snow did not affect anxiety, generally good weather became sunny to occasional peep. However, the surrounding mountains are blocked by snow Attarashiku were several situations where players are not coming. Still cold in the morning, still attracted many visitors, acceptance, and practice begins. In the morning practice on a bad road grip a little better than yesterday, but like every player was struggling, seems to come up with the pace and gradually progresses to travel. F-1 driver is indeed the capacity to respond quickly to changes in the road everyone. The true road speed F1RCGP flew to change each game, will and strength to compete in the race series. The real race will test the skill of the driver is unparalleled to any other. After practice, this season has been declared in the opening ceremony, the first game of the series will start with the long last. Beware especially the meeting was the opening ceremony, at the bidding of Conduct. Basically avoid the crash, side by side in the horizontal bidding will be subject to penalty and say things that drive the car out. The reason is because the car came to draw up a space in the side. Impossible for overtaking a car back from the back of course, but the bad side of the car or in a meeting to recognize the most important thing to say things to each other while racing to expand the range of mutual respect and space are made to confirm.
Class F-1, F-scale Class 1, F-but not now proceed with the Class 1 Grand Prix race at the moment of entering show remarkable speed in the morning practice Team Tech F-1, and ALEX RACING Winners are biased. F-1 class, the Purple Faiyapatankara PLAYERS Tomita Takeshi, the tone seems to be good players around in a yellow color-eup. Other local series has competed every game, players run to pace the original red color of the white Toyota. Class F-1 scale, the Jordan Grand Prix Hibino keep strong. The incumbent also Scuderia Ferrari F-1 F104 Asian champions Kawano player seems to come up with the normal pace. The four F-class racing each other because there is a difference between a scale pace in the race after this it will be seen a lot of battle scenes. F-1 Grand Prix class, appeared to Team Tech F-awaited today seems to run a strong pace as the prior information of a player Tomita. Tamura players and great grip on the team ace driver, sharp cornering speed, beat the lap times have seen a run yesterday. Other teams are still Kambayashi ALEX RACING Winners of players, players FRF010 Yokoi Complete VerRi, and has repeatedly run at a high pace as usual. This situation is particularly strong, Yokoi player. Whether his first podium possible, take place very promising. The machine maintenance in preparation for qualifying Once practice immediately. Let out the most of the daily work is something you wanted to do my best.
※ On the day the RC magazine kindly rushed to cover. For players who are saying things appear in magazine articles as well, it will be full of motivation than usual.

r0109 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0110 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0111 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0112 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
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r0115 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0116 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

First round of qualifying
Class F-1 first round of qualifying in the first heat of Yoshi Muta Rosumanzuuiriamuzukara players, players of Atorantisukara Kubo Naka blue with light blue, also showed good early battle. Yoshi Muta Hitotoppugoru player of the 15L4’01 .200, 15 seconds was the best 090 players, though there are mistakes Kubo Naka after the start 15L4’02 .510, the best 14-second mark 980. Expectation hangs in the next round. The heat continues, the players started coming out into the 16 lap, 16 laps into the first of the prominent players in the color of yellow-eup, while Sato players competed Color Black Red White, 16L4’05 .640, the best 930 in 14 seconds, trailing the leader. But in the final heat as a stable surface around the players entered the week 17 Tomita Papurufaiyakara what? 17L4’11 .760, 14 seconds ahead of the trailing 210 best, fastest time provisional class. Tomita machine players is unsurpassed grip, front and rear grip is also exquisite. Seems to be a fast machine is a set of feelings and gave priority to the front grip, the machine was such a good drive Tomita players. Watch the best 16 players in one week Tirerukara Miwa, 16L4’05 .510, 640 best 14 seconds. The walls of the week it will be more than 16 players from seven players Sawa Kon-green Jaguar.
Qualifying first round of Class F-1 scale. This is the best thing to say a 4-minute victory lap, was the rise of adult tighten each car, and gradually heated up. The first one is suddenly put in the player 15 seconds Jagareshingu Yoshiyuki, 15-second mark 640. Soon after, issuing the first half 15 seconds Ke Hibino Jordan Grand Prix, the best 15 seconds 130. Then a very interesting development to say 15 seconds, beat 110 players to the Scuderia Ferrari Kawano. Kawano machine players Tamiya F104 is a pure machine, is to try and work skillfully utilizing small throttle. And even one 14-second ride, the moment I thought everyone in the top 690 players Kawano, 14 seconds at the last minute to put out a 14-second Super Lap 630 Hibino, Jordan became the provisional fastest time.
F-first round of qualifying Grand Prix class 1, Team Tech F-athletes Tamura machine yellow color of 1, F125 showed cornering performance sharp, repeated wrapped in one 14-second first lap, lap most subsequent summarized in the table and said sail fast 13 seconds. The way of chasing it was, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players, increase the time the second half of the 270 best 13 seconds out, 18 laps Hitotoppugoru. 18L4’09 .160 mark, and this time the target time. In subsequent heat, Team Tech F-showcase it sail fast without exhaustive exercise performance of the machine can have one player Tomita. Summarized in the first half on all but 13 seconds a lap on lap 1, 18L4’01 .490, provisional fastest time in 090 reversed in 13 seconds best. PAPER MOON second place in this heat Tomita players but players of late Kuroda, stable 18L4’09 .880 lap time out in the third-string. Then, ALEX RACING Winners players fared well, but Yokoi, pylons sake of a little dead in the time loss, 18L4’12 .390 record to stop. Team Tech F-to-1 ALEX RACING Winners will spark development and as early as the four drivers.

r0117 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0118 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0119 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0120 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Qualifying second round
Class F-1 second round qualifying. Fast forward again to the grouping of the time this round, the best practice is followed for each player. Gradually increased grip, this round is much repainted his best player was showing Tomita Papurufaiyakara sail fast in the earlier rounds, only 17 entered the week with many at this point? 17L4’07 .810, the best 14-second mark 180. He runs really nice on that line is stable, the timing is exquisite pass the traffic behind you. The two emerged as the fastest player in the color of the yellow-eup. Although a little embarrassed for the behavior of the machine, the first half, second half of steady driving repeatedly, 16L4’00 .040, 620 and best 14-second recording little left to say 17 weeks. The top 10 players from woody amber color, 16L4’08 .860 and the A Meinbodataimu.
F-scale Class 1 qualifying second round is to get a ride to Jordan Grand Prix cars Hibino 14 seconds from the beginning, keep strong. Continue with second best lap in lap 14 560 600,14 s, defended the top preliminary time. Second place, the players Ferrari Kawano, Hibino the same time issued a second round was 14 seconds 630. Isobe players McLaren Racing, the car broke Shimattarashiku the previous round, the round is not to say the situation now start. Survival is showing the face of racing the first round Class F-1 scale, and focus on developments in the future.
F-1 Grand Prix class, second round qualifying. In this round, MOROTECH show you a good run of players Morohashi. In the previous round, but players were driving a Korarika Morohashi tones were contented to place 14 black white pink, this time a great grip, and acceleration show, summarized in 14 seconds flat from the late 13s near the stable Masu. 17L4’01 .840, won the ninth position in the 650 best and 13 seconds. The higher stress, Team Tech F-players can not update its own records Tomita 1, 18L4’04 .640, the best 13-second stop 180. Under these circumstances, greatly raised the same time players Tamura Team Tech F-1, 18L4’06 .220, the best 13 seconds in 380, the difference approaching 73 seconds to four players to the best of colleagues Tomita, the No. 2 position up. Players Tomita, Tamura different machine players, in different positions in the battery, Tomita players horizontally, and vertically Tamura players. Meanwhile, PAPER MOON Maruborokara time but only to update the players Kuroda, 18L4’08 .230, keep the best 13 seconds of third place at 440. ALEX RACING Winners players lacked Aya Kiyoshi Kambayashi round, drops to fifth position from second place. A tenth position in the main border Hashimoto ZEN player, first round record 1 17L4’02 .240. It has to go to remain in the periphery of the main 18 A high level of development is followed by a dangerous situation.

r0121 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0122 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0123 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0124 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Third round of qualifying
As a final qualifying finally third round of qualifying. Because the road is also getting better, the situation in each player a chance to put out an even better time than the record second round. F-1 class is also shrinking in 850 seconds, running a personal best eight players aggressive yellow color of the first heat Takaoka 1, 16L4 ’04.500 mark. Emerged to make the top 10 in ninth place in the stretch from 11th position. The heat continues, the players Shigematsu Autobacs orange color, in practice lap Beteranrashii align neatly with the mid-late 15 seconds, about a week to update his best, 16L4’15 .510 18 positions to 13th in the fastest push. The stress level is up and pace the second half of the blue-collar player Kubo Naka blue light, raising the average lap, 17L4’06 .100, the best 14 seconds in 140, rising to second place. Rothmans Williams Yoshi Muta players as well, rising from sixth to third place at once. And the best part was, Tomita Papurufaiyakara players, only to go until close to week 18, 17L4’00 .930, the best one only 13 seconds, 13 seconds to the 920 mark, the first pole F1RCGP2011 superb season final position. Players can hold up to 17 weeks Red, white and black color Sato sixth, qualifying rounds are now very high level.
Class F-1 scale, third round of qualifying. 14 seconds, quickly jumped into bed early on the players Jagareshingu Yoshiyuki, 14-second mark the 940. Yoshiyuki characteristics in a player’s machine, how far faster than other cars of the early pace. However, Kawano players, and next time we are updating Hibino, 14-second mark of 520 Hibino Jordan Grand Prix is ​​his best! Then, out of 630 in two in a row in Thailand for 14 seconds as his best player Kawano Scuderia Ferrari, the time is Bazu Hibino. Just when the pole was convinced Jordan that everyone Hibino, Leave at the last 30 seconds, 14 second mark of 350 players Kawano Ferrari miracle! In Trading Places, F-athletes won the first pole position Kawano a class scale.
Class F-1 Grand Prix qualifying third round is a high-level development to update his best to say that all the players in this round. First of all, MOROTECH well to drive the machine is set to dramatically change the player’s Morohashi, breaking the walls of the week 17, 18L4’09 .950, the best 13-second mark 340. A ninth place overall in the final time to enter the main. Subsequently, BIG +3 RACING updated 3 73 seconds of his best players Kawano, 18L4’05 .310, fifth in the 260-second time-best 13. Then head for the final heat, Team Tech F-show an encouraging start Tomita players, but then followed, ALEX RACING Winners Yokoi player! Piled up temporarily surpassing the pace of driving under the influence Tomita player. And four minutes after the call, a major update to his best, which marked the anniversary of the only 19, Team Tech F-1 Tomita player! 19L4’11 .540, 950 best 12 seconds. And the finish line in second place player ALEX RACING Winners Yokoi, lines and sharp rise in the Ingirigiri impressive run cut the concentration and time to reach 18L4’01 .420 with 19 laps regrettably. Still the best 12-second mark the 980, I feel the potential height. The three fastest players Tamura Team Tech F-1, 18L4’02 .700. To help players in the final Tomita won the best position. Players will also update the personal best Kambayashi, down to sixth position. There are the usual sense does not come back off a little, and look forward to the final review and will rebuild the set.

r0125 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0126 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0127 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0128 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

For final
Been engaged in qualifying and say things very heated battle in early 2011, is a state filled with a sense of accomplishment at the end of qualifying for each player. However, begun. Put fired again, aims to review the settings for the last finals, where I hope to finish in the top position at all. This course of this RC Sutajiamuseiki are so many technical sessions, is key to clear a corner and you go after another how to operate the steering wheel quickly. Therefore, even at the expense of a little Riagurippu, I sometimes get pushed to set direction, rising in the rear restless Conversely, the higher the worst possible spin Masu. Among the players a good time out this time, equipped with a large rear wing and Dihyuza, a worsening of a set of conscious glimpse of that area to cover. 1 / 10 F-scale and one RC Nevertheless, it takes a real F-like setting an methodology. F-has become too hectic preparation for the final pit followed by plenty of parts, so a setting for the RC. Before the final, in the annual interview, it will come more and more tension until the very high I wait for the start. All races each main things I expect a good battle to attract the galleries.

r0129 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0130 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0131 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0132 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

F-1 C Main class finals
F-1 C Main class finals. Start the Fedex silver color Iwamoto (University), showed get off the grid from a great player, top sail fast. Meanwhile, the player spins the sake of Ferrari Mertz surplus momentum at the start of the expansion is released a little difference. The war plays a strong two top players travel Iwamoto is the leading feature of a dynamic and aggressive driving is a careful and attentive driving Merz players. But often foot hook players pylons Iwamoto, driving 770 to repaint the best lap in 15 seconds. The difference between the two fastest expanding gradually, and eventually decided on goal difference with the top two laps in second place.

r0133 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0134 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0135 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0136 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Class F-1 B Main race
Class F-1 B Main race. Topped at the start of the players starting on the grid Itou a Marlboro McLaren. Well the timing of the buzzer tone, has built a slight lead as early as the second place. In second place, and the player thinks Sawa Kon color green Jaguar, a painful fall in the infield. Emerged as the second place, the players woody orange color, the third fastest player development followed the white-blue Faiyakara Isobe of six on the grid. Marlboro McLaren Ito athletes running in the top grip, very stable cornering speed is the pace Gungun. Woody player running in the second orange color is excellent driving technique to manipulate the machine works fine with a little touch of oversteer. As the middle, there is a change in ranking in third place, Morimoto players coming up the yellow color. Itou still the top player. Lapped processing of temporary time loss, although it has expanded steadily difference between second place. Then, we repeatedly run stable until the end, played a superb goal Marlboro McLaren Itou top players. The second player woody, hard-fought battle for third place followed by three, the players exchanged Morimoto Jaguar yellow color green color Sawa Kon players decided to finish third in the reverse.

r0137 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0138 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0139 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0140 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

F-1 B Main final Grand Prix class
F-1 B Main final Grand Prix class. Paul decided to shot, ALEX RACING Hibino. Dash and showed great start, and quickly came up to second place from third on the grid is Arakawa’s PAPER MOON. The third-place finish put, Team TM Janpuappu than four players on the grid color Noziri Ferrari circuit. The vehicle was followed by the grid 4 FUKUSHIMAYA TEAM KIWI run at regular intervals to every player of a second Yamamoto. Were painted in blue-white color ALEX RACING Hibino came to this race, up and out of the steering wheel and rear grip, and are run smoothly. After running the place had crashed and ended 2 PAPER MOON straight Arakawa would Konkuritouoru big hit around the front. Of this surfaced in the second place, TM Circuit Noziri player. 8 3 seconds time difference. Mid-race, no change in the top two positions, and emerged the top three players BIG +3 RACING Nakatsu. Start something failed in the second half of a great chase out the best lap 300 and 13 seconds. The race to the second half. Driving Home the best 13 seconds ALEX RACING Hibino TM ranked player 630,2 Noziri continued driving circuit 670 in the same level as 13 seconds, quite impressive both times without loss of a lap behind the path. And keeping their goal difference is the top end Hibino ALEX RACING! The two players with a sense of place Noziri difference worked to the last grid position in third place run of sticky RiShita BIG +3 RACING Nakatsu players entered.

r0141 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0142 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0143 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0144 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Class F-1 A Main
Class F-1 A main final. Each car in the field until after the start in Mu start, very beautiful. Paul Tomita player shot a vivid purple Faiyapatan grid first, then the players go in the Atorantisukara Kubo Naka blue light blue No. 2, the third place after a spin in the infield players Yamaji Marlboro McLaren the wake of chaos. Among them, exits a third place, the players continue to expand Yoshi Muta Rothmans Williams. Eventually, the top two players Tomita takes on another car pull away a little bit Kubo Naka players. Tomita machine players are straight with another car, just like speed, acceleration is very great. Mabuchi 540 gear ratio suitable for the characteristics, find the index, which is effective pattern Atorantisubatteripawa performance than anything else. The best time is only 13 seconds, this main stand, 13 seconds 860.’s Second place run Blue Light blue-collar players still Kubo Naka. 090 Here is the best 14 seconds, features a cornering line takes a very smooth and clean, has not been extended to the extreme difference between the top yet. Behind the dispute intensified third fastest player Rothmans Yoshi Muta, eup players in the yellow color has shaved three seconds, surpassing the difference between each car in three-wheeled Tyrrell player. As the second half of the time settled in the mid to late 14 seconds for most players, maintaining the average time only 14 seconds in the first half of the top players Tomita. The difference between second place, while further opening. Then I worried because the No. 2 player, running Kubo Naka, stuck in the infield, game of strife in the top. First place, the difference in second place, almost a week spread to nearly all at once, just brilliant goal top TT players played to win. Kubo Naka second place player, battle for third place and featured three players GeRimashita Rothmans Yoshi Muta. Tomita of winning players, in achieving the feat of winning two consecutive classes will continue as last year, was given a round of applause from everyone blessing.

r0145 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0146 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0147 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0148 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Main Scale Class F-1 A
Main Scale Class 1 A F-finals. In the finals, which are required for replacement tires, but this time the final Grand Prix class B are the rules of the pit crew for each player is chosen from among the class winners the main scale. The pair of scissors chosen by lot before the start of the Scuderia Ferrari in pole position players FUKUSHIMAYA TEAM KIWI Kawano Yamamoto players, and the Jordan Grand Prix on the grid Hibino 2 BIG +3 RACING Nakatsu players, the third on the grid TM became a player in conjunction Jagareshingu said Yoshiyuki Noziri track athletes. Unfortunately, American Racing Isobe cancellation of the fourth grid McLaren raced the machine trouble. The final battle will be a little lonely at the three.
Started, all vehicles go out very beautiful. Only players who have all experienced F1RCGP, is expected to be close quarters battle ahead hot. Ferrari Kawano top players, second place was Jordan Hibino, Yoshiyuki Jaguar third fastest player in the evolution of street qualifying order. The three followed by 0.7 seconds behind in a very close combat. Red, yellow, green lined three showed a tie stitch Renu like traffic lights that are flying from the gallery cheered. Then, the gap has clouded the field in-stance Jordan Hibino, Yoshiyuki signed players in the Jaguar, Yoshiyuki emerged in second place players. And now the players crashed in front of the control line running in the top Ferrari Kawano, Yoshiyuki emerged from the top players! Second place Hibino Jordan. However, the difference Kawano, third-string players still to expand the approach from the top will not change for about one second. Top in the battle, the two-count Hibino, players swing from side to side against the machine, Yoshiyuki, seems to hang a lot of pressure. The players exchanged in Jordan Hibino Yoshiyuki is finally rising to the top. Top each time changing the deployment, will hear the loud cheers from Caralee. Then battle for third place two players in Yoshiyuki Jaguar has crashed players Kawano Ferrari also widen the gap slightly Hibino Jordan, probably because there are advantages when you replace tires, waiting for the follow-Hibino forefront is like. Top Hibino, Yoshiyuki player in second place in the order of 3 hand, calls the course of 20 weeks. Here, the tension must be completed before the 30th anniversary all tie guy. The first dived into the pits, Jordan, Hibino, Kawano Ferrari next player. The pit crew time to replace the hard tires but unfamiliar. The pits have not already done so, Yoshiyuki players in the Jaguar. It is like a slow pit stop strategy until the last minute. The scale of the class I’m going to interesting places and you get Gil and misfortune this strategy. The first pit was Hibino, pitted the turnover of players in the Jaguar running in the top Yoshiyuki interim. After the pit in which all competitors, ready to organize your order. Then, Kawano Ferrari pit players, but traveling is one lap top Hibino difference. It was noted that out of the pit during pit Yoshiyuki player in yet another time I took out two laps from the pit top difference. The running order after a tire change on lap top all cars are Hibino Bucchigiri Jordan. Accident happens and even feared late omission tires, simply decided to win first in class F-1 scale! In second place Ferrari Hibino, Yoshiyuki third place in the Jaguar players entered and left the stall tactics misfortune tires. The scale of the class has just begun, the final deployment for the winner no idea, even with drivers, and pit crew, is like a very exciting race with the gallery. It is thought to be a heated race in the class expanded in the future, thank you for participating Tte. The handshake was very impressive the last drivers and pit crew!

r0149 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0150 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0151 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0152 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Grand Prix F-1 A main class
F-1 A main final Grand Prix class. Here is a reversal, 8 minutes, normal race. I hung it unfolds prestige hardball teams.
Starting from the pole position determined by a dash Team Tech F-1 TT players a great start, one in first place KeKemasu corner. Following on from second place on the grid 2 ALEX RACING Winners player Yokoi, will start from third place on the grid Tamura 3 Team Tech F-1 player. Start of the grid 6 ALEX RACING Winners, F1RCGP2010 two largest players Kambayashi Doraibasuwarudotaitoru the ranking drops greatly in the field in a crash. Emerged in fourth place in the melee in here, BIG +3 RACING, F1RCGP2010 Asian champions Kawano player. The machine is a white red yellow color, changing from season Faiyapatan, stand out conspicuously. The top three cars at very close quarters, 3 car battle at 0.5 seconds behind the development. Tech is sandwiched between a perfect stress, 2 ALEX RACING Winners count against development but some players Yokoi, has seen intense focus to the top charge. Then, the difference between the top players Yokoi Team Tech F-1 is approaching rapidly and Tomita player. However, going to block line blocked good hands Tomita players, players are not out in front Yokoi easily. Then, remove the line a little impatient players Yokoi, while lost time, and now the fastest 3 Team Tech F-rapid approach a player and Tamura. Tech pressures equivalent stress will find it hanging from the front and back. Then, plug the player in a moment Yokoi Tamura players, but emerged in second place in the field, players are quickly accelerated after the rising edge Yokoi, regaining second place. Tamura returned to the top three players, but will try again Ubeku second place, would develop a half stack to spin in the infield. Now, rising to third place awaited the players Kambayashi ALEX RACING Winners. The ranking dropped after the start has raised so far. Driving a top player Tomita Team Tech F-1, Yoshimi Tadasu straight away to open up to one second difference between the players and Yokoi. The only one 12-second best lap main, the driving while the 830 mark for 12 seconds. Cut the remaining 3 minutes, Team Tech F-Just when everyone thought I won the TT a lot of rock-solid player, big crash in Kano Masa Tomita players straight! ! However, the subsequent damage of the machine is like no hope, brilliant run to finish off Team Tech F-1 F1RCGP F-TT players achieved the feat says his first Grand Prix class and a first victory. Even Team Tech F-1, this one wins the first victory was, it would have great value in the future. In second place, we showed explosive speed, ALEX RACING Winners Yokoi player and third prize in the running mate Kambayashi players sticky! F1RCGP2011 series, new faces and say he is from the opening, and a fresh new Shizunrashii, race has become even more excited for the future.

r0153 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0154 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0155 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0156 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

Awards podium champagne
The awards honor the top three podium F1RCGP annual, was held grandly in the cold night sky. Class F-1, F-Tomita very active player with the same surname with a Grand Prix class, as a team, Team Tech F-1 ALEX RACING Winners and breathtaking look at the confrontation, and raised race and is also very Narimashi Gallery or. The class attractions in a variety of scales, he fired the Jordan Grand Prix Hibino overcame a tire well in their own items. It is blessed with all the champagne in this tournament any player is also very hard work! Congratulations to everyone really.

Besutorukkinguka Awards
Besutorukkinguka award was elected Friedrich Merz players and Ferrari. Even more than that of red paint rubbed into the main Porikabodi is very beautiful they are painted over even small parts. Said kit parts may seem simple and easy, so it does not work Dodge has returned, marked with a large difference in maturity. The total coordination with the also excellent stand out Ferrari jackets worn by the person is out to dress like a real Ferrari at a glance. Merz was awarded the prize to the player memorial photos. I hope all of you next time a great body.

r0157 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0158 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0159 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0160 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

r0161 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0162 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0163 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0164 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0165 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0166 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)
r0167 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)r0168 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP 2011 (Round 1)

All lottery awards
The last player to join all of you gathered in the course, the whole ceremony took place. The presentation of awards made to all the cards, and awaited the end of the draw. There are snacks and soft drinks as a snack, took place in a relaxed atmosphere from beginning to end, while each player chat. Players were awarded to products from many sponsors sponsors this time. Since the last who hits the highlights or battery kit, I was nervous all would end. And his remarks last Kurimoto circuit owner, tournament chairman greetings, greetings and more competition Chairman, this meeting has become a successful closing.

Source: F1RCGP
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