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Xray New and Restock item just arrived @ rcMart.

xray new parts Xray New and Restock item just arrived @ rcMart.

We are pleased to announce the stocking of many new RC parts for T2 Please click the links below to find out more:

New items

XR-301192 Xray (#XR-301192) T3\’11 Upper Deck 2.0mm Graphite.
XR-302044 Xray (#XR-302044) Composite Lower Suspension Holders (2+2+2)
XR-302291 Xray (#XR-302291) Steel Steering Bushing (2+2)
XR-302663 Xray (#XR-302663) Composite Ball Joint 4.9mm – Open – V2 (8)
XR-302664 Xray (#XR-302664) Composite Ball Joint 4.9mm Unidirectional – Open (4)
XR-305003 Xray (#XR-305003) Alu Ball Differential 34T + 38T Pulley – 7075 T6 – Set
XR-305012 Xray (#XR-305012) T2 008 Alu T6 Diff Long Output Shaft – Hard Coated
XR-305058 Xray (#XR-305058) Diff Pulley 38T with Labyrinth Dust Covers
XR-305135 Xray (#XR-305135) Composite Solid Axle Driveshaft Adapters (2)
XR-305188 Xray (#XR-305188) Composite Solid Axle 38T – Set
XR-305324 Xray (#XR-305324) Drive Shaft 52mm – Hudy Spring Steel
XR-305432 Xray (#XR-305432) High-Performance Kevlar Drive Belt Front 3x513mm
XR-305577 Xray (#XR-305577) Fixed Pulley 20T (2)
XR-307215 Xray (#XR-307215) Front Suspension Pivot Pin (2) 
XR-307314 Xray (#XR-307314) Rear Suspension Pivot Pin (2) 
XR-308331 Xray (#XR-308331) Composite Frame Shock Parts 4-Step – Short
XR-930120 Xray (#XR-930120) Carbide Ball 2.4mm (12)

Restock items

XR-301324 Xray ( #XR-301324)FRONT BODY MOUNT SET +2MM HEIGHT
XR-301334 Xray (#XR-301334)REAR BODY MOUNT SET +2MM HEIGHT
XR302078 Xray (#XR-302078)T2’007 SET OF COMPOSITE HUBS
XR-305082 Xray (#XR-305082) DIFF WASHER 17X23X(2)
XR-305326 Xray (#XR-305326) ALU DRIVE SHAFT SWISS 7075T6 – HARD COATED
XR-305341 Xray (#XR-305341) T2’008 REAR SUSPENSION PIVOT PIN

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