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TRANSFORMULA – The Winner’s Choice!

F1RCGP Sora Kasuga TRANSFORMULA   The Winners Choice!

We are pleased to announce that a 14 years old Japanese RC racer Mr. Sora Kasuga has recently won the 2nd place in the F1 Class Group A in the F1RCGP (Round 10) Competition using our Transformula. The convension kit is tested by a famous Japanese racer Mr. Hideo Kitazawa and the winner of TITC 2010 Mr. Perry Leung.

Currently most of the F-1 RC models in the market are obtaining the T-bar system and it is general believe that T-bar is the most suitable system for F-1 model with its simple operation. However Mr. Hideo Kitazawa, the organizer of Japan F1RCGP and an active F1 racer believes the linkage system is more effective in high speed impacts and control better in bumpy conditions. Racers should adopt a different system base on the track condition and this is why TRANSFORMULA is born – with a single kit you can convert to either T-bar/linkage system which best fit with the track.

Here Yeah Racing congratulation to Mr. Sora Kasuga and wish him all the best with the TRANSFORMULA kit.

Please click HERE to obtain more information on the Transformula

F1RCGP Sora Kasuga02 TRANSFORMULA   The Winners Choice!

F1RCGP Sora Kasuga03 TRANSFORMULA   The Winners Choice!

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