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Miniqlo Parts Have been restored

miniqlo parts rss Miniqlo Parts Have been restored

Many Parts for Miniqlo have been restored, hurry get them before they run out again!

Check the list for more information:

MQ-002 RCTRAX (#MQ-002) Frame Set
MQ-008G RCTRAX (#MQ-008G) Alloy Lower Sus. Link (GN)
MQ-101G RCTRAX (#MQ-101G) Miniqlo Graphic Body (GN)
MQ-103F RCTRAX (#MQ-103F) Painted Classis Truck Body
MQ-206G RCTRAX (#MQ-206G) Alloy Rod End Ball (GN)
MQ-206O RCTRAX (#MQ-206O) QAlloy Rod End Ball (OR)
MQ-206R RCTRAX (#MQ-206R) QAlloy Rod End Ball (RD)
MQ-207TG RCTRAX (#MQ-207TG) Alloy Steering Rod Set (GN)
MQ-302M RCTRAX (#MQ-302M) Axle Housing For Miniqlo MOA
MQ-303 RCTRAX (#MQ-303) Pinion Gear & Spa Gear
MQ-303M RCTRAX (#MQ-303M) Worm Gear Set
MQ-415F RCTRAX (#MQ-415F) Alloy Front Steering Block
MQ-DU RCTRAX (#MQ-DU) Miniqlo DIG Rear Stop Unit
MQ-MC01 RCTRAX (#MQ-MC01) Miclow Tire (2 pcs)

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