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Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

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F1RCGP Race report (Round 9)

F1RCGP2010 in Tokyo
Toyota Technical College Tokyo October 31, 2010 (Sun)

r0900 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Weather: cloudy and rain, temperature: ℃ 19, Humidity: 80%, surface temperature: ℃ 16

F1RCGP2010 ninth stage of the race, the festival was held in Tokyo Auto Toyota Academy. In addition to the Tokyo Round in the first round than ever before in an attempt to say this was a special venue for the first time, became a tournament full of excitement about the typhoon hit subvert the prior forecast.

Tokyo Auto Toyota Academy will take place is a vocational school to train professional mechanic. Say the name of the school, the College shall be provided with a consistent four-year training course can “polish technology and humanity can” slogan education, technology and the best, as a person has become a place of education and other social Meru great respect and teamwork. Each year hundreds of graduates is going to nest in the country as a service engineer with a focus on Toyota-affiliated companies. And cultivating leading technology we would not be an exaggeration to say that safety is maintained in the automotive world.

Graduate school is first class car, vehicle maintenance department, a Class Graduates, Graduate divided into four, including the National Exam qualification can be a variety of qualifications. The school has the clubs, can experience dorm life. Also, because abundance of annual events, many exchanges both born outside the school. This time, while at school is also one of the big indicated here to help us all officials and other radio-controlled part of the school, things like this opportunity to Keta matter of joy indeed, from the first heart I would like to thank.

Into the climax of the season, F-1 Grand Prix class struggle Doraibazupointo is incredibly fierce. The points leader Team Bomber Katoh, ALEX RACING Winners and second place ranking of players Kambayashi. And expert driver has repeated numerous battles throughout the first half of 2010, both series, the state has attracted much attention whether the game is decided by the Tokyo Round. In addition, attention is also ranking No. fight 3, ZEN player Hashimoto, BIG +3 Racing is competing in a close points Kawano players. Teams who are, ALEX RACING Winners in dominant, Team Bomber expand the chase. Team Bomber also whether there is a possibility of reversal, has been great attention from everyone.

F-1 class who is metropolitan area as well as neighboring prefectures, there are many participants from a distance, showed a surge in unique tournament in Tokyo. Courses for drivers and local experts, 1/8GP to racing driver, driver Varied skills are also very full of highlights to watch for. Moreover, the special condition, the equal status because it is competing techniques is both perfect place is also interesting that affect positive change and hope will be lucky like this weather, and keep an eye development. Many spectators came to public gathering festival (They came up to see the principal), the atmosphere suddenly showed a surge.

Number of participants on the day, F-1 Class Name: 18, F-1 Grand Prix class: 18 (13 teams), a total of 36 entries. Day despite the weather is concerned I’m proud of the many participants Keta gatherings. Fence in a special wooden crate courses, my own thing to prepare teachers and students on campus by the marker. It becomes a little dusty asphalt pavement and there is a grain of sand and mud due to the typhoon had blown here and there, to capture this course is likely to be tested is also a condition reading skills. Wide back straight, and slightly narrower in the field, worked as crisp layout. In this course, F-it will compete for No. 1 Toukyou.

r0901 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0902 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0903 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0904 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0905 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0906 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0907 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0908 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Making day of the race venue

Day would normally practice the day before the event begins F1RCGP, and this situation is different. Sun did not practice the day before, but from the beginning will prepare the construction and equipment was to be done in the field. However, the day before the typhoon hit by severe wind and rain with a very pristine condition. We made the day of the race course together with the Steering Committee participants and school staff, stick banners gave the table to help us set-up tent maneuvering platform. The day Yokomo, TRG, ZEN booth was set-up of events, Yokomo has presented us with a demonstration run in the drift.

Construction is also completed, accepted and began practice. Course is still wet on the road surface is very low mu road surface in some light from the sand and mud. The first course in cherry tail TEAM SONIC player, even while struggling with this road, went off the forced, there was a pattern machine damage. Then each player in our next course, after some few minutes on the line in the road and there is also a clean state, has raised grip. However, F-1 class in power is just good, 17.5T Brushless Grand Prix class at the power of a state machine behavior may still Piki. The course will require deliberate attack. While holding the throttle grip to cover as frustration and say, points to lead Team Bomber Kato Grand Prix class, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players are superior handling techniques, not in the unstable behavior of the machine EN Masu. Other players around, we will focus on running their galleries from practice, the pattern was not referring to the direction of the setting. The track conditions at this time, half-wet. Players wear rubber tires, the percentage of players are wearing Kontororusuponjitaiya half. The weather ahead is anticipated once it rains, marking and promoting the provision of a tire, is ready to be checked in for the race fleet I Steering Committee.

r0909 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0910 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0911 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0912 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Cloudy sky around the time of the opening ceremony, there is a sense that the clouds are still covered with thick layers, the road of recovery and say things are becoming dry, starting from the declaration of the chairman dry forest competition. Method does not change the qualifying race in 4 minutes and stagger system employs a point system unstable weather and say things. Taka Tito will adopt the best of three rounds of round two. Again, this time at 30 minutes 16 festival in relation to withdrawal must be complete. Asked for everyone to cooperate in the smooth progress of the race. Then, the selection of award Besutorukkinguka have been made aware of the various manners such as race, the race will start at last. The weather is hard to read in the context of this special, what drove us to what each player. With anticipation and some trepidation, Masu Hashi Tokyo Conference opener.

r0913 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0914 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0915 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0916 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0917 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0918 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0919 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0920 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

First round of qualifying

Class F-1 first round of qualifying, while declaring in the dry and say things are running in all Kontororudosuponjitaiya. The Heat ran a first look at the top, the white players Hurukawa Orange F-1 driving a machine. Despite the wet parts still remain slippery, repeatedly driving with a skilled work developed in car engine throttle, 14L4’16 .266, 17-second mark superb record of 397 best. This will be only 14 weeks of this round. Marked the 13th anniversary Eight players 13L4’03 .504, 17 seconds, second fastest time in the 093 best. The machine dropped the time by sliding the wet area in the middle of qualifying, was running at a pace to aim for the top. Behind the machine, the color white red line, Eda players 13L4’05 .176, 312 best 18 seconds, the Ferrari colors Ito players, the players were painted green and purple Yada, White Pink Blue followed by players such as Ishikawa. Ishikawa tournament pits players Tiba since last year’s race will be a long time. Many players do not grasp the pacing is still much variation in the time pattern.

Class F-1 Grand Prix, first round qualifying. Heat from the eyes also a good time RUSH Mark Ishikawa players. Ishikawa TRG109 driving a player is by far the car 15 laps into the subsequent sharp cornering, 15L4’12 .685, 084-second mark of 16. The players entered the 15 laps, including Ishikawa, three players. The second time Team Bomber Kato 15L4’16 .578, ranked second best 16 time was 130,3 Hashimoto ZEN player 15L4’16 .953, 567 will be the final 16 seconds. Rear, fourth, fifth player Ishitani Team Tech F-1, Anthill player. Tech’s F125 is also in a precarious grip, seems to have led to good results were consistent laps to. On the other hand, was supposed to come to the top players Kambayashi ALEX RACING Winners are significantly down-time due to rain just before the heat was cursed, 14L4’16 .254, sixth in the 533-second recording the best 17. However, tremendous technique spectacular goal in a road foam tires driving over slippery in the rain, Fusion FRF010 driving performance of a great appeal. So great was running out of breath from the gallery. I hope the next round.

r0921 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0922 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0923 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0924 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Qualifying second round

To reach the second round qualifying time We always light rain, wet road condition has changed. Declarations have been made from wet race chairman here can now be mounted on rubber tires. F-1 class, qualifying second round, 147 seconds to update its own records in two large rubber tires again and raced the first Heat player Furukawa 1, 14L4’14 .119, the best 17-second mark 328. To the fastest time in this round anyway, that was supposed to end, throughout the show ran an aggressive player in the second Ferrari Color Ito heat last two, as the top time reversal 14L4’12 .366, the best so far The only stand 16 seconds, 16 seconds 955 mark. Only 14 players entered this two-week, 13 weeks is the largest player on the Red Line Julia White, 13L4’11 .590, the best 18 seconds in 385, three fastest time. More and more time is updated on the situation in the wet pavement, wet Emasu setting the height of each player’s abilities.

Class F-1 Grand Prix Qualifying second round because it has been raining, the situation of each player from the tires pretty hard water dances. Played a top goal of a good time out here at once, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi the players. Unfortunately the rain dropped by the time the previous round, this time showing exceptional driving, results continued to attack almost no mistakes, only 16 entered the week so far. 16L4’11 .126, the best 15-second mark 346! Grand Prix class driver Obviously, 1 / 15 sec cars came out in lap three best players. The situation is difficult to run a steady rain, the pattern is very difficult to collect a total of four minutes time. The second fastest time, Prochemi by Hibino, around the time ticking away 16 seconds flat and a detached, 15L4’02 .808, 693 best of 15 seconds. The third fastest player ALEX RACING Winners Yokoi, 15L4’05 .678, followed by 15 seconds, 727 Best . Form has become the top players emerge in the setting of a machine made to focus on stability.

r0925 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0926 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0927 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0928 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Third round of qualifying

Third round of qualifying F-1 class. In this round, the players suddenly emerged in the second fastest time of Kyamerurotasukara Wada. About two weeks time to update the self, 14L4’05 .598, 720-second mark of 16. Nakashima Satoshi Wada player driver figure. Amid this rain was a great run exactly like lines traced Nakashima. Round Top is the time to further update the previous round, players Itou Ferrari. 14L4’02 .745, the best 16-second mark what 155. Ito machine players, and say things are not subjected to waterproof it was a pretty risky situation, with the side to finish luck, brilliant pole position. No. 2 player overall Hurukawa White, Orange became the third overall to win repeatedly form a stable high point player every round blue white.

Class F-1 Grand Prix qualifying third round. Top finish was awaited in this round, Team Bomber Kato. Kato was painted in white on blue Orange F104 Bonbakonbajon Through a corner in the rain at breakneck speed, and course record 16L4’02 .862, brilliant pole position at 384 for 14 seconds in total best! Second place overall in the wet but now dry stacked RUSH phenomenal athlete running stable Ishikawa. Did jump up to third overall, the attack marked the second fastest time in his first Grand Prix class but stunning this round player Ishitani Team Tech F-1, 16L4’04 .803, 895 became the best 14 seconds. ALEX RACING Winners Series points multiplied by the reversal Kambayashi players, the fourth overall. Grid while struggling somewhat with the strength in the final game of chance for victory is still a pretty good reputation so well. Grand Prix class took the point, what What kind of drama that lies in the final round after this. Has become very excited.

r0929 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0930 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0931 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0932 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

r0900 list1 1 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0900 list1 2 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

For final

Lunch break before the finals is like eating food that had many players in the festival’s opening. Near the entrance of the school, smells delicious fragrance drifts were people in a row. Students used to be chauffeured in a fry noodles, go to the pack after another packed with finesse. I ate several kinds F1RCGPA staff, was very good. In the course side, Mr. Wakasugi the demonstration run drift Yokomo, Mr. Mishima, was held in Yokomosutaffu Suzuki’s, and next to the TRG vehicle demonstrations, which have been exhibits of parts, they come to see many people Mashita. The course, while checking the road conditions are enthusiastic participants, we have to change the setting. Some surface water is beginning to dry, it has become like a grip on the difficult conditions as well. Players and change the motor before the final check waterproof players, many athletes also test tire grip pattern, the race is not busy with their next start. Rough or final, or whether the flow of clean, fully loaded could be very interesting special unique uncertainties.

r0933 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0934 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0935 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0936 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0937 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0938 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0939 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0940 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Class F-1 B Main race

Class F-1 B Main race. B in the main this was disguised as Doraemon, Miyano players appeared! Everybody now start the hottest galleries! Start off to a good start Miyano players exquisite Ferrari lead the other cars. The two fastest players Sakakibara black color green. But moments later would have swallowed up slightly under put out. Ferrari Miyano top players, a spin moment to stand up straight and fast past the infield! Rough start early in the development and deployment Sakakibara players follow soon after. Miyano top players, running a lap after another pass by driving a relatively calm. Is going to open gradually succeeding. On the other hand, was playing in midfield player Lotus Hukuzima place fight three or electrical system problems, stop! Will finish the race unfortunately. Second half of the race, the top players impersonate Doraemon Ferrari Miyano. It is becoming more aggressive driving the increased, and occasionally show up for a spin, extra large. At that moment, out of control players and Ferrari in the past the control line Miyano! Or electrical system problems, also now retired and blowing white smoke. Fade in one after another top team, was flying machines were painted bright green to black, Sakakibara player. Top Ri Masu here. But the players seemed Sakakibara drive system having some trouble, you can hear Kina Hiroshi different. Whether this goal is still a delicate situation, the players piled Sakakibara careful throttle work well in a run. In second place is light blue and white Hot Pursuit Danka Arrows Yamaha A18 16 seconds out of 999 best players of color stone. You can hang with the gap significantly. However, Sakakibara is to keep players safe driving throughout, played a top goal.

r0941 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0942 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0943 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0944 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

F-1 B Main final Grand Prix class

F-1 B Main final Grand Prix class. The restart of measurement problems, PAPER MOON PLAYERS Kuroda, Arakawa, FUKUSHIMAYA TEAM KIWI players Fukushima, impossible to say things mechanical trouble before the run started by three people in total, a little lonely now starting grid. However, the race will show that contrary to much excitement. First, start on the grid 1 Futaba F-1 Racing David showed great speed players, keep the top. Subsequent chase in the form of the god of thunder and Toki no family. First Team Castrol Lotus head of a family is two fastest players Takashi Hutoshi Toki Toki third place three players in winter as a teammate, was fourth in his first Grand Prix tournament from players is very narrowly Team drill kanji Toki forest pursue expansion. Then I worried that the pressure, Futaba F-1 Racing David Stack players combined to spin in the corner. Team Castrol Lotus emerged as the top player Toki Akira Hutoshi. This Toki players players David, once rivals in the top circuit Shibuya F-1 that had been traveling. David immediately returned to players in second place, Takashi Hutoshi top players chase. Third place behind the three players Toki winter. Team Castrol Lotus teams play each other closely by David multiply the pressure from behind the players. Its not just behind every second drill kanji Toki Forest 1 Team player. Furthermore, immediately after, TEAM SONIC additional players are propelled cherry tail! This five very early narrowly expanded. And a mid-race, Team Castrol Lotus went off the leading players in the chicane Toki Akira Hutoshi! Go to the top of the changes are uploaded, Team player drill kanji Toki woods! Toki forest top players in the second difference 2 Futaba F-1 Racing David athletes, two players battle for third place Toki Akira Hutoshi. David slowly approaching the top players a whopping mistake in the chicane player Team Drill Mori Kanji Toki! David re-emerged as the top players! Then following David’s top players missing at the same chicane Forest players! The top players in the forest stand, immediately spun at end of the straight. Akira Hutoshi players jump up on top is the head of the family here! The second is the expansion of the messing about, Takashi Hutoshi top players, No. 2 David athletes, athletes Mori third, fourth player three winters, very narrowly so far! Akira Hutoshi top players stretched the lead a little, becoming an easy deployment. I had no doubt the players Takashi Hutoshi top goal for anyone suffering an accident they are stuck inside straight to meandering rainy day. This comes on top of Futaba F-1 Racing, David Player. David is a player Iyareshingu F103 machines, making it look sharp cornering speed throughout. The eight-minute call at last! ! This beautiful B Conqueror was the main battleground, David athletes. There was a battle of each player is very impressive!

r0945 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0946 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0947 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0948 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Final standings(B Main)

Class F-1 B Main

First place Takeshi Hiroshi Sakakibara 26L8’04 .982

2nd Ishibashi Yuusuke 26L8’18 .029

3rd Shigematsu Takakazu 22L8’16 .750

4th Hutoshi Masaru Goto 20L8’08 .331

5th Miyano Masashi 15L4’31 .409

6th Kudou Yukihiro 13L8’25 .855

7th Hukushima Norio 7L2’27 .322

8th Inoue Tomomi DNS

Grand Prix F-1 B Main Class

First place David Tse(FUR) 29L8’15 .623
2nd Akira Hutoshi Toki(LTS) 28L8’06 .683
3rd Forest Toki(KAD) 28L8’09 .979
4th Toki three winters(LTS) 28L8’17 .113
5th Sakuraba, Shinya tail(SON) 24L8’14 .511
6th Kuroda(PAM) DNS
7th Arakawa Tsutomu(PAM) DNS
8th Hukushima Noboru(FUK) DNS

F-1 A final class Main

Class F-1 A main final. Start, the players showed a good opening color Ito Ferrari from pole position, will be swallowed by Yoshi Tadasu subsequent to the spin. Change is topped, Furukawa players were painted in white color orange Futaba. The veteran players are driving the remarkably conspicuous even in difficult grip in the rain, the form of lead from the start of the race. Behind the line color red white players Eda, players battle fierce Wada Kyamerurotasukara second place. The state has a low grip track each other perplexed, followed by a frustrating development moving ahead to say about the spin-half rush. But suddenly came up to the second place, where blue and white coloring player. However, there was contact with another car while coming up so far, the state is hanging broken nose. This is a poor aerodynamic Daunfosugurippu the hope that it will earn well, with superb control in everyday driving technique developed in the engine car. Hurukawa pull away more and more top players follow, and continues to be a runaway. Half and half situation is difficult to grip dry and wet pavement, the controls really well to each player. The race will end the fight I’m going to jump up second place Ferrari Itou players. The third player in Mairudosebunburu Esaka White driving a Tyrrell 022. The eight-minute call! The winner led the race from beginning to end, American Hurukawa! Top finish was superb.

r0949 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0950 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0951 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0952 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Grand Prix F-1 A final class Main

F-1 A main final Grand Prix class. Team Bomber decided to start from pole position and the excellent start dash Katoh, robs Paul shot. In the subsequent, RUSH player Ishikawa, Team Tech F-has seen the confusion involving the players side by side in contact Ishitani subsequent one. Is eventually emerged in second place, start from the grid 4 ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi player, emerged as the top while avoiding a crash in front of huge steering at work. Count 3, Team Tech F-athletes Ishitani a yellow color. The dispute points leader, Kato has been running neck and neck in athletes Kambayashi added. Then, run the place 2 ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi different players in straight lines, takes the final corner and grab the Team Bomber Katoh, two large touch! Emerged as the top is in place, Team Tech F-1 Ishitani player! Ishitani player than Tech’s 3rd Tottori but his first as a driver, tremendous performances. However, immediately breaking the rhythm in the chicane, the sake of half-spin, back in third place. The fisherman got the benefit of players Kambayashi ALEX RACING Winners here. Suddenly emerged as a top! Ishitani No. 2 Team Tech F-1 player, jumping up from the third midfield player RUSH Ishikawa, No. 4 Team Bomber Kato deployment. But it has been followed with even more tightly, the state still can not guard. Team Bomber Katoh I have a little damage to the machine slowed. The fourth stabbing surfaced there in the pat Hashimoto ZEN players. Kambayashi top players. And the second run of 1.5 seconds, about keeping the lead. Lap coming out soon, Kambayashi player would become stuck in a traffic jam situation in that they. RUSH Ishikawa second place player, has already come close to directly behind. Top with second difference is only about 0.2 seconds. The expansion has become very tight. Then the moment came to a straight and fast Wasou lap, hit the inside of the fence! White smoke from the rear portion of what will now restart immediately. ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players, the Motaburo, synchronizes the retirement of contrition. Has emerged as the top place, RUSH Ishikawa player. 3 seconds behind the Team Tech F-1 by Ishitani player. Tenacity in the third run of Hashimoto ZEN players jump up. F104 conversion of ZEN shows off a very consistent laps in the race this rough road. And many of the intact, after eight minutes. RUSH Ishikawa winning players, by winning his first, played a stunning victory Hitodantotsu time to say this is also the best 14 seconds to say 763. Team Bomber Katoh start fourth pole is forced to slow down the middle. Two vying for the title series to win points Ku effect, both game and I finished ninth, the championship tournament are now carried over into the 10th race Honkon.

r0953 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0954 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0955 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0956 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Awards podium champagne

F1RCGP honor of the winners, the annual champagne is made. Before that, collect the top three in each class were awarded a plaque made. The commemorative photo, the smiling face was impressive player serena finished this tough race. After champagne at last! Many watched the gallery, and pioneered the F-class players to win a decision Hurukawa. F-showed he continues to participate in the rookie class of Grand Prix 1 Team Tech F-1, countered that other players Ishitani. Vent stress as if it was nervous during the race was a great fight for everyone forget the chill in the air! Players begin the first victory RUSH Ishikawa, top finishers were all, indeed Congratulations.

Finals standings (A Main)

Class F-1 A Main

First place Kogawa Ken 29L8’10 .466

2nd Itou Shigeharu 27L8’03 .181

3rd Ban Masae 26L8’01 .247

4th Eda Keiiti 26L8’07 .012

5th Wada Tatsuya 25L8’06 .755

6th Miwa Yuki 25L8’12 .550

7th Thurs T. S. Hand 25L8’15 .749

8th Yada Masaru 25L8’20 .306

9th Satoshi Hiroshi 24L8’12 .748

10th Tatsuya Ishikawa 2L0’52 .140

Grand Prix F-1 A main class

First place Mamoru Ishikawa(RUS) 32L8’10 .886
2nd Ishitani Yasuhiro(TTF) 31L8’06 .713
3rd Hashimoto Tsutomu(ZEN) 31L8’13 .907
4th Katou Takashi(BOM) 30L8’05 .386
5th Hibino Tatsuya(PRC) 30L8’11 .822
6th Yokoi Akihiro(ALW) 29L8’00 .707
7th Silk Kikuike Y.(BOM) 29L8’10 .531
8th Shinya anthill(TTF) 28L8’07 .840
9th Matsumoto Kiyouiti(SOD) 28L8’09 .687
10th Kamibayashi Hiroshi(ALW) 17L4’24 .208

r0957 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0958 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0959 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0960 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Besutorukkinguka Awards

The award was elected Besutorukkinguka is impressive, F-107 was the Lotus Toki Akira Hutoshi players compete in a Grand Prix class. The contestants chosen from the first class in the Grand Prix, RC Emasu show passion for color with the speed as well adhered. Of particular note is the driver figure (Mikahakkinen) is a fine painting. Craftsmanship was rubbed in and spent time remembering the excitement is about everyone.

Toki is a former player is the Mecca of RC F-1 Grand Prix is also active in the same color top circuit Shibuya and Aoyama Tamiya, players get the glory of many. Now the fun thing with the RC family life are sending. This way, the family did not participate in all Rotasukara. (Besutorukkinguka award is intended for the body of a car running in practice. Brought in just for decoration only, will not qualify.)

r0961 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0962 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0963 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0964 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

All lottery awards

Top three awards, followed by champagne, the whole award will go to the lottery. The thing that this festival held in the end time must be adhered to. Smoothly thanks to your kind cooperation, the participants handed each person a gift sent from the manufacturer with each sponsor recognition cards. Many things have been enriched in many variations of this gift also. Participants in hand, while a colleague in Ai showing was impressive to fret over the place. Sponsor Niokimashite is always a lot of thanks to the sponsors products.

Lottery is over, the tournament chairman of the closing ceremony, the chairman made a speech competition, Toyota’s Tokyo Auto College gotten great cooperation this time, Mr. Nogi Hiroshi, along with a thank you and other students Higuchi, participation Thanks to everyone safely said that F1RCGP2010 thanked the Tokyo Games I finished the race ninth, closing now. Our participants, so cheers for good work.

r0965 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0966 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0967 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)r0968 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

Major equipment data F1RCGP Games

Data will be the main equipment F1RCGP2010 Round9 Tokyo Conference tournament. Even people who have participated, even those plans will try to help guide you to the next How will participation. The next 2010 season finale all the more, 11 27 -28 10 tournament game in Hong Kong will be held over two days of the day. F1RCGP became the first overseas competition, many foreign players will play non-Japanese. Here, F-Asian champions 1, F-1 world champion, determined by the constructors, so, I think that you come to focus. The tour dates will be November 26 -29 days. The outside of the tour participants, who would like to thank you more entry entry as soon as possible.

r09car Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)
Car Share

r09pro Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)

r09amp Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)
Share Amplifiers

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Share Motors

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Share Batteriese

r09pre Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)
Competitors County Name

r09age Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)
Age group

r09sex Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race Report (Round 9)
Sex ratio


Everyone of our players who participated in this meeting, kindly agreed to register the sleeves of each committee capped a tournament run like Forest RC club, like Amano, like everyone, beginning with staff Shinoda, and held Tokyo Auto Toyota College gotten great cooperation Niatari, like Nogi Hiroshi, like Higuchi, students who also got the goods like many sponsors sponsors, gotten help like TRG inspection, photography Yoshimura Toki capped Taiyamakingu like and like to help, to everyone and many other officials, to express our sincere gratitude. Thank you very much. I was able to exit safely in the event O Sama. The RC day magazine, RC world everyone interviewed staff, rushed to interview you for our journey Haruka, thank you. It remains and the final series. To be careful until the end, so we wanted to go racing activities to continue to enjoy Keru everyone, thank you in the future.

Source: F1RCGP
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