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Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP – Round 8 Race Report

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F1RCGP Race report (Round Eight)

Round 8 F1RCGP2010 in Fukuoka2

F-1 HOME Circuit on August 29, 2010 (Sun)

r0800 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Weather: Sunny (indoor) temperature: 38℃, Humidity: 65%, surface temperature: 35℃

F1RCGP2010 eighth leg, in the Onga District, Fukuoka Prefecture was conducted in F-1 HOME Circuit. This F-1 HOME Circuit held in the last year since become final F1RCGP2009, this was done under quite different temperature and humidity are held in the summer thing. And past the heat this summer in various places, what might be extremely hot heat. Last winter tournament and has been seen many more changes coming players such as machine settings.

F-1 Circuit HOME is one of the largest indoor track in the size of the largest open Fukuoka Prefecture in 1998. Circuit is a restaurant and shops, has become rich assortment of electric Onrodoka center. The wall of the shop are on display are a number of expert drivers were present for the body so far. TOP visited a number of old drivers here, it speaks to the expanded name of a number of battles.

Mori Taketoshi shop owner, Mori Toshiaki your brother, RC experience more, we are always ready to receive appropriate advice from beginner to expert. Dorifutokakosu recently started a two-sided, more recently reopened just adjacent to the Onrodokosu. Also joined the center line and road markings, like making fun of situations that drift from reality. F1RCGP This course is Onrodosakitto permanent asphalt pavement is widest in the indoor premises. 1 week course 180m, 40m back straight has, and has also provided Infirudosesshon complex medium-speed corners, 1/10F-1 travel of radio control layout is just good in size. The pit area is well equipped air-conditioned courses in the pit too hot, so comfortable, including a week of this tournament, has seen many Rajikonfan always bustling.

The number of participants, F-1 Class Name: 20, F-1 Grand Prix class: 10 Team 14, a total of 34 names. Number of participants in both classes with more than last year, showing a surge in the increasingly in-class Grand Prix has also been heated points battle. The current Kambayashi ALEX RACING Winners of players, ranking second place Team Bomber approaching the point of dispute and Kato, 110p 95p and 15p a slight difference in making this. Both are the same number of championships. Race will be very interesting possibility that positive change top ranking eighth leg. The third battle Hashimoto ZEN player, BIG +3 Racing player and Kawano, 58p and 43p at 15p also making a difference. Constructors battle, the top ALEX RACING Winners 137p, the top 2 Team Bomber 107p, the top 3 ZEN 72p, the largest about 4 Futaba F-1 Racing 45p 30p Nearby Narimasu every top team.

Meanwhile, F-1 class from home and abroad gathered in Fukuoka Prefecture F-1 like many drivers, drivers equipped with opening up also. F-hot popularity of Kyushu District 1, F1RCGP are many of the regulars. F-containing materials are found many of the class feeling a color as well, really enjoying the atmosphere F-transmitted said one genre. Everyone in the hot, comforting set happily, triumphantly to try to time up a little. Even the organizers, to meet the feelings of everyone, without having to go to better the race was not about to feel the pressure.

r0801 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0802 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0803 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0804 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Practice Day

Unlike the previous night and the race, tournament, there was a lot of practice time from the previous day. Each player in the hot weather, which is like doing a lot of testing menu while observing the road surface grip. The first Grand Prix class players and, as expected ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi, Team Bomber has the same pace laps Kato. In addition, the subsequent, Team Tech F-1 Anthill player. Tamura this player because of the absence of a colleague, who is now a setup, another set of thoughts went well and seems to top out at run time threatening the stability excellent. In addition, surprised everyone by bringing a new device measures the heat, Prochemi Hibino’s. Temperature sensor attached to the surface using a brushless motor, went out to Riateruranpu armed with a dangerous area would be brought to the motor temperature increases the number of flashing lights, while driving a motor from the time of practice Wari continues. When temperatures exceed 35 degrees in this area After all, I have some 17.5T could break in Overheating Even with brushless motor. F-class Grand Prix has become a real race to compete in the real thing as a cutting-edge. In addition, local F-1 HOME CIRCUIT, gorgeous racing Uke stupid, NEXTER, PRO2. stn, TEAM-48 is also good to keep. The expedition group is the top of the Shikoku BIG +3 Racing team has presented a sharp run Kawano players.

F-1 class member, the players fought back Aono RC played a long time. A driving stability of yesteryear alive and well, one person Nemasu name comeback player of the tournament also featured. Meanwhile, F-have a good time out in one class, the two players in the Kyushu region should be called F-1 Meister, players and player Morishita Sakai. By the way, F-2 victory that include a history class, the only one player Satoshi Hiroshi stability, this player seems to contain Morishita 並Bubeku fired in the record. Sakai players – known by expert drivers, also a good time while hitting F-beating has put his skills close to 540 times a Grand Prix class. In any case, F-1 class to establish the advantage went to without in-source limited power, the emphasis is on efficiency and speed of the corners of the machine is also required for driving fine together. I like many users are drawn to the charm and depth to challenge even back again.

r0805 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0806 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0807 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0808 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Day of the race

Day of the race the weather is sunny and hot day continues. Conference Chair, and each staff member to engage in the morning while wiping the sweat. You must stand on the race track hot rolls out of the pit at an air-conditioned participants. It is going to be a war of attrition both physical game. The Chief of Race Doraibazumitingu from the competition, and to be alert so as not to be aware of heat stroke, the opening race will last.

r0809 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0810 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0811 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0812 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

First round of qualifying

Class F-1 first round of qualifying, two players ranked below Ki Shi side pods containing the line color to light blue eyes and silver heat 1, 19L4’09 .830, 730 starting from 12 seconds to say good-time best Masu. This time the second fastest time in the final round last year. Suddenly out and say things in this heat this time, it is telling that many a good time after this tournament. The heat continues, the concentration and the inherent driving technique Sakai exceptional players were painted in colors of blue green and yellow lines on white tones, battle and tournament players Morishita, 19L4’02 .940, 12 best 540 second fastest time in the interim. Morishita player in 1.64 seconds behind 19L4’04 .580, second place 12 seconds, 590 in Germany. The heat continues, the white coloring Takata Futaba logo into the seal (Yuki Masa) and is running with no player Beteranrashii Nage, fastest time of 3 19L4’06 .020, the best 12-second mark 670. Players and is made of heavy dead heat at this time Maruboromakurarenkara Hiramatsu, 0.73 was also given a warm applause from the players hall Hiramatsu seconds behind fourth in contented.

Class F-1 Grand Prix first round of qualifying, the same grouping from the qualifying heats earlier ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players, Team Bomber Katoh, sparks crackled from the first state of a qualifying heat. In traveling around the tires to warm up for the opening three laps with Team Bomber players start to pull away Kato ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players, rising to the top. Then the players up the pace Kambayashi, before catching up early on not enough difference in their positions intact. Team Bomber in the provisional top goal Kato 20L4’02 .580, second best 11 players ALEX RACING Winners are ranked 900,2 Kambayashi, 20L4’04 .840, very narrowly Put back the best 11 seconds 940. Kambayashi player Alex was painted in red is the color white. You can overcome early understeer, TIME also great expectations. This tournament is a front knuckle NEW items too late, even halfway hammered a little less for the machine, you run a great champion. The third local player F-1 HOME CIRCUIT Super Yoshi Muta expert drivers, 20L4’06 .290, the best 11-second time would still grow by 990. This marked the 20th round of the BIG +3 Racing player Kawano, 20L4’11 .400 and up. Kawano players tend to slow down so it is somewhat late, appears to greatly lengthen the time the next round of review of such gear ratios it.

r0813 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0814 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0815 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0816 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Qualifying second round

Qualifying second round, the first player of color Honkawa Marlboro McLaren, 1 lap from the heat before the UP record, 18L4’03 .450, 13 seconds 010 mark a good time in Germany. Hongawa machine players is so low bodyline Taku Taira turbo era, but they look very nice, shine on the circuit. The heat will continue to come into the lap 19 laps players were painted in Red Yellow Black Kawashima, 19L4’06 .300, also pushed up until the middle of the best 12 seconds, 12 seconds 580. Been gradually rising road has been very stable condition. I have a feeling the players are more likely to set a personal best in this second round. And in the final heat, Sakai, record-breaking athletes were amazing blue green yellow lines painted in white. Only 20 weeks into what the class, 20L4’09 .960, 360 provisional pole time to mark the best 12 seconds. Sakai machine players TRG109. In turn the field is impressive showing that a sharp rise 小気味Yoku well. On the other hand, is a close race for second place two players Rothmans Williams color Morishita 19L4’02 .090, Takata White (Yuki Akira) 19L4’02 .650 player, and only 0.56 seconds behind. The driving force of young players Morishita, Takata became closely by Yoshi Tadasu players exchange.

Class F-1 Grand Prix qualifying second round, was forced to retire three laps in the first round of the Hotta 1 PRO2.stn where players jump up at once 20L4’11 .790, the best 12 seconds in 150, and seventh overall. Kawamoto Team Bomber players are expected to be a sense of time up to the machine’s behavior more grip than the previous round, has a personal best for the update, stop lap 19 19L4’00 .800, the best 12 seconds in 440, eighth overall. In the subsequent final heat, Team Bomber and other showcase sail fast cars Se Kenu Katoh, 20L4’02 .200, 11 seconds to protect the top 860 best provisional. Team Bomber F104 conversion in the second half of the season to come, exert great cornering. Since the setup is quite advanced, this momentum will not likely be stopped easily. In particular, flat road circuit I would not invincible fighting force. The two fastest players ALEX RACING Winners of Kambayashi, 20L4’04 .080, 910 best 11 seconds. The three fastest athletes BIG +3 Racing Kawano, 20L4’05 .090, 990 best 11 seconds. Now that No1 best lap out, the local players in F-1 HOME CIRCUIT Yoshi Muta, and 850 11s. Because it is now fourth overall, takes a leap of future expectations.

r0817 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0818 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0819 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0820 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Third round of qualifying

Third round of qualifying F-1 class, it will be the final qualifying round but this last round was crying laughing, I will see each player is high-spirited driving. First F-1 class, the players showed consistent laps throughout Toyota Color Koriyama, which acts as a personal best Hitotoppugoru of 18L4’06 .350. The heat continues, the color is bright pink and white wings, and a personal best players in Hirota Hitotoppugoru 19L4’05 .980. From the peak temperatures are slightly down, or even better condition that the driver, there is nothing to update Hitotaimu players each. Noted that the final heat, the players Sakai Blue Green Yellow lines painted in white, have been deployed to fight top-heavy players Rothmans Williams Morita color. The race was a battle until the middle of the same in quality, lost time in processing the sake of the players lapped Sakai on lap 10, keeping the lead player Morishita, without top goal. Morishita time players 20L4’12 .410, the best 12 seconds in 370, the first time out players in the second round 及Bazu Sakai 450 seconds, second fastest time overall. Sakai has won pole position players. In the middle, the players jump up to fifth place overall in the side pod color light blue silver line. The best time round the way this week, Sakai players, same time 12 seconds with 370 players Morishita. The final round will be more heated battle unfolds it.

F-Class Grand Prix qualifying third round 1, Team Bomber players playing time updates every round Kawamoto, entered the last 20 laps! 20L4’09 .610, the best 12 seconds in 320, the seventh time overall. Super-specialists in this technique Hachiichibagi F-1 also comes with 冴Ewatatsu. Bomber Team machine is better, but there is great teamwork. Feel the momentum is likely to be taken like this Constructors. The McLaren-color player PRO2.stn Kobayashi, green color Prochemi large extend this time round Hibino, A Ri Mimasu Maine. One top battle, Team Bomber Katoh, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi player expands an intense battle. Katoh, but fast sailing in 11 seconds to put on the early momentum, the players would hang Kambayashi raised about the pace until lap three. The difference is the sound end, played Kato’s pole position time top goal 20L4’01 .040, how the momentum has been growing more and more the best 11-second mark 880. The goal of this second round of players NEXTER Matsunaga, where F-1 HOME CIRCUIT Doraibarashiku expert who knows the organization chart of the left section cornering well, 20L4’06 .090, fifth overall in the 980 emerged as the best 11 seconds. Knocked out a best lap of this round, Team Tech F-1 Anthill player, 11-second mark to 870. Tech F125 an even ripening proceeds, has seen a great cornering performance. Let’s look at the top attention to how the fight in the final or subsequent I Meru.

r0821 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0822 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0823 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0824 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Qualifying order

Class F-1

First place Sakai Wakoku 2R20L4’09 .960

2nd Morishita Riyuuhei 3R20L4’12 .410

3rd Takada Masayuki 2R19L4’02 .650

4th Satou Masaharu 2R19L4’03 .900

5th Waki Hiroshi sheath 3R19L4’04 .500

6th Hirota Township History 3R19L4’05 .980

7th Kawashima Kengo 2R19L4’06 .300

8th Hiramatsu Yuu 1R19L4’06 .750

9th Nakagawa Tadahiro 3R19L4’07 .430

10th Iwata Tomoyuki 3R19L4’09 .900

11th Motokawa Susumu 3R19L4’11 .830

12th Takada Makoto 3R19L4’12 .000

13th Haruhi sky 3R19L4’12 .010

14th Birds waiting Yutaka Katsu 2R19L4’12 .120

15th Aramaki Atsushi 2R18L4’04 .990

16th Shirakawa Tsutomu 2R18L4’06 .200

17th Hazime Hiroshi Kooriyama 3R18L4’06 .350

18th Aono Kiyouzi 1R18L4’06 .430

19th Hukukawa Itirou Akira 3R18L4’08 .740

20th Asahi Minato 1R18L4’12 .620

Class F-1 Grand Prix

First place Katou Takashi(BOM) 3R20L4’01 .040

2nd Kamibayashi Hiroshi(ALW) 2R20L4’04 .080

3rd Kawano Takayoshi(BI3) 2R20L4’05 .090

4th Yoshi Muta(FHC) 2R20L4’05 .160

5th Matsunaga Yukiharu(NEX) 3R20L4’06 .090

6th Shinya anthill(TTF) 2R20L4’06 .840

7th Kawamoto Atsushi(BOM) 3R20L4’09 .610

8th Takeshi Hiroshi Kobayashi(PR2) 3R20L4’10 .120

9th Hotta Mikio(PR2) 2R20L4’11.790

10th Hibino Tatsuya(PRC) 3R19L4’00 .220

11th Yamaguti Kentarou(NEX) 3R19L4’01 .790

12th Hazime Sunao bottom pot(T48) 3R19L4’02 .870

13th Matsubara Hiromitsu(BRG) 2R19L4’09 .800

14th Ooshima Kouzi(BRG) 3R18L4’06 .170

For final

The final round takes place at 8-minute lap race. Since qualifying race for four minutes and it will run twice the distance. Preparation for the long race distance, the development of every player machine, intent on coordination state. Higher temperatures, especially this tournament, but most players pay attention to the temperature rise of motors and amplifiers. The motor 540 is too much torque and you will run out of heat, can become a factor down the average time. It is an appropriate selection of gear ratios, a measure for cooling, it is essential to efficient setup. Even watching the qualifying, so many fans of the machine that is ringing on the starting grid in the final number would be even much higher. The night before a race war, so much difference Kunakatta temperatures, I feel that this tournament would be all over the difficulty of setting expectations. But by all means enjoy it, to elicit clues to solve all, I would like to see a good race. If the race is not a level playing field, but there is also a place of communication. Round 8 F1RCGP2010 there in the last round Fukuoka, expect a spectacular race in the final follow an even wonderful.

r0825 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0826 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0827 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0828 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Class F-1 B Main Race

Class F-1 B Main race. At the start, the top three players Hongawa Marlboro McLaren, Ferrari Takata (Makoto) players, the players go out Haruhi was beautiful and then painted in blue silver. Then wait for the bird Maruborokara players signed Haruhi players, emerged as third place. Followed immediately behind the trailing Toyota Color Kooriyama players, prejudice is not yet deployed. Marlboro McLaren Hongawa top players, a sense of stability they ran a solid Riagurippu. Ferrari while chasing it Takata (Makoto) brilliantly manipulating the players feeling car oversteer a bit and show off your aggressive driving. Then, during the half-spin in-field players straight in front Honkawa, Takata (Makoto) players pass. However, speed is better than returning straight to overtake Hongawa players immediately, closely followed by the battle goes together. Eventually, the battle-field rapid Ferrari Takata (Makoto) and form the leading players, attaches settled. The third place battle, with players waiting Maruborokara birds, blue silver colored Haruhi players, followed by Toyota continues Kooriyama players. Meanwhile, a top fight, Takata Ferrari Marlboro McLaren color Hongawa player three times (M.) to catch up with players in the field forcibly passing the crash, two cars! However, a fair player Honkawa the Takata (Makoto), which will return in the form of leading players. Top Ferrari Takata (Makoto) players, two players ranked Honkawa, followed closely by the top players wait three birds, entered the second half nailed two Marlboro McLaren pursue expansion. Players have emerged in second place in the bird waits in the field, chase the leaders. Then, the bird waits players Ferrari Takata (Makoto), lined up the players when lightly touched each other and avoid lost time that greatly Hongawa players, players not to Honkawa fourth once. Haruhi third fastest rising players. This top four every line 0.3 seconds behind, and very close to playing the second half. Top Ferrari battle Takata (Makoto) players, players Marlboro McLaren birds waiting, three players battle for third place Hongawa Marlboro McLaren, a fierce battle continued until the last player Haruhi Blue Silver, the top-scoring end, Ferrari Takata (M.) was the players. Very clean and spectacular F-1 B class race became the main.

r0829 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0830 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0831 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0832 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

F-1 B Main final Grand Prix class

F-1 B Main final Grand Prix class. Stunning opening Start here. Grid No. 1 NEXTER players took a shot by Paul Yamaguchi count below 48 2 TEAM-pan players, followed by deployment stress Matsubara gorgeous gorgeous athletes racing idiot Uke third place. Then NEXTER top players struggle Yamaguti, TEAM-posture to disrupt the interplay of pot under 48 players, top players jump up Uke Matsubara gorgeous racing stupid! The machine was painted in the color green-yellow car like the Lotus in 2010. TEAM-pot two fastest players under 48 followed by 0.2 seconds behind. The three fastest athletes NEXTER Yamaguchi. In second place was a close fight, in front of the infield straight, TEAM-pot player players under 48 NEXTER contact Yamaguchi. No such thing has got the players Yamaguchi, TEAM-Under 48 players will pot overturned. Decision of the chairman no penalty trial in this matter, especially in the caution, the race will continue as is. Top players laps on track racing Uke Matsubara gorgeous idiot, second place was painted in white and 0.8 seconds behind the blue color NEXTER Yamaguchi chase players. The top two then battle the difference between jam Found, developed into a top fight side by side. And a contact between the two corner! This is a fair return to each other Ri Tsu again emerged top players NEXTER Yamaguchi. Uke players racing Matsubara gorgeous, but second place goes dumb bit is released, the reverse seems to be faster NEXTER breakneck pace of the players Yamaguchi. 270 UP 12 seconds to be the best, and are repeated sail fast. The two players battle for third place Rotasukara Matsubara, TEAM-been fierce between the pot bottom 48 players in the infield back into TEAM-PLAYERS-in well under 48 pan players Matsubara, emerged in second place . Top players NEXTER Yamaguchi, fastest player to say Yamaguti 2 TEAM-48 form. First place, the difference between second place at this time about seven seconds behind. Unchanged until the second half of the race this position, NEXTER Yamaguchi players lapped to fool the players had to Uke Matsubara gorgeous racing until the middle of the top battle decided by goal difference Butchigiri top.

r0833 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0834 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0835 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0836 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Final standings

Class F-1 B Main

First place Takada Makoto 37L8’06 .950

2nd Birds waiting Yutaka Katsu 37L8’07 .900

3rd Motokawa Susumu 37L8’10 .640

4th Haruhi sky 37L8’11 .180

5th Hazime Hiroshi Kooriyama 36L8’10 .090

6th Aramaki Atsushi 35L8’03 .450

7th Aono Kiyouzi 35L8’04 .120

8th Shirakawa Tsutomu 35L8’05 .350

9th Asahi Minato 35L8’05 .960

10th Hukukawa Itirou Akira 33L8’00 .090

Grand Prix F-1 B Main Class

First place Yamaguti Kentarou (NEX) 39L8’04 .740

2nd Hazime Sunao bottom pot (T48) 38L8’00 .840

3rd Matsubara Hiromitsu (BRG) 38L8’07 .080

4th Ooshima Kouzi (BRG) 37L8’08 .810

Class F-1 A Main

Class F-1 A main final. Sakai, great players go out starting in the blue green yellow lines painted in the white pole, pole robs shots. The two fastest players Rosumanzuuiriamuzu Morishita. The third place after some great contacts in the melee, the players emerged one point side wing sheath conspicuous blue-green color of silver light. The top two subsequent pull away slowly, and match racing. Player versus the run Sakai dynamic characteristic is the battle of good players Morishita precise driving. Temporary difference will shrink to 0.5 seconds, by far the players are hanging on and then a little Sakai. In the fierce battle behind the fifth, the White Takata (Yuki Masa) and the players are done in the name of the pink color of the players Hirota. There, Sakai to sail fast approaching the top players, and take a lap time, Takata (Miyuki Akira) Hirota, players and athletes in contact between the two is staggering, in the form of multiple crash fatalities from the back of the players stick Sakai will also occur. Sakai retired players in this crash the machine trouble. It is nicely signed, Morishita Rosumanzuuiriamuzu player, emerged as the top all at once. Been raised to 270 by 12 seconds, best lap, another car is overwhelming momentum average pace. Marlboro McLaren was second fastest player Hiramatsu, is followed by the third player in the side pods narrowly silver light blue. Hiramatsu, two players can battle for third place seat in the second half, between players takes place in the side pods, reducing endless push aside vehement player sheath to protect the top two players cut Marlboro McLaren Hiramatsu. F-1 class winner with a difference of nearly 7 seconds in second place, no I never give up top spot in the midfield, the players decided Morishita Rothmans Williams. Morishita players this season, followed by Game 4 of Fukuoka, now give it two victories in Fukuoka.

r0837 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0838 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0839 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0840 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Grand Prix F-1 A main class

F-1 A main final Grand Prix class. ALEX RACING Winners decided to start the exquisite dash players start Kambayashi, Paul Team Bomber flying start to hold a top Katoh! The three fastest athletes BIG +3 Racing Kawano, shape each player continues to go pretty evenly spaced below. Then soon, Team Bomber roundabout continue straight corners in the infield without Katoh ALEX RACING Winners from Kambayashi players out, players Hashi Kamibayashi its rebound a little lost time, it will rank lower. Jump up to second place in the BIG +3 Racing player Kawano here. Team Bomber stretch leading to the back of Kato approaches. Kawano machine players armed with machine-Tech Conversions F125 BIG +3. Showed excellent cornering performance in this tournament is a very exciting development and I Dakufosu. The third place in the big melee, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players has emerged. Grand Prix class is a fast speed, flying techniques, so everyone can I great, I can not easily emerge and it is difficult to follow once they are swallowed up, 2009 world champion Kambayashi player is different. To recover quickly from third place, the fastest 2 BIG +3 Racing has become a player chases Yoshi Tadasu Kawano. Then in the corner after two players ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi BIG +3 Racing Plug the player in Kawano, emerged in second place. From the top, Kato, Kambayashi players, players Kawano followed nearly 0.5 seconds behind the dead heat of intense intervals. Eventually, the two top war, Kato, the difference between the players and is packed Kambayashi further to 0.3 seconds behind. ALEX RACING Winners finally ended straight Kambayashi Team Bomber players thought it captured the moment the players within range Kato, the two contacts in the fast corners! Team Bomber Kato has been restored successfully, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi player goes into the parked backwards and came running in and there Prochemi Hibino, developed into a major crash. Hibino Prochemi green color on the other hand to be blown off course play, ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players are concave front cowl large aero does not work gets stuck state. Top Team Bomber Kato, second place is BIG +3 Racing player Kawano, fastest player 3 ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi, fastest player Matsunaga 4 NEXTER approaches. This four equally spaced about a second off. And the second half, Team Bomber Kato brought to a state monopoly, you will become a fierce battle for third place two slightly spaced. BIG +3 Racing Kawano ALEX RACING Winners player without losing a tremendous pressure, and defend the second place. ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi third place players sounded the front cowl damage. Trading Places in fourth place in the last local F-1 HOME CIRCUIT Yoshi Muta player enters. Then, F-1 Grand Prix class Masaru Masaru prestigious, led the top running from the mid high-spirited Team Bomber decided to Kato. Katoh his third win of the season. In the ALEX RACING Winners Doraibasupointorankingu Kambayashi signed a player achieved the feat to emerge on top. ALEX RACING Winners future is where you want to catch the attention as well. By the way, best lap time in the final furious comeback in the second after a crash at 11 ALEX RACING Winners were 930 players Kambayashi.

r0841 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0842 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0843 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0844 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Final standings

Class F-1 A Main

First place Morishita Riyuuhei 39L8’10 .030

2nd Hiramatsu Yuu 38L8’04 .000

3rd Waki Hiroshi sheath 38L8’04 .370

4th Satou Masaharu 38L8’09 .000

5th Hirota Township History 38L8’12 .990

6th Takada Masayuki 37L8’00 .320

7th Nakagawa Tadahiro 37L8’09 .680

8th Kawashima Kengo 37L8’12 .180

9th Iwata Tomoyuki 35L8’11 .170

10th Sakai Wakoku 15L2’59 .410

Grand Prix F-1 A main class

First place Katou Takashi(BOM) 40L8’03 .930

2nd Kawano Takayoshi(BI3) 40L8’06 .240

3rd Kamibayashi Hiroshi(ALW) 40L8’06 .960

4th Yoshi Muta(FHC) 40L8’11 .540

5th Matsunaga Yukiharu(NEX) 39L8’00 .700

6th Shinya anthill(TTF) 39L8’08 .440

7th Kawamoto Atsushi(BOM) 39L8’12 .510

8th Hotta Mikio(PR2) 38L8’01 .080

9th Takeshi Hiroshi Kobayashi(PR2) 38L8’01 .430

10th Hibino Tatsuya(PRC) 38L8’17 .960

Awards podium champagne

F1RCGP the conclusion of the race will be an annual champagne. The high temperatures will be more good things through the cork. The top three players were supposed to bring the champagne for each class, at once fight! Team Bomber was feeling a little flying Kato, smiling like to wipe out all the weariness of the day, the event raised a lot now. The top three from each player Mori course owner and chairman of the competition, was awarded the trophy was presented with the blessing of applause from everyone gathered around. This event is being waged an impressive battle top of each class, who was also very fun tournament to watch.

Besutorukkinguka Awards

Besutorukkinguka award, the original color of the players decided to Kawashima Kengo. Just say there still the best color, which was summarized in a cool design they stand out conspicuously. Look black, separated by a line Faiyapatan It thinks silver and yellow, red and blue system and part lame black paint was very tricky. Has been painted well into the gradient with dolls or driver can ask the things that takes time. Kawashima players who charmed the audience with wonderful colors, was also presented with generous applause from the audience.

r0845 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0846 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0847 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0848 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

All lottery awards

The awards ceremony will last the entire space behind the pilot units. Each player will give you a general recognition card. Then, the Lottery has lined elegant luxury Vodka from sponsors for each person to pass it by a lottery player. And comments from the closing ceremony Ki Mori course owner and chairman of the competition, safe and sound now closing. Tournament next year will be upgraded from the Fukuoka area, is scheduled to be held at the new site could not be held this year. Participation of everybody, F1RCGPA Everyone We look forward to.

r0849 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0850 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0851 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)r0852 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

Major equipment data F1RCGP Games

Games will be the main equipment F1RCGP data. Machine, radio, amplifier, battery, F-1 share and Guranpurikurasumota names Competitors County, age, and sex ratio. Those who join the next expedition and who is, please make yourself useful.

The next game is not F1RCGP2010 series, F1RCGP2010 Festa in Shikoku now. The purpose of all fun group to run F-RC 1, BIG +3 RC CIRCUIT 9 19 (Sun) takes place on a grand scale. Class F-Class 1, F-2 class is scheduled for a local class. I look forward to your participation everyone.

r08car Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)
Car Share

r08pro Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)

r08amp Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)
Share Amplifiers

r08mot Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)
Share Motors

r08bat Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)
Share Batteriese

r08pre Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)
Competitors County Name

r08age Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)
Age group

r08sex Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Race report (Round 8)
Sex ratio


Everyone that participated in this player, capped the run F-1 HOME Circuit help everyone and everyone of the staff of the chairman of each, capped Hotta like to shoot, like Asahi, product support and cooperation capped Sponsor manufacturers everybody, thank you very much. In the end I could O Sama F1RCGP2010 Round8 Fukuoka successfully. The remaining tournament, F1RCGP Festa2010 to become the first special exhibition Round9 Tokyo Games, now only Honkon tournament final. Now everyone can enjoy, we want to go try to get management to come as an interesting race to watch. You for your continued guidance and encouragement Ritaku, thank you.

Source: F1RCGP
Translated by Google Translator

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