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One of the most wanted RC cars – Traxxas Short-Course

Car&Driver One of the most wanted RC cars   Traxxas Short Course

The realistic looking Traxxas Short-Course Trucks have became very popular in recent years that they have been discussed by many medias worldwide. One of the most popular car magazines from China called ‘Car And Driver’ has recently published a discussion on such fantastic cars.

The reasons why such RC cars are chosen by many RC enthusiasts are because they are pre-built which save people time from building these cars as well as bringing convenience to beginners. In addition, their simple structures are designed for easy maintainances and customisations. Finally, Traxxas Short-Course Trucks are water-proof which can be driven under extreme conditions.

Many new cars have recently been launched by Traxxas which come with many new and enhanced features so buy one and experience for yourself now!

Source: Car And Driver, p. 284-285 

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