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Yeah Racing Restocked List (October 2010)

yr restock list Yeah Racing Restocked List (October 2010)

Please kindly check the below list for Yeah Racing Restocked List (October 2010):

Item No.: Product Description:
DF-005V2BU Alloy Bearing C-Hub (BU) For DF-02/(51076)
E10-001PP Aluminum Front Lower Arm (PP) for HPI E10
E10-007D3PP Aluminum Rear Knuckle Arm (Left & Right) 3 Degree (PP) for HPI E10
E10-015PP Aluminum Dog Bone (PP) for HPI E10
E10-022PP Aluminum F/R Propeller Joint (PP) for HPI E10
F103RM-013BK Aluminum Motor Mount Single Piece (BK)
FF03-009G Graphite 3mm Rear Damper Mount Set (BU) for Tamiya FF03
FF03-013-01G Graphite 3mm Front Side Plate Set for Tamiya FF03
FF03-021G Graphite 3mm Battery Mount for Tamiya FF03
FF03-024G Graphite 2mm Front/Rear Body Mount plate for Tamiya FF03
LN-M4F-BU 4mm Aluminium Flanged Lock Nut (BU)
LN-M4F-LB 4mm Aluminium Flanged Lock Nut (LB)
MB4-016 Steel Arm Hing Pin Set For MB4
SD-087BU Aluminum F/R Lower Arm (BU) For 4TCSD
TA01-020BU Aluminum Damper Set (4 pcs) (BU) for Tamiya TA01/TA02
TA05-015V2 Steel F/R Universal Shaft(BK/SV) for TA05
TL-015BK Universal Steel Swing Shaft for Tamiya TL-01 / FF02 / TA02
YA-0168BU 540 Motor Heat Sink (BU)
YA-0168TC 540 Motor Heat Sink (TC)
YA-0192 1:10 Tire Bag Set (BU & BK) For Tire width up to 28 mm
YT-0055BU 2 in 1 Ride Height & Droop Gauge (BU) for all 1/10 touring cars
YT-0061BK Delrin Ball End Remover

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