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Tech Article – Standard size servos splines guide

AnswerRCServoHorn Tech Article – Standard size servos splines guide

When picking up a servo horn, it may be difficult to buy the right one for your servo because manufacturers don’t use the same number of splines for their servo output shafts. Here is a quick reference guide to help you to select the right horn for yours servos.

Pay close attention to your servo, some servos are rebadged servos from other brands. This is the case of the Hobbico CS-170 that uses 24 splines (Hitec) instead of 25 splines traditionally found on Hobbico servos.

  • Ace/Thunder: 25T
  • Airtronics: 23T
  • Blue Bird: 25T
  • Cirrus: 25T
  • Duratrax: 25T
  • Futaba: 25T
  • Hitec: 24T
  • Hobbico: 25T (Some servos like the CS-170 uses 24 splines)
  • HPI: 25T
  • Jr: 23T
  • KO: 23T
  • MRC: 23T
  • Multiplex: 23T
  • Power HD: 25T
  • Sanwa: 23T
  • Savox: 25T
  • Tamiya: 25T
  • Team Associated: 25T
  • Tower: 25T
  • Traxxas: 25T

Source: MyRCBox

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