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New & Restocked TRG Parts Available @ rcMart

trg new restocked parts New & Restocked TRG Parts Available @ rcMart

Many new and restocked TRG parts have just arrived @ rcMart! Please kindly check the below list for more information!

 New Items:


No. Desc.
TRG5099 TRG (#TRG5099) High Traction T-Bar Set for F104
TRG5101 TRG (#TRG5101) Hybrid Motor Mount for F104
Z2203 ZEN (#Z2203) Maintenance Parts Set for F103/F104

Restock Items:

No. Desp.
TRG2101 TRG (#TRG2101) Racing Slick Front Tire Set (Hard)
TRG2105 TRG (#TRG2105) Racing Slick Tyre Wheel for Tamiya F103 (F)
TRG2201 TRG (#TRG2201) Racing Slick Rear Tire Set
TRG2203 TRG (#TRG2203) Racing Slick Tyre Wheel for F103 (R)
TRG2300 TRG (#TRG2300) Front Rubber Tyer Set (Superion)
TRG2400 TRG (#TRG2400) Rear Rubber Tyer Set (Superion)
TRG3100 TRG (#TRG3100) 1:10 Body Royce for Tamiya F103
TRG5015 TRG (#TRG5015) 1/10 Driver Helmet For F103/F201 Chassis
TRG5017 TRG (#TRG5017) Rear Wing For Tamiya F103 (Black)
TRG5020 TRG (#TRG5020) Rear Wing Stay Set For Tamiya F103
TRG5050 TRG (#TRG5050) Axle O Ring For Tamiya F103
TRG5060 TRG (#TRG5060) Front Wing Black Advance
TRG5061 TRG (#TRG5061) Front Wing White Advance
TRG5063 TRG (#TRG5063) Rear Wing White Advance

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