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New & Restocked 3Racing Products Available @ rcMart

3racing new hopups New & Restocked 3Racing Products Available @ rcMart

New Items:

No. Desc.
F104-07/13/FG 3Racing (#F104-07/13/FG) T-Bar 1.3mm For Tamiya F104
F104-07/15/FG 3Racing (#F104-07/15/FG) T-Bar 1.5mm For Tamiya F104
F104-07/18/FG 3Racing (#F104-07/18/FG) T-Bar 1.8mm For Tamiya F104
F104-08/13/FG 3Racing (#F104-08/13/FG) One Piece T-Bar 1.3mm For Tamiya F104
F104-08/15/FG 3Racing (#F104-08/15/FG) One Piece T-Bar 1.5mm For Tamiya F104
F104-08/18/FG 3Racing (#F104-08/18/FG) One Piece T-Bar 1.8mm For Tamiya F104
416-19/LB 3Racing (#416-19/LB) Alumnium Rear Hub Carrier – 0 Degree For 416
FF03-15/WO 3Racing (#FF03-15/WO) Rear Shock Tower Mount For Tamiya FF03
SAK-08/PK 3Racing (#SAK-08/PK) Front Solid Axle For Sakura Zero
SAK-10 3Racing (#SAK-10) Steering System For 3racing Sakura Zero
SAK-25H 3Racing (#SAK-25H) Front Suspension Arm (Hard) For Sakura Zero
SAK-26H 3Racing (#SAK-26H) Rear Suspension Arm (Hard) For Sakura Zero
SAK-49 3Racing (#SAK-49) Damper Spring Set
SAK-58/PK 3Racing (#SAK-58/PK) Belt Tension Post For Sakura Zero
SAK-59/A 3Racing (#SAK-59/A) One Way Pulley – 38T For 3racing Sakura Zero
SAK-60/PK 3Racing (#SAK-60/PK) Narrow Suspension Mount RF-0 For Sakura Zero
SAK-61/PK 3Racing (#SAK-61/PK) Narrow Suspension Mount RF-0.5 For Sakura Zero
SAK-62/PK 3Racing (#SAK-62/PK) Narrow Suspension Mount RR+20 (RR2 Degree) For Sakura Zero
SAK-63/PK 3Racing (#SAK-63/PK) Narrow Suspension Mount RR+30 (RR3 Degree) For Sakura Zero
SAK-64/PK 3Racing (#SAK-64/PK) Narrow Suspension Mount RR+40 (RR4 Degree) For Sakura Zero
SAK-65 3Racing (#SAK-65) Gear Differential 37 & 38T for Sakura Zero
SAK-65A 3Racing (#SAK-65A) Gear Differential Outer Joint For #SAK-65
SAK-65B 3Racing (#SAK-65B) Gear Differential Spacer Set For #SAK-65
SAK-65C 3Racing (#SAK-65C) 3.5MM Universal Shaft Cushion For #SAK-65
SAK-65D 3Racing (#SAK-65D) Gear Differential Pin Set For #SAK-65
SAK-U05 3Racing (#SAK-U05) Aluminium Gear Adaptor For Sakura Zero

Restock Items:

No. Desp.
AX10-05/GR 3Racing (#AX10-05/GR) C Hub Carrier For Axial AX10 Scorpion Rock Crawler
F104-06/LB 3Racing (#F104-06/LB) Out Tuned Ball Differential For F104
F109-04/LB 3Racing (#F109-04/LB) Aluminum Main Damper For F109
FF03-04 3Racing (#FF03-04) Ldler Gear 27T For FF03
KZ-01/WO 3Racing (#KZ-01/BU/WO) Alum Motor Mount W/WO Graphite Plate
KZ-08/0/TI 3Racing (#KZ-08/0/TI) Alum Steering Block (0 Deg) For Mini-Z MR-02 /015
MZII-014 3Racing (#MZII-014) Battery Heat Sink For MR02
3RAC-AD12/V2/RE 3Racing (#3RAC-AD12/V2/RE) Realistic Brake Disk Set – Red
DF03-07/LB 3Racing (#DF03-07/LB) Rear Aluminum Hub Carrier for DF-03
FF03-03 3Racing (#FF03-03) Counter Gear 20T for FF03

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