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Yeah Racing TRANSFORMULA is coming in October

tran pic 02 Yeah Racing TRANSFORMULA is coming in October


With the fantastic performance of the final testing, here comes the final draw of the TRANSFORMULA.

Currently most of the F-1 RC models in the market are obtaining the T-bar system and it is general believe that T-bar is the most suitable system for F-1 model with its simple operation.  However Mr. Hideo Kitazawa, the organizer of Japan F1RCGP and an active F1 racer believes the linkage system if more effective in high speed impacts and control better in bumpy conditions.  Racers should adopt a different system base on the track condition and this is why TRANSFORMULA is born – with a single kit you can convert to either T-bar/linkage system which best fit with the track.

The TRANSFORMULA features all-new-designed chassis, battery plate, servo mount and motor mount so users can convert the car to either T-bar/linkage system.  The car was built on a 2.5mm woven carbon fiber that utilizes a pivot-ball linkage rear suspension that allows for independent adjustment for chassis roll, bump and alignment.  This has proven to be more durable and performs better in bumpy track condition.  Or users can obtain the traditional T-bar system with the included components to enjoy the easy operation and handling.  All aluminum parts are made of imported 6061/7075 and CNC machined for maximum durable and light-weighted.

The kit fits with F103 front arms and F103/F104 differential so racers can easily convert their existing car to this champion-designed model.  Also the popular of 1:12 RC models nowadays makes it no hassle to gets the necessary parts of the linkage system.  The following are the pictures of the prototype and don’t forget to check www.yeahracing.com for the actual arriving date.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any enquiry and pre-order is welcome if you want to be the first one for this brand new F-1 experience.


  1. Designed by Hideo Kitazawa (originator of Japan F1RCGP and active RC racer)
  2. Racing-oriented as design idea
  3. 2.5mm graphite chassis
  4. 2.0mm graphite upper deck
  5. 7075 aluminum motor mount / T-bar mount
  6. Convertible of T-bar and linkage system
  7. Various settings for track condition
  8. Low center of gravity
  9. Narrow chassis
  10. Li-Po ready
  11. Durable and long lasting

tran pic 10 Yeah Racing TRANSFORMULA is coming in October

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