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Yeah Racing (#YA-0255SV) Body Accessories – ALL-IN-ONE-PACK (8 types) Tools set

yrac ya 0255sv rss Yeah Racing (#YA 0255SV) Body Accessories   ALL IN ONE PACK (8 types) Tools set

Wanna make you car look cool? We are now offering eight fantastic Yeah Racing Body Accessories in one pack. Those nice silver body accessories will surely suit your need!

The below is the list in this pack. You can click the name to know more about each accessory!
(#YA-0243SV) Body Accessories – Tools
(#YA-0244SV) Body Accessories – Fuel Tank
(#YA-0245SV) Body Accessories – Rear Mirror
(#YA-0246SV) Body Accessories – Narrow Roof Light Bar
(#YA-0247SV) Body Accessories – Roof Bar
(#YA-0248SV) Body Accessories – Truck Light Set
(#YA-0249SV) Body Accessories – Roof Mounted Light Bar
(#YA-0250SV) Body Accessories – Plastic Silver Fan

You can also click the below link to buy this nice accessories pack!

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