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Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP – Round 5 Race Report

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F1RCGP Race report

Game 5 F1RCGP2010 in Chiba

r0500 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Weather: Sunny, temperature: 30 ℃ , Humidity: 20%, track temperature:40 ℃

Game 3 F1RCGP2010 moved from Kyushu to the Kanto region where, Sodegaura, Chiba City, Chiba Domeki (Meki how) to shop, set up a circuit was held in RC STADIUM SODEGAURA. RC STADIUM SODEGAURA circuit, F1RCGP2009 also the location of the second round series was held in the year, have more money but it is well known F-1 aficionados. Page 3 circuit in extensive grounds (off-road Dorifutoonrodo Gurippuonrodo) has, in recent years also created a new Minittsusakitto. Prefecture where substantial numbers in the national circuit as well as so far is quite small. More RC fans of various genres that RC will reflect the intent of Mr. Sakuma said course owner will want to do.

Gurippuonrodosakitto F1RCGP this stage and the same layout as last lap 120m, 33m with the back straight, asphalt road surface is bumpy in some grains. The circuit size of 1 / 1 10 F-scale is the best size is from medium-speed High-speed circuit. This product is environmentally significant buildings around the outdoor track, on the track it is also known that the wind is always blowing. While the changes and pay attention to road conditions, making it one of the best big round of this fight against nature.

r0501 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0502 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0503 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0504 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Number of participants, F-class: Name 14, F-Class 1 World Grand Prix: 9 Team 15, and 29 total. While some small number, it is expected that the thermal expansion of each player into a good battle. The well-born enough time, so the race can peacefully among many drivers, you will deepen exchanges.

Tournament to represent the local Chiba RUSH, cluster sleeve, PRO-SHOP FUTABA his first team this season. And the team is based in Chiba Prefecture, last season’s world champion team Futaba F-1 Racing, TEAM SONIC, Team form the addition of the top circuit. From other prefectures, the 2009 F-year player is a member of world champion driver Kamibayashi 1, ALEX RACING Winners mountains on our coach added that the bank, get dressed delving into the land away. ALEX RACING Winners won this land, multiplied by a shot at the series champion, is likely to be a very exciting game one of the bounce or the local or stress. Sutachimu sleeve the way, the second driver to reinforce players Motooka, TRG car to change. The local TRG109 is very popular, also decided that the setting is different. In addition, TRG circuit so well attended that Takeshita’s team drivers, and like the direction that they will get many settings.

r0505 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0506 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0507 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0508 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Practice Day

Practice the day before Sun is stable and sunny weather, weather became a radio control. Have a good time out there as early as Kamibayashi ALEX RACING Winners of players, RUSH Ishikawa, the pattern of Sato veterans. The young Team laps are similar players in the lap of the cluster Matsumoto sleeve. Their team has a unique twist to peer into the front, and like other companies are making more front grip. RC STADIUM SODEGAURA Riagurippu circuit is relatively strong, as is the tendency to understeer so, it seems that the aerodynamic changes aimed at increasing the size of the front flap. To speed up the Grand Prix class has thus gradually to see a variety of approaches to each player. Then, F-540 Class 1 + LiPo also slightly higher than last year at the speed of can be seen there. But still so calm from Oita Grand Prix class, and it can taste like a long time like the vehicle-to-head battle machines that scale. That looks good, especially the coloring machine players Williams Omura. Behavior of the machine has been carefully finished as the local master really radiate calm, and easily cleared the bumpy road. It is followed, and also the local elite players, led by players of color Tsuruma McLaren Silver Arrow. Thickness of the circuit’s player of the local stress where there is a terrible thing.

F-1 class time is 14 seconds in one fast man, F-1 Grand Prix is around 13 seconds 7. If the track tomorrow it will further increase the grip. Appropriate to expect a good race of the season fifth round back in 2010, the players all day to prepare for the official.

r0509 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0510 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0511 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0512 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Day tournament

Also fresh on the day the weather was more players coming early. In addition, the course side also came to visit family, and curious children are staring to run a small F-1. In 10 years I might be leading Japanese driver. If, of course, in practice the last set of see players who finished the morning receptionist. As expected also at a peak grip, and also speed up the corners of each vehicle. I came here, Futaba F-1 Racing has been the pattern TIME Morita players. Tech F125 Morita driving a player, remove the weight of the equipment for securing the rear grip, it is up to the head of the corners at times. Grand Prix classes F-1 F-1 classes, in this race there are many players use TRG109. The goal of everyone listed, RUSH, is the strongest team in the local movement of the car cluster sleeves. The next race after this production will be expanded what it will.

Photo taken at the opening ceremony, finished the race without a hitch explanations, the race finally started. Sunlight gradually becomes stronger, and also rose during this season of unusual heat in the chill factor, Burimasu feelings of each player.

r0513 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0514 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0515 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0516 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Qualifying first round

1 Class F-first round qualifying, first was painted in bright fluorescent pink top F-determine the goals driving pleasure eyes of the mind-body heat Nakayama 1 1 player. 16L4’11 .780 in time, the best 15 seconds 295. I was soon to reach 14-second range, was somewhat cautious touch drive for the first run. Mr. Nakayama is a regular player in this circuit, you can sense knows the circuit racing line. The time came to break the color Omura player Williams, JMRCA 1 in / Stable players named in the top eight times in the car engine. The travel section carefully Omura better player, and top running lean interim 16L4’03 .238, best lap and 14 seconds mark the 944 units are currently only 14 seconds. Futaba is a player in Takayasu orange body color, full running time of the second interim rather young, 16L4’04 .673 mark. The 16-lap mark four players in this round. Maeda players 16L4’13 .987 and color to Red Bull.

Class F-1 Grand Prix qualifying first round. Development was also similar to F-1 class. RUSH raced in the heat of the previous show has run well Ishikawa, tier 2 ZEN players ahead of Endo, the first and fastest preliminary 18L4’12 .689, 13-second mark 625 now. However, many players took time to update the heat continues. In the final heat, ALEX RACING Winners Kamibayashi players, and played a close game players are swapped every lap top sleeve cluster Matsumoto, reversing a close top goal on the last lap Kamibayashi ALEX RACING Winners player 18L4 ‘ 10.998, 13 seconds at best 711, seized provisional pole in the top time in this round. Player No. 2 Ferrari Matsumoto cluster color sleeve TRG109, also in the third tier RUSH Ishikawa TRG109. Fusion FRF010 offensive against TRG109. The other teams in last year’s world champion team, Futaba F-1 Racing 2 players, player Morita, a close battle with second-time heat Kimura two players. Had run a lackluster Kimura player ever came to look up for this production, Morita Hitotoppugoru in front of the player. However, in fifth place overall. Level as early as this race has become a high mood and feel.

r0517 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0518 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0519 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0520 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Qualifying second round

Class F-1 Qualifying second round, steadily rising temperatures, while larger battery and motor loads, big time up the Red Bull athletes Maeda color. Showing a faultless race to finish the attack, 16L4’02 .659, the best 14 seconds in 829, jump up to provisional third fastest time. 328 also achieved the feat in 11 seconds and break a personal best. Updated player also has a personal best big player is clear: for a moo Thurs Minarudi hand. The previous round was the 14th anniversary retired after 11 minutes, this time paid off a very solid run, followed by heat and second place finish Omura players jumped up to ninth place in 15L4’01 .383. The retaining top players in this round of the Williams Omura. 16L4’02 .287, with about 782 personal best of 0.95 seconds, the best 14-second updates. Omura players run very smooth and nice, like someone had the attention of everyone.

Class F-1 World Grand Prix second round qualifying. This marks a time of tremendous athletes cluster Matsumoto sleeve. Sutachimu sleeve team color painted Ferrari, wonderful finish this car, and repeatedly driving without a front surface material gaps in the infield hairpin, 18L4’09 .702, 582 provisional pole in 13 seconds best compromise. Stunt show 10-second barrier easily break the class lap 18 Grand Prix, around surprised. RUSH No. 2 in Ishikawa, 18L4’10 .069, 635 best 13 seconds. While some grow better speed Ishikawa machine is likely bounce. After this round, I will come if you fix the setting. ALEX RACING Winners Kamibayashi of players, the players dressed Yokoi lack of time partner, or setting of 捗Ranai machine in a second round ends on time can not be updated. In the rear, ZEN 17 laps ticking away single player is stable and Hashimoto, Futaba F-1 Racing Morita players that followed, 6-7 overall tier competition. To update this later time is likely to go to set the car a little push in the direction of two Counter-under. The previous mark of 18 laps 4 player. Sato Player RUSH 18L4’12 .444, up 13 second best 794.

r0521 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0522 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0523 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0524 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Qualifying third round

F-qualifying and qualifying third round of a class. In this round, the player Maeda Red Bull, Ferrari forest player, only time will update to his best player Nakayama aligned fluorescent pink color. Only a truly regular circuit, as though the line is stable running on rails. Among the players Ferrari forest, from the start – it is slower than rival players lap on lap two, even if you ask well it is run, the race is likely much higher potential Meru only. Meanwhile, won a stunning pole position, showing a perfect run of all previous rounds, Williams Omura player. Most of the players missed a personal best in the third round, players are ticking time steadily Omura, 16L4’01 .607, second fastest overall 782 best 14. Orange color of the player with Takayasu’s second spot. Also miss the third round of his best, the fastest time of 711 best 14 seconds. In the final, I feel that the potential to do well aim for the top. Eventually entered the top 10 players every 16 laps, the time has issued border players Bajinreshingu Ishibashi, 16L4’16 .254 was.

F-1 Grand Prix class at the third qualifying round, even surface finish, a very fluid situation out of time. Jumped out of the first, RUSH Ishikawa. Matsumoto players record sleeve cluster loss in the last round before a slight mistake in the middle of more than 0.484 seconds, 18L4’09 .218, the best 13-second mark 536, rising to provisional pole. In the next heat Futaba F-1 Racing in the race again between, now showing good run coming into his first 18 laps Kimura players. Kimura players in the conversion machines have been in testing at year racing team now seems to gradually withdraw its performance. However, as in the past 6-7 overall in the second battle group is rather weak form. And more and the last to qualify, you will also have time to heat up at last. Matsumoto players sleeves cluster ran an incredible 556 times in 13 seconds from the first lap, almost 99% showed a complete attack on 13-second running into. As a result, 18L4’07 .748, the best competition out of the 509 best and 13 seconds, winning the pole position brilliantly. ALEX RACING Winners Kamibayashi players are not disturbed by the behavior of the machine round a little sluggish below. RUSH behalf Sato, ZEN players to realize one’s players and Endo, Hashimoto, his best mark aligned. Hashi Hashimoto ZEN players emerged in fifth overall, we can see within the top three. RC STADIUM SODEGAURA F104ZEN good here but the conversion circuit. Are seen to have excellent control like it tends to understeer slightly. Meanwhile, TRG109 the two different teams that won the first qualifying place. ALEX RACING Winners first series champion players a runaway success Kamibayashi is this wonderful thing in qualifying block.

r0525 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0526 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0527 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0528 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Qualifying order

No 1 Oomura Makoto 3R16L4’01 .607
No 2 Takayasu Satoshi 2R16L4’02 .406
No 3 Daisuke Maeda 3R16L4’02 .497
No 4 Shigeru Takayuki 3R16L4’05 .129
No 5 Nakayama Atsushi 3R16L4’05 .325
No 6 Sugawara Kazuaki 2R16L4’06 .770
No 7 Tsuruma thank Satoshi 2R16L4’11 .198
No 8 Miura Tatsuhiko 3R16L4’12 .610
No 9 Koriyama Yuichi 3R16L4’14 .589
No 10 Ishibashi Yuusuke 3R16L4’16 .254
No 11 Thurs Tatsuya hand Shigeru 2R15L4’01 .383
No 12 Yada Masaru 3R15L4’04 .596
No 13 Shigematsu Takakazu 2R15L4’09 .328
No 14 Shigeru Aki rice 3R14L4’04 .273

Class F-1 Grand Prix

No 1 Matsumoto Kiyouiti (SOD) 3R18L4’07 .748
No 2 Mamoru Ishikawa (RUS) 3R18L4’09 .218
No 3 Kamibayashi Hiroshi (ALW) 1R18L4’10 .998
No 4 Sato Nobuyuki (RUS) 3R18L4’11 .403
No 5 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 3R18L4’12 .049
No 6 Shinya Kimura mind (FUR) 3R18L4’12 .256
No 7 Morita Shigeru(FUR) 3R17L4’00 .119
No 8 Endou Kazuki (ZEN) 3R17L4’00 .292
No 9 Ooyama Makoto (PSF) 3R17L4’07 .112
No 10 Kitou Masaharu (ALE) 3R17L4’07 .759
No 11 Sakurai, Shinya tail (SON) 1R17L4’07 .958
No 12 Tricolpate (TOP) 2R17L4’10 .640
No 13 Ken Miyuki Mountain (ALE) 3R16L4’06 .494
No 14 Kawaji crown (SON) 3R15L4’03 .803
No 15 Motooka Masanori (SOD) 1R15L4’04 .417

For final

Final round is 08 minutes of each main lap race. I run a qualifying time twice, is the accompaniment accident. Based on the data preliminary, we are passionate about setting the machine for each player race. In particular, ALEX RACING Winners Kamibayashi players the last few races but not miss out on the podium, are away from winning. We added a mountain under the supervision of the team coach, will be conveyed very well by multiplying the final of the enthusiasm for the last reversal. In addition, Team Circuit three top players F-groove was actively engaged in the exchange of information and settings for players per class. There is cross-class exchange like this is one of the major characteristics of F1RCGP. Now, the final round at last. I’d like to heartily ability to prepare for each player.

r0529 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0530 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0531 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0532 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Class F-1 B Main race

Class F-1 B Main race. Paul took a shot, Shigeru hands of players Minarudikara Thurs. The start time is somewhat slow, Yada Renault player. The previous description of the race, the harsh penalties imposed because flying is somewhat different since the start of a little caution. The third tier is running, players Autobacs Shigematsu orange color. The only difference between the players and Renault Yada chase intervals of 0.5 seconds. Mao was the leading player Thurs hand, gradually expanded the lead lap piled up carefully and drove. Behind the Red Bull athletes rice color, while some struggled to lack Riagurippu are running hard. Becomes the middle player’s Shigeru Minarudi Thurs players get rice, wraps and all models Yada player, continues to make a good run. Meanwhile, on the right path in the infield hairpin Renault Yada players players Autobacs color Shigematsu. Floats to second place. Overall conditions have continued to race very beautiful, brilliant, accomplished the main goal top players get moo Thurs. The second place went into catch-up showed a tremendous midfield player Shigematsu.

r0533 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0534 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0535 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0536 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Grand Class F-1 B Main race

Grand Class F-1 B Main race. All models after the start pretty orderly ranks, we will flow. However, the accident immediately. TEAM SONIC spin the leading players in the infield tail suddenly Sakura, to match it, straight off the track in front of teammate Kawaji the players. The sudden change from early deployment as early as rough. Meanwhile, the Team has emerged as the top player on behalf of the track groove top three. Repeated 14-second run into the early, ahead of the runner hangs. In second place came up from the mistakes of the early players TEAM SONIC Sakura tail bright pink color is white. It is very close to a close. Ferrari ditch and three players, car tail color pink Sakura players are over 10 laps 0.3 seconds ahead after the battle, Sakura finally emerged as the top player at the tail end of the straight. Three players in the 2010 Asian Cup grooves made earlier remain influential A Main. And cover again but without a tail Sakura immediately behind the players, the two contacts. However, waiting to resume the battle to clean ditch three players. Race is very refreshing to watch. TEAM SONIC second half to maintain stable running players Sakura tails, beautiful powerhouses sit in a row to keep the F-1 B-class Grand Prix was the main march. The second circuit TEAM top three player slot, and 3 additional AREX RACING He was one of those mountains.

Final ranking

Class F-1 B Main

No 1 Thurs Tatsuya hand Shigeru 31L8’09 .721
No 2 Shigematsu Takakazu 29L8’02 .116
No 3 Yada Masaru 29L8’08 .979
No 4 Shigeru Aki rice 28L8’00 .531

Grand Prix F-1 B Main Class

No 1 Sakurai, Shinya tail (SON) 33L8’05 .954
No 2 Three groove (TOP) 33L8’08 .326
No 3 We added Ken Miyuki Mountain (ALE) 31L8’00 .157
No 4 Kawaji crown (SON) 31L8’12 .566
No 5 Motooka Masanori (SOD) D.N.S.

Class F-1 A Main

Class F-1 A main final. Decided to start a great shot when player Paul Williams from the pole position Omura, stands on top. Second, by qualifying third in the street, the orange color Futaba Takayasu players, followed by Red Bull athletes Maeda. Maeda players were racing a long time now I say, good luck driving bravely fight involving a large top. In its front, the gap with the top players gradually Stable running second, behind the player approaches Omura Williams. Takayasu time than the players about 0.1-0.2 seconds faster state. The difference between the players and Takayasu Ohmura players are in a very close competition 0.3 seconds without. There, jumbled lapped, say the car running well and shaking them both, followed by a tense scene for a while. Takayasu players, but multiplied many times to shake the players left behind Omura, Omura players line remains stable, but in quite vacant. 0.3 seconds behind the Red Bull athletes Maeda, riding calmly Ubeku fish in troubled waters. Three-way race in the second half to wrap. Second half, first in the crash of contrition takes players behind Red Bull Maeda. Then, the leading player Williams Omura, behind a crash on lap straight exchange? Takayasu boundaries and players have a tough time, Masu top. But the player from behind is still 0.5 seconds behind in Omura, Maeda players will follow. Shake off like that, this time to stand up pace 14 seconds into the main players are the best and Takayasu, decided to end the championship without losing concentration. The second player unfortunately Omura Williams, was awarded third place players Maeda.

r0537 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0538 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0539 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0540 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Class F-1 A main Grand Prix

Grand Class F-1 A Main final. A start before you see the main members, some one enough. Examine, Futaba F-1 Racing players say it is discovered Kimura. I did say was what a convenience store Browse the book, started it up on the final 10 minutes delay. F1RCGP size of competitors has a decent chance to parry pocket just like that all incidents also, the scene is always relaxed.

Take heart and mind start racing. Grand Prix class and there were many colors between the main A to start, we’ll start the race in a row to flow very beautiful. To run a cluster sleeve top players decided Matsumoto steady start from pole position. From the body in the Ferrari, traveling barely adhered to a strict no-in. Ishikawa RUSH second spot, the third tier players Kamibayashi ALEX RACING Winners of the fourth RUSH Sato, the fifth-order ZEN player said Hashimoto. Front seven, PRO-SHOP FUTABA Oyama Reitonhausukara players to equally spaced. Extend the lead player in Matsumoto Jiwarijiwari cluster running sleeve top, middle of the pack in the heated battle for fourth. RUSH Sato, ZEN player is a battle between Hashimoto. This can equal nearly two straight. ZEN players stabilized conversion F104ZEN rear Ryutaro Hashimoto, RUSH TRG109 Sato players move so cornering machine-oriented, there are very impressive to watch. And everyone was waiting Kimura Futaba F-1 Racing is retired player drive system trouble. The top competition, the players cluster sleeve Matsumoto, RUSH has been narrowed down to two players feeling Ishikawa, repeatedly running 1.5 times within seconds of difference. Then another car crash at the entrance to the straight, lost time and some players like to avoid that Matsumoto. RUSH close the gap once the chance came late but it Ishikawa, Rimasu to 0.5 seconds difference. Time 1 minute 30 seconds remaining. Matsumoto players traveling to top-down driving, but some, the place is like 2 RUSH Ishikawa still have surplus power. Stuck between the two gradually, finally entering the last lap. Finally the finish line first, Matsumoto players hand over the top spot cluster sleeve end. F1RCGP won his first Grand Prix class, and, TRG109 led the championship for the first time. Showed in second place until the last lap to run hot, RUSH Ishikawa, the third player was ALEX RACING Winners of Kamibayashi. And in the back, ZEN two of Hashimoto players, aligned position and your qualifying players from Endo, fourth, sixth win.Setsukemashita strengths of the team.

r0541 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0542 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0543 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0544 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Final ranking

Class F-1 A main

No 1 Takayasu Satoshi 33L8’14 .481
No 2 Oomura Makoto 32L8’02 .751
No 3 Daisuke Maeda 32L8’05 .561
No 4 Mori Takayuki 31L8’05 .965
No 5 Sugawara Kazuaki 31L8’07 .520
No 6 Tsuruma thank Satoshi 31L8’12 .664
No 7 Nakayama Atsushi 31L8’12 .849
No 8 Miura Tatsuhiko 29L8’09 .585
No 9 Koriyama Yuichi 29L8’11 .157
No 10 Ishibashi Yuusuke 14L4’34 .739

Class F-1 A main Grand Prix

No 1 Matsumoto Kiyouiti (SOD) 36L8’05 .725
No 2 Mamoru Ishikawa (RUS) 36L8’06 .027
No 3 Kamibayashi Hiroshi (ALW) 36L8’13 .471
No 4 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 35L8’00 .037
No 5 Sato Nobuyuki (RUS) 35L8’01 .183
No 6 Endou Kazuki (ZEN) 35L8’07 .871
No 7 Morita Shigeru (FUR) 35L8’09 .305
No 8 Ooyama Makoto (PSF) 33L8’02 .211
No 9 Kitou Masaharu (ALE) 33L8’07 .037
No 10 Shinya Kimura mind (FUR) 15L3’47 .863

Awards podium champagne

After every race, make up the top three awards immediately. F-1 class players Stable, consistent laps behind victory in which the main engine car Doraibarashii throughout. F-1 Grand Prix class, the class first championship and the players happy Sutachimu Matsumoto sleeves, now chanting race. Gathered around the podium in all of the participants before flying cars, and congratulate the winners. Champagne in the last race before everyone was waiting Futaba F-1 Racing Kimura players suddenly a target of a shower unexpected. Takayasu player finally won, the player is given a big round of applause Matsumoto, finished award podium.

F-1 Grand Prix class, second straight season begins with ALEX RACING Winners Kamibayashi players, Round3 heated after expansion is changed each time winner. Series is the second most conflict surprising situation has emerged who is not. What would you like to race will boil because it is where interested, please see if you have an eye on this.

r0545 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0546 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0547 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0548 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Besutorukkinguka Awards

Besutorukkinguka award, the Renault R30 was the selection of players Yada Kubica specifications. Yellow color, and faithfully reproduce the colors of the vehicle red wing end plates. F-1 radio control car still not boring just looking at the style, I think there is something big attraction. Incidentally, this seems F1RCGP2 Yada player won the first time Besutorukka. F1RCGP an imprint of history, not only the winner is the player worked hard to include narrow body makes these machines

r0549 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0550 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0551 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0552 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

All lottery awards

The last is the whole ceremony. In this sunny, bring together on the track, do the draw cards and awards received. Participants pick a snack while and wait for my name called relaxation mode. I received many offers from manufacturers sponsored prize this time. Distribute it to every one participants from those who are hoping to obtain a thing of joy Ri Kimashita voice. After the closing ceremony, became chairman of closing remarks after each run. Recently this has become a relatively small number of races, so far as content is intense for everyone, while giving participants heartily enjoy the race, I could afford to share some time. Good race next time, as we pray as one organizer Keru show atmosphere.

r0553 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0554 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0555 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Reportr0556 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report

Major equipment data F1RCGP Games

Tournament will be the main equipment data F1RCGP Round 5. Machine, radio, amplifier, F-1 Guranpurikurasumota, share and battery Competitors county name, age, and gender composition. Participants next time you are away, etc. Please come and make yourself useful. Round6 F1RCGP2010 next day, May 30 (Sunday) the first tournament in Saitama (SpeedWay Pal) is. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

Car Share
r05car Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report
r05pro Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report
Share Amplifiers
r05amp Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report
Motor shares
r05mot Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report
Battery share
r05bat Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report
Competitors County Name
r05pre Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report
Age range
r05age Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report
Sex ratio
r05sex Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 5 Race Report


The player everyone that attended, like rent capped Sakuma circuit circuit owners, everyone chairperson of each staff person and other forest management can help Sutakurabu capped sleeves, and help us prepare reception and banquet Umezu like I received, like Sugawara, thank you very much. F1RCGP2010 half finished series, we’ll run the race in mind the satisfaction of most everyone can remember the basics remain the second half. Thank you for your continued support to the continued cooperation

Source: Japan F1RCGP
Translated by Google Translator

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