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Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP – Round 4 Race Report

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Race Report F1RCGP in Fukuoka
The 4th round on 25 April 2010 (Sunday)

r0400 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Weather: Sunny (indoor) temperature: 23 ℃ , Humidity: 30%, surface temperature: 20 ℃

This year’s opener and F1RCGP2010 round game 4 of Kyushu, was held in Kitakyushu Nexter Circuit. This is Circuit Nexter, F1RCGP first place last year was the first game memorable. Unlike the previous state of the hall, indoor track and covered with a clean white tent, complete re-laying at the same time course was being held up and re-open some of the course size. The link circuit Nexter shop opened on April 27, 2003. The course was first opened the outdoor environment and play better as customers has been carried out in the second year of the indoor, and reopened in April 2005, became now. Shop staff are familiar with the radio controlled, making possible fine from beginner to expert advice. If the race is scheduled to make regulations focusing beginner can enjoy, from its opening, said Street class, the popular touring car category was mainly equipped with realistic vehicle like lamps, night race attracts so many entrants. Week course is 1 150m, 36m with the back straight, flat asphalt pavement is fine. The radio control car 1/10F-1 course will be perfect size, speed sections, technical sections and in, the layout is well balanced overall.

Number of participants, F-class: Name 50, F-1 Grand Prix classes: 14 to 24 teams, Sefutikakurasu (Kizzukurasu): 6, and 80 total. F1RCGP and the highest ever number of participants, the participants Thank everyone was operated excursions. F-1 class as well as neighboring prefectures, is far more athletes, showed very exciting. Class F-1 Grand Prix, the team entered two new teams. “Uke Racing gorgeous idiot” and “so dust” is everyone. In addition, Team Bomber from as third driver, JMRCA1/8GP players appeared Kawamoto buggy champion Japan, and I received showed the average heart’s content unusual technique. And from this tournament started Sefutikakurasu (Kizzukurasu), the kids entered the reserve army also said six champions of the future. Featured Gallery drove everyone around me to excite a great venue.

r0401 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0402 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0403 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0404 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Practice Day

Sun the day before practice, many consider the number of participants, T-TIME practice scheme was taken. According to five minutes per hour of practice for pre-grouped, write the name of a group of time sheets to their GP, the GP method to fit the time. This omits the wasted time waiting and waiting for flying cars band practice went smoothly in progress.

Looking over the entire first in this course often been seen off the track machine. The technical sections, and put the tires to the curb too, I accidentally easily jump the reaction, and crashed like big. The most common is to jump straight in front of the infield is a pattern to go around corners fast before flying back straight. Each player, remember the course line, into the attack seems to have time to carefully check the dangerous places. This is also the fourth round, the current points leader this season in last year’s world champion players participated ALEX RACING Winners Kamibayashi. Fusion in practice is also being hammered by more and more like a set of conversion was followed by a run on the accelerator and took a great line work. And it is against the team, Team Bomber, Team Tech F-1, Futaba F-1 Racing, PRO2.stn, NEXTER etc., every one of the leading teams and proven local works team. Team Bomber drove in F104Bomber conversion, and the combination of Kato JMRCA Kawamoto champion athletes. Kato is still sharp rise in Riagurippu stable, NEXTER I like the circuit has already captured. Players Kawamoto 1, and at her / and 8 scale engine was also burning through the hands a little corner work work and Axel different, getting used to gradually multiply the second half seems to repaint after another best time. Meanwhile, Team Tech F-1, ZEN-time member of the spots are not stable racing line a little. On the other hand, local players PRO2.stn Hotta, Kobayashi, NEXTER player Matsunaga, Yamaguchi great player in line takes a very precise, I studied the racing line around the mark all too well. The entry will be from now on, racing Uke gorgeous idiot, run by members of both teams have momentum so dust, and attack the course. If he can see the top ten times in the late 12s Grand Prix class, second fastest of the day is 6 12, Team Bomber marked Kato. Upcoming releases as many as F104Bomber finish conversion, also seems to run noticeably proud.

Class F-1, which involved many F-1 class championship, championship-like atmosphere of a champion. Higher levels of the participants are as reminiscent of the Grand Prix class and cornering techniques. Pretty fast to put on the best time of 14 seconds early, A higher into the main chance. Among the strong performers of last year’s final Class F-1 champion athletes Hirata, expert drivers Morishita young local players is like the top players are competing for time top veteran drivers Takata Kyushu. Also, many athletes from Osaka Haruka SAWAMOTO of war, against last year’s fourth championship since F-1 class, running away as the eye of the production. However, F-1 class is the purpose of racing and fun places to race. Pair it with your local and away, rather than single-mindedly chase time, the landscape is dominated by a friendly fun practice, such is the atmosphere.

r0405 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0406 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0407 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0408 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0409 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0410 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0411 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0412 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Day tournament

Re Ri clear sky day convention, winds calm pleasant weather radio control. Are many participants coming from outside the gates of dawn. Accept a sequential distribution of the tire is made controls, closed as players, T-TIME practice allows. In practice this morning, the good players from yesterday Kamibayashi ALEX RACING Winners, Team Bomber 12-second run in early Kato. The pace was good enough yesterday ZEN players go up Hashimoto, Team Tech F-Tamura, player anthill or maintenance is worked last night, up a significant pace, the pace has been put up to 13 seconds of the first half. And BIG +3 Racing Shikoku stress has been well summarized players Kawano time. Before the tournament players ALEX RACING Winners blocked the player wins Kamibayashi, so too has been put into 12-second technique truly is looking forward to fighting top. The team urged the prestigious Team Shikoku and goes … I? Yoshiyuki players in the Ima一Tsu do not get over the waves, how some lines have been disrupted. This last practice before the race, if you set that you can take in races where you’d like to see attention.

F-1 class, keep a good player even today Morishita, Hirata athletes shine at running. The smooth approach to the straight line, no Ross is running. Kasuga NEXTER players to their home circuit, has been on the pace until the first half 14 seconds Hirota players. The Tamaki players, dressed in a bird waiting for subsequent players are attacking the course. Even overlooking the whole, less clear than the sound of a crash yesterday, you can capture a feeling that once all the courses. Production in this race after a battle deployment level it more than yesterday, will no doubt.

After the morning practice, is done Doraibasumitingu, convention speech president, chairman of the competition chairman description trial competition was held at the description of the penalty. Everyone in the spirit of fair play, fair thing to do is race course, and usually this kind of race participants will enjoy a different atmosphere, the sponsor must Kere is a good place to exchange among participants I also applaud Toshimashite.

P.S.RC kindly rushed to cover the day the Magazine. Long way off, thank you very much. If the participants and visitors, RC they please forward to the July issue of the magazine.

r0413 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0414 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0415 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0416 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0417 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0418 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0419 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0420 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Qualifying first round

F-1 class first qualifying round, say the beginning of the storm Nana Sato retired players immediately raced at one heat. In this heat is driving a steady running players Maruboromakuraren Honkawa 16L4’07 .310, 660 acts as a top goal in 14 seconds best. At this point, only 14-second player only Honkawa. Track conditions will gradually improve from here too, seems more and more time up and coming players. In the next heat, corners like a bomb in the other car from the beginning to overwhelm players Hirata two-tone blue and white. 190 best in 14 seconds, 14 seconds to align with one lap of almost 17 laps early, 17L4’07 .350 marks. The 17th anniversary marks the Heat Hashi Kono Hirota players, including players stand birds wait 14 seconds, three players entered. Marlboro McLaren color birds are waiting for players. This race car using a lot of players McLaren color. Heat players as the next best lap Hirata Morishita players driving a car painted in bright Rosumanzuuiriamuzukara in 190 seconds, running out 14, 17L4’05 .840 mark in the provisional pole time. Morishita players figure in the driver Senna, driving showed that Senna was running out like sharp. In the next heat, the last player SAWAMOTO The champion of the F-1 class Nara, players mark the 17th anniversary of the veteran drivers Fukuoka Takada local time Morishita Bazu players. In addition, NEXTER the players out of 17 laps of the circuit sky Young Driver Kasuga, suffered a happening would stop running before passing the finish line on lap 17, 17L4’31 .010 time remains. 06 players entered this round to the players around the sky Kasuga 17, A Top 10 main border, driving a McLaren Marlboro Nakagawa players also became 16L4’02 .930. This class can fight the best time to put on the upper middle 14 seconds, average time on the main 15 A second cut will be required.

Class F-1 Grand Prix is the first qualifying round, ALEX RACING Winners in the high-spirited driving too fast for players Kamibayashi, 19L4’09 .510, 970 provisional pole position in 12 seconds best. Kamibayashi player is always running and supple, and stable Riagurippu, Fusion is an area of boiled perfect condition for racing. In the next heat, Futaba F-1 Racing Tech F125 Morita player I like a bomb, and that stops around 18 18L4’00 .750, marking the second fastest time in the 030 provisional best 13 seconds. It is regretful that the loss of time that will be hit the curb several times along the way and then run the attack was sharp in goal to make up their mistakes. In the final heat, TEAM CREAMY players showing off their experience running rivers dye. Tamiya F103 Anniversary drove in runs to stave works teams sit in a row 18L4’00 .850, third fastest lap time in the 010 provisional best 13 seconds. In this round against the winner of the previous fastest BIG +3 Racing 4 Round3 Kawano player, the fifth player into the local NEXTER Matsunaga. ALEX RACING Winners players only 19 laps of Kamibayashi. 18 laps 16 Team-ranked players to enter the 48 18L4’13 .010 Sakai. Team Bomber players at this point Kawamoto, Kato was a big mistake in the 10th heat Haunting qualifying ranks top 11 so deployed, is expected to play catch-up takes in the second round continues.

r0421 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0422 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0423 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0424 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Qualifying Sefutikakurasu

The tournament is for kids, Sefutikakurasu been provided. It is obligatory to use the machine for use in the motif of the touring car safety car was made from the race with the safety car was coloring all their own way. Lap qualifying race is 3 minutes. First of all, I Nishizima Mari player, a big lead over other cars from the beginning. The back is painted yellow and the wind machines and JH, playing multiple crash involving a Mercedes-Benz cars, Koremasen catch up easily. Then call as early as 3 minutes. The top players do Nishizima Mari goal, and finished in second place, Ono Ooteru sifting through the melee player, was the third player Kasuga Haruka. Laughter from the audience and thunderous applause occurred, everyone became the hottest qualifying.

r0425 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0426 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0427 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0428 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Qualifying second round

Sandwiched between a lunch break and go forward with the second round qualifying. During lunch time, what little there is, in practice time, and has been slowly adjusting to the different players in the first round of poor results. Two qualifying rounds this time and for many participants. Since qualifying round will follow, I will be driving into the heat of each player.
F-1 class at the second round qualifying, the first player with Nana Sato, driving a Benetton Renault Raundoritaiya seen before play to finish in Heat 1 15L4’03 .470. The Heat showed a fast sailing into the same 17 players week Honkawa Marlboro McLaren color. The top goal 17L4’12 .010 mark with a good sixth time in total. Heat 73 seconds on the next update to his best two players again Hirata two-tone blue and white, 17L4’04 .620 with provisional pole lap time but, following Heat players in addition to the pole Morishita The driving pressure do not feel deprived of great 17L4’03 .890 mark, I decided to pole position again. Best lap was fastest lap of 14 seconds at 080 players this Hirata. In the finals of the Rothmans Morishita player is where the players excited to go head to head Hirata. In the other heat, about 4 seconds on self-time player driving a Williams Honda Nakatsuka, 17L4’11 .110 significantly raised the fifth position from eighth in. Meinbodataimu A record of the Marlboro McLaren Hiramatsu player. 17L4’14 .770 in the top 10 fastest RiMimasu 12. After the second round, 17 players entered the week until the 11th player Kasuga sky. Into the second round, all levels are generally increasing.

Class F-1 Grand Prix, the final second round qualifying. ALEX RACING Winners are showing a similar round of fast sailing before Kamibayashi players, but it was even faster than the fast sailing, Team Bomber’s Kato. Showing aggressive driving attitude in this round there are no big mistakes after the previous round, while cornering clearance in a few centimeters. The very close race 19L4’06 .840, marking an incredible time best 12 seconds to say 780 was seized at his first pole position. F104Bomber conversion, average performance was extraordinary movement, F1RCGP I have come to the boil until it finally get the top time. Many players appear to mark the 19th anniversary in the next heat, Futaba F-1 Racing player Morita, PRO2.stn Kobayashi, BIG +3 Racing Tech F125 TIME Kawano players are driven by the athletes. Both are getting the best out of a 12-second, pole battle was unfolding at a high level here. The 19 lap mark of PRO2.stn 19L4’16 .600 to Kobayashi. A main border as PRO2.stn out to the players and Hotta 18L4’03 .350. Grand Class contested many people in this several times until it aligned A team that plays into the turbulent development of the main B and the main sink. PAPER MOON players Kuroda, Arakawa, TEAM-48 Sakai players, players under the pot, and I sank lower ZEN players also unfortunately Hashimoto

r0429 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0430 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0431 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0432 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Qualifying order

F-1 Class

No. 1 Morishita Riyuuhei  2R17L4’03 .890
No. 2 Hirata Minoru  2R17L4’04 .620
No. 3 Takada Masayuki  1R17L4’07 .540
No. 4 History Township  2R17L4’10 .870
No. 5 Nakatsuka Hiroyuki  2R17L4’11 .110
No. 6 Motokawa Susumu  2R17L4’12 .010
No. 7 Wait bird Yutaka Katsu  2R17L4’12 .110
No. 8 SAWAMOTO Takahiro 1R17L4’13 .190
No. 9 Tamaki Hiroshi Takashi  2R17L4’14 .240
No. 10 Hiramatsu Yuu 2R17L4’14 .770
No. 11 Kasuga empty 1R17L4’31 .010
No. 12 Yamasaki Masayoshi 2R16L4’00 .480
No. 13 2R16L4’01 .290 Shirao Katsuhiko
No. 14 2R16L4’01 .470 Nakagawa Tadahiro
No. 15 2R16L4’02 .670 Kasuga Ryousuke
No. 16 Minister Oota Hiroshi 1R16L4’04 .150
No. 17 Shirakawa Tsutomu  2R16L4’04 .170
No. 18 Urabe Shiniti  2R16L4’04 .960
No. 19 Aramaki Atsushi  1R16L4’05 .390
No. 20 Ishikawa 2R16L4’05 .840
No. 21 Makoto Yamamoto 2R16L4’06 .420
No. 22 Satou Masaharu 2R16L4’07 .050
No. 23 Masaaki Fuji 1R16L4’07 .130
No. 24 Yamashita Masaki 2R16L4’08 .140
No. 25 Hitoshi Hamanaka  1R16L4’08 .320
No. 26 Omachi 1R16L4’08 .730
No. 27 Raizo  2R16L4’09 .270 
No. 28  Izumi Takeshi 1R16L4’10 .920
No. 29 Akira   2R16L4’10 .960
No. 30 Yoshifumi forest 1R16L4’11 .090 
No. 31 Yamaguti Tatsuo 2R16L4’11 .920
No. 32 Kasuga Akira  2R16L4’12 .290(1R16L4’20 .930)
No. 33 Nomura Eizi 2R16L4’12 .290(2R15L4’15 .430)
No. 34 Nomiyama Atsushi 1R16L4’13 .280
No. 35 2Yamakawa Hirobumi R16L4’15 .040
No. 36 Nishizima Mari 2R16L4’17 .080
No. 37 Matsuo Tadahiro 2R15L4’00 .630
No. 38 Kotani Hiroki  2R15L4’00 .650
No. 39 Masaki 2R15L4’01 .080
No. 40 2R15L4’01 .690 Masuzoe Hidetaka
No. 41 1R15L4’02 .490 Nishizima Hiroshi
No. 42 Nana Sato 2R15L4’03 .470
No. 43 Sakaguti Masahiro 2R15L4’04 .680
No. 44 Isobe Osamu 1R15L4’05 .440
No. 45 Nakashima Shigeki 2R15L4’05 .600
No. 46 Asahi Minato 1R15L4’12 .340
No. 47 Inoue Megumi 2R15L4’12 .400
No. 48 Shigematsu Takakazu 2R15L4’14 .440
No. 49 Sanae 1R15L4’14 .870
No. 50 Matsumura Toshiaki 1R 4L1’06 .980

Class F-1 Grand Prix

No. 1 Katou Takashi (BOM) 2R19L4’06 .840
No. 2 Kamibayashi Hiroshi (ALW) 1R19L4’09 .510
No. 3 Morita Shigeru (FUR) 2R19L4’10 .290
No. 4 Kawano Takayoshi (BI3) 2R19L4’10 .950
No. 5 Anthill S. (TTF) 2R19L4’13 .260
No. 6 Hiroo Kobayashi (PR2) 2R19L4’16 .600
No. 7 Somekawa Akira (CRE) 1R18L4’00 .850
No. 8 Matsunaga Yukiharu (NEX) 1R18L4’01 .260
No. 9 Kawamoto Atsushi (BOM) 2R18L4’02 .850
No. 10 Hotta Mikio (PR2) 2R18L4’03 .350
No. 11 Yamaguti Akira (NEX) 2R18L4’04 .470
No. 12 Kuroda (PAM) 1R18L4’04 .480
No. 13 Yoshiyuki rigid (IKE) 2R18L4’04 .610
No. 14 Sakai Wakoku (T48) 2R18L4’07 .710
No. 15 Arakawa Tsutomu x(PAM) 1R18L4’08 .810
No. 16 Tamura Hideki (TTF) 2R18L4’09 .750
No. 17 Huzihara Shiniti (SOU) 1R18L4’10 .250
No. 18 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 2R17L4’00 .980
No. 19 Pan under J. (T48) 2R17L4’01 .740
No. 20 Kawanishi, Noriaki (CRE) 1R17L4’04 .920
No. 21 Ooshima Kouzi (BRG) 2R17L4’09 .110
No. 22 Kawabata Takashi (SOU) 2R17L4’13 .680
No. 23 Takashi Hisao Nakatsu (BI3) 1R16L4’05 .030
No. 24 Matsubara Hiromitsu (BRG) 1R15L4’03 .250

Sefutikakurasu (Kizzukurasu)

No. 1 Nishizima Mari 1R11L3’09 .700
No. 2 Ono Ooteru 1R10L3’00 .160
No. 3 NoKasuga place Haruka 1R10L3’13 .160
No. 4 1R10L3’26 .660 Matsuo Leo
No. 5 1R9L3’20 .800 Higashida Sho
No. 6 1R6L3’35 .200 Masaru Masaru Morishita

For final

Toward the next race, the main players left in each state has entered the final ironing out of the setting. While this very flat surface, many players will probably feel a little understeer during acceleration. Class F-1 pole position Morishita players stick to the tip of the polycarbonate front plate, and increase front downforce and exercise one’s ingenuity. F-1 Grand Prix class players, the Fusion has just released the front springs and soft directions, that was almost on the initial cornering. F-1 machine is a simple structure, will appear slightly and ran Forming Therefore minor changes and settings. Therefore profound, too often it will continue for years to come and experience the race once.

Sefutikakurasu race (Kizzukurasu) to proceed through. Class F-1 is the entry name will be held from 50 E Main. I can see so many confrontations with the past not enough for each main, go look see. Grand Prix class, ALEX RACING Winners keep players in shape for Kamibayashi, Team Bomber is enjoying a stress. What will bring change as the result of the battle Standings is a very exciting place.

r0433 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0434 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0435 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0436 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

F-1 E Main class finals

F-1 E Main class finals. Each vehicle goes Hairpin start flowing very nicely. Nishijima players were first painted in yellow purple Faiyapatan start from the first, followed by Nana Sato player Benetton Renault. Sakaguchi, blue body and third-tier players, the fourth player to Bajinreshingu sunrise. The leading players Nishijima
Final ranking

Class F-1 E Main
No. 1 Nana 31L8’05 .930 Sato
No. 2 31L8’10 .770 Nishizima Hiroshi
No. 3 Nakashima Shigeki 30L8’07 .460
No. 4 29L8’00 .700 Sakaguti Masahiro
No. 5 Asahi 29L8’08 .730 Minato
No. 6 Matsumura Toshiaki 28L8’03 .960
No. 7 Inoue Megumi 26L7’18 .380
No. 8 Shigematsu Takakazu x23L6’36 .520
No. 9 10L2’49 .830
No. 10 Isobe Osamu 1L0’25 .350

r0437 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0438 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0439 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0440 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Class F-1 D Main Race

Class F-1 D main race. At the start, good start Yamaguchi machine players were painted white with red green blue. In second place following a crash continues with multiple melee very WEST Silver Arrow Masuzoe McLaren has raised the players. Yamaguchi is the main player, the better we’ll go through a steady rhythm and line chicane. By the middle of the second is the difference between one or more straight ahead. Behind the Fire players Kasuga Akira yellow white red pattern, the players did a good battling pink blue Nishizima Mari. Kasuga Shi players battle calmly, rising to second place in front of my office. Yamaguchi’s top player after traveling fell Then, suddenly been reduced difference between the top two. Time is one minute left. Yamaguchi top players, the difference between the two players are second-tier Kasuga. Kasuga players showed the resilience of young drivers the last race of the difference 0.7 seconds off the attack. However, Yamaguchi player till the end without losing concentration, without top goal Nagenai driving! D decided to fine the main championship.

Final ranking

Class F-1 D main
No. 1 Yamaguti Tatsuo 31L8’02 .700
No. 2 Kasuga Akira 31L8’03 .170
No. 3 Nomura Eizi 31L8’12 .610
No. 4 Matsuo Tadahiro 31L8’13 .070
No. 5 Nomiyama Atsushi 31L8’13 .690
No. 6 Masuzoe Hidetaka 30L8’01 .440
No. 7 Yamakawa Hirobumi 30L8’09 .000
No. 8 Masaki 30L8’09 .810
No. 9 Kotani Hiroki 26L8’07 .070
No. 10 Nishizima Mari23L6’25 .270

r0441 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0442 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0443 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0444 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Class F-1 C Main Race

F-1 C Main class finals. Decided to start the mad dash was painted in black Sato second on the grid orange, yellow Jordan Honda Yamamoto Ikakarimasu to start first. Past at the second corner, back in contact with the top two, emerged as the top place in the color Wisteria Ferrari player, second to Sato, the third tier is the bolder Kyameruierokara players Omachi and so on. High stress, the 14-second runs best lap mark, Jordan Yamamoto best mark of 440 Main 14 seconds, to expand on the third place ranking. The top two, American wisteria, Sato has been waging a battle in close combat within one second. 30 seconds remaining in the second half, but second-run crash that Sato, helped by a quick return to second place in Marshall. Then 08 minutes of ringing call, plays a rock-solid finish in the top players ran Ferrari wisteria.

F-1 C Main Grand Final Class

Grand Prix F-1 C Main class finals. In the first start, BIG +3 Racing players fresh start flying in Nakatsu, in the next start, again BIG +3 Racing decided to jump-starting players Nakatsu, pointing straight at the end of the players in the starting second on the grid so dust Kawabata , came in 2nd place. Tip Top colors like yellow and green Lotus, Racing gorgeous Oshima Uke players stupid. Below second place in close quarters, barrage of multiple crash. It is passed from player Matsubara Racing teammate Uke gorgeous idiot. This gorgeous 1 and 2 going to fool many Uke racing. Nakatsu BIG +3 Racing player jersey is multiplied many times a second-run Matsubara players, high-speed corners at the entrance of big crash straight into shape will be thrown to the curb, fell at the end. But aggressive driving is still strong players Nakatsu, and show a crash involving a player on the straight and Matsubara in the second run. Now, two gorgeous racing crowd was broken fool Uke temporary crash straight big players in the Kawabata machine dust so many gorgeous racing Uke 1,2 stupid again. And afford top players decided to finish racing Oshima Uke gorgeous idiot green color tones as it flows.

Final ranking

Class F-1 C Main
No. 1 Masaaki Fuji 32L8’06 .810
No. 2 Satou Masaharu 32L8’09 .160
No. 3 Makoto Yamamoto 32L8’12 .480
No. 4 Omachi 31L8’00 .460
No. 5 Raizo 31L8’11 .200
No. 6 Yoshifumi forest 30L8’01 .470
No. 7 Akira 30L8’11 .630
No. 8 Hitoshi Hamanaka 29L8’03 .750
No. 9 Yamashita Masaki 27L8’00 .730
No. 10 Izumi Takeshi 26L7’26 .880

Grand Prix F-1 C Main Class

No. 1Ooshima Kouzi (BRG) 34L8’13 .270
No. 2 Matsubara Hiromitsu (BRG) 33L8’06 .630
No. 3 Kawabata Takashi (SOU) 33L8’09 .900
No. 4 Takashi Hisao Nakatsu (BI3) 33L8’14 .500

r0445 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0446 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0447 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0448 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0449 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0450 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0451 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0452 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Class F-1 B Main race

Class F-1 B Main race. Players start out cool air in a beautiful light blue painted Kasuga grid first. The second fastest rising players in Maruboromakurarenkara Shirao third on the grid showed a sharper acceleration. Benetton Renault was third fastest player Urabe. Been gradually becomes wrapped up in the middle of the Marlboro Nakagawa players, players pass Urabe. Second, third development is aligned to follow the top of the Marlboro McLaren. However, after hanging on to second place ahead steadily in the run-in sharply attacked the offensive player’s top Kasuga. What is the best 14 seconds 220, A running time comparable to the main. Finally, the top players played Kasuga happy with a top goal difference in second place two laps. The second emerging player of the Marlboro Nakagawa. Showed a brilliant third place entering the top players from the start the seventh green color white Shirakawa.

Grand Class F-1 B Main race

Grand Class F-1 B Main race. At the start, NEXTER Yamaguchi players good start, followed immediately after the player approaches PAPER MOON Kuroda. PAPER MOON, like third-place finish followed by Arakawa, the following melee, while the fourth, Team Tech F-1, followed by anthill player. Top disputes, heated side by side quite narrowly. PAPER MOON spoon player in the corner Kuroda, NEXTER emerged as the top player in pointing to the Yamaguchi. Kuroda players better speed on the straight stretch, takes a second to pull away slowly since then. PAPER MOON Williams painted color color smooth driving at the corner, excellent appearance of the final finish of the car came here in Oita. When the mid-tier competition in Arakawa 3 PAPER MOON ZEN players and great players approached Hashimoto. Side by side in contact several times with two touches in the left rear corner of what Nana. Meanwhile, Team Tech F-emerged as the third place player one anthill. While the fourth since the fierce fighting still continues, top players will be KURODA Oita easy deployment. The 08-minute call, and top top goal PAPER MOON continues impressive run to the last good player great Kuroda, second place player unfortunately NEXTER Yamaguchi, third player Hive Team Tech F-1, following a melee in the fourth but get out there good players entered Arakawa PAPER MOON.

Final ranking

Class F-1 B Main
No. 1 Kasuga 34L8’12 .520
No. 2 Nakagawa Tadahiro 32L8’05 .860
No. 3 Shirakawa Tsutomu 32L8’14 .830
No. 4 Urabe Shiniti 31L8’03 .830
No. 5 Kasuga Ryousuke 31L8’05 .150
No. 6 Minister Oota Hiroshi 31L8’08 .090
No. 7 Professor Ishikawa 31L8’14 .300
No. 8 Aramaki Atsushi 30L8’05 .530
No. 9 30L8’09 .850 Shirao Katsuhiko
No. 10 Yamasaki Masayoshi 20L5’06 .030

Grand Prix F-1 B Main Class
No. 1 Kuroda (PAM) 36L8’10 .270
No. 2 Yamaguti Akira (NEX) 36L8’14 .550
No. 3 Tamura Hideki (TTF) 35L8’05 .680
No. 4 Arakawa Tsutomu (PAM) 35L8’12 .710
No. 5 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 35L8’12 .880
No. 6 Yoshiyuki rigid (IKE) 35L8’15 .770
No. 7 Pan (T48) 34L8’14 .270
No. 8 Kawanishi, Noriaki (CRE) 33L8’09 .810
No. 9 Sakai Wakoku (T48) 33L8’13 .410
No. 10 Huzihara Shiniti (SOU) DNS

r0453 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0454 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0455 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0456 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0457 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0458 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0459 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0460 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

A main Sefutikakurasu

A final Sefutikakurasu Meinsefutikakurasu A main. Red third on the grid machines, but some players flying start with a touch of Kasuga, in the discretion of the referee committee OK. First up is the start from pole position, players Nishijima, Ono, We will go in order of player races Matsuo and JH color. However, due to stop at Ono trouble finishing the 04 laps. We have players up to third place Kasuga. S top athletes Nishishima Mari pink color containing a black line. To pass the lapped well and has brought top state monopoly. Unlike qualifying, the race is like driving a noticeable quiet sound for each player. Young players will quickly swallow though there is little sense of time but this is improving. The winning player, led the top did throughout Nishizima Mari, best lap in 17 seconds, only 350 units and 17 seconds, the race now appears to be strong in local races.

Class F-1 A Main
Class F-1 A main final. Morishita impunity players took shots of Paul Williams Rothmans, followed by players immediately behind Hirata. Third place after the crash, but now close combat, players will rise SAWAMOTO of Maruboromensorukara moment, due back trouble, is on behalf of third Hirota player. Morishita driving under the influence of the top players away second place gradually Hirata players. Trace very precise line, piled up like running laps with experienced players. As late as the end, momentum is the same top players Morishita. Papekutouin drove very suitable, I decided to win the Porutouuin. In second place followed by giving up a run until the end, the players good luck Hirata, was awarded third place driving a car Hirota players were painted white to bright pink to black.

Class F-1 A main Grand Prix
Grand Class F-1 A Main final. Interviews with the players first before entering the race, in cooperation Hyakutake’s body painter known worldwide, we had such enthusiasm for the final hearing on behalf of one chairman who broadcast players. The pace car before the final Uomuappuran, spectacular victory in Sefutikakurasu, I Nishishima Mari top players go, the hall rose a lot. And finally the Grand Prix F-1 A final class is the main start. Start from the grid to a good start 2 ALEX RACING Winners players decide Kamibayashi, Masu top. Start No. 2 Team Bomber Paul Kato. Third tier melee after crash-prone, and retired players as early as Team Bomber Kawamoto, unfortunately leaving front. Kamibayashi players topped ALEX RACING Winners will take to expand the difference between the arrowhead and 2nd Kato, spoon in the corner and crashed, caught the players overrun, that gap to the top Kimasu Kato Team Bomber . Kanbayashi player in second place, 3 PRO2.stn Kobayashi place to place leads 4 Futaba F-1 Racing Morita player, very hectic expansion. Until the middle of the top three Kato, Kamibayashi player, the other cars ahead Kobayashi, and this feeling was narrowed down to three chances to win. Whose No. 2 ALEX RACING Winners Team Bomber’s top players Kamibayashi temporary difference between the approaches to the place Kato 0.6 seconds off well on the pace since the mid. Now the player whose No. 3 PRO2.stn approaches Kamibayashi Kobayashi second place. Past two minutes, the difference between the two is 0.3 seconds off the battle. 30 seconds remaining, and the straight end, PRO2.stn moment to enter a small player in the Kamibayashi Kobayashi, crashed two! Order from a rear and, while waiting for Kobayashi players return Kamibayashi, leading Team Bomber won the championship by Kato decided to run throughout Nagenai second place was amazing before and after pressure ALEX RACING Winners Kanbayashi player, entered the third tier PRO2.stn Kobayashi. The fourth, Team Tech F-tournament players are tough melee one anthill, jump up and play. Team Bomber machine decided Kato won the Bomber Conversion upcoming releases. It will run with the vivid memories of baked many galleries.

Final ranking

Class F-1 A Main
No. 1 Morishita Riyuuhei 34L8’10 .950
No. 2 Hirata Minoru 33L8’03 .800
No. 3 History of Township 33L8’07 .850 Hirota
No. 4 Takada Masayuki 33L8’11 .630
No. 5 Tamaki Hiroshi Takashi 32L8’04 .230
No. 6 Nakatsuka Hiroyuki 32L8’08 .320
No. 7 Hiramatsu Yuu 31L8’01 .520
No. 8 Yutaka Katsu 31L8’05 .080
No. 9 Motokawa Susumu 30L8’08 .490
No. 10 SAWAMOTO Takahiro 1L0’15 .01

Class F-1 A main Grand Prix
No. 1 Katou Takashi (BOM) 37L8’06 .160
No. 2 Kamibayashi Hiroshi (ALW) 36L8’00 .220
No. 3 Hiroo Kobayashi (PR2) 36L8’01 .100
No. 4 Anthill S. (TTF) 35L8’02 .510
No. 5 Kawano Takayoshi (BI3) 35L8’03 .130
No. 6 Morita Shigeru (FUR) 35L8’13 .360
No. 7 Hotta Mikio (PR2) 34L8’01 .920
No. 8 Matsunaga Yukiharu (NEX) 31L8’00 .600
No. 9 Kawamoto Atsushi (BOM) RT
No. 10 Somekawa Akira (CRE) DNS

A main Sefutikakurasu
No. 1 Nishizima Mari 17L5’07 .600
No. 2 Matsuo Leo 16L5’04 .520
No. 3 Kasuga place Haruka 15L5’08 .480
No. 4 Higashida Sho 13L5’22 .510
No. 5 10L5’14 .290
No. 6 Ono Ooteru 4L5’07 .890

r0461 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0462 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0463 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0464 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0465 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0466 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0467 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0468 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0469 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0470 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0471 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0472 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Awards podium champagne
After the race, the awards podium immediately. Top players gathered in the top three in each class, celebrate the honor. F-1 class, race winner Senna outstanding player of the image of the Morishita, F-1 Grand Prix Team Bomber class that Kato has achieved a superb first win and keep winning last year’s champion. The Sefutikakurasu (Kizzukurasu) driving me to work hard to give up in all. So many young drivers are a small, two or three years is to improve how fun. Trophies and medals are awarded from the course owner’s bank, will receive applause from the crowd of blessing. You played a top prize, congratulations.

r0473 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0474 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0475 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0476 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Besutorukkinguka Awards
Besutorukkinguka of this award-winning, sun VR-player racing was made by Virgin 01. Red color, the detail work of drawing up elaborate flow behind such lines, all participants were recognized masterpiece. Asahi player won the second time. Hall Of Fame F1RCGP Maybe soon Besutorukkinguka sector.

r0477 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0478 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0479 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0480 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

All lottery awards
After the champagne is wide recognition. The more players you call the lower classes, the card will be awarded recognition. Me tired feelings that you all like the player who made an addition to the main highlight various higher. Next, the lottery has been waiting for, the participants gave to each person who provided goods sponsors sponsors. Yet a recession this time, F1RCGP manufacturers they will send you a free gift to support a lot of time. Players receive a free gift to you is, I think that you all means use it forever.

r0481 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0482 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0483 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Reportr0484 Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 4 Race Report

Major equipment data F1RCGP Games
Games will be F1RCGP data. Machine, radio, amplifier, battery, F-1 share of Guranpurikurasumota names of all participating athletes county, age, and sex ratio is. Participants next time you are away, etc., please make yourself useful. The next will be held Round5 F1RCGP2010 is May 9 (Sunday) event is Sodegaura Chiba RC Stadium. We look forward to your participation everyone.

Everyone participating in the tournament players, like rent capped bank circuit circuit owners and capped help operations staff and NEXTER circuit, everyone who submitted the design industry, to thank the many sponsors product always Support manufacturers everybody, thank you very much. The design like a kindly cooperation Hyakutake interview hurry, I would like also thank everyone who has visited us many spectators capped. I was able to exit safely in backing this event.
Finally, RC magazines magazines you, thank you very much for coming Haruka interview people.

F1RCGP: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RCGP/Racereport2010/rr2010r4.html
Translated by Google Translator

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