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New product from RPM – F/R Bumper Mounts for Traxxas Summit

 80932 New product from RPM   F/R Bumper Mounts for Traxxas Summit80992 New product from RPM   F/R Bumper Mounts for Traxxas Summit


Just a few short weeks ago, RPM released new bumper supports for the Traxxas Revo. Following closely in those footsteps are their new Summit bumper mounts. These new bumper mounts are designed to absorb serious impacts while transferring minimal impact energy into the more fragile components of the truck, just like the Revo versions.

RPM engineers utilized the same design improvements that make their Revo bumper mounts so strong and incorporated them into the Summit bumper mounts to add some much needed strength and durability. Both the front and rear RPM bumper mounts were widened (the front more so than the rear) to allow the bumper mount material more flexing room. They also curved the center connecting rib to allow the bulkhead mounting points the ability to rotate at the mounting screws, allowing more impact absorption and less energy transference. The last major design improvement is the one everyone is most familiar with – RPM custom-blended nylon! The material is the toughest stuff out there with just the perfect blend of rigidity, flexibility, durability and memory.


#80932 Front Bumper Mount – Black

UPC #672415809327

#80992 Rear Bumper Mount – Black

UPC #672415809921


Tech Notes: RPM Bumper Mounts replace Traxxas stock #5635 – front and #5636 – rear (Bumper not included).


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