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New Tamiya 801 Hop-Ups & Shell!

new tamiya New Tamiya 801 Hop Ups & Shell!

“These new hop-ups from ProDrive were designed in conjunction with Victor Wilk for light weight, maximum durability and great looks. The hard blue anodized alloy steering posts save weight but still provide strong precise steering response. The alloy center drive cups, axles and Titanium inner diff gear shafts all reduce critical rotating mass for quick acceleration and maximum punch. East Coast Bodies and Victor Wilk also teamed up for a sweet new body for your Tamiya 801. It comes pre painted in Victor’s own color scheme! Trick out your 801 with the latest bodies and fast accessories only from East Coast Bodies and ProDrive hop-ups. Please visit www.EastCoastBT.com for more details, and to find a dealer near you!”

Source:RC News

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