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LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!

lrp ronald 02 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!lrp ronald 09 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!

LRP sat down with LRP top driver Ronald Völker to talk about his fantastic start to his 2010 season, and his aims for the current season. Let´s have a look at what said about his sensational start to the season!

lrp ronald 04 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!lrp ronald 01 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!lrp ronald 03 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!lrp ronald 06 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!

Ronald Völker´s start to the year has been nothing but sensational. No one could have missed that Ronald have been winning all of the most prestigious touring car racers so far in only less than 4 month. And this in a world championship year when all top drivers are more motivated and practice/race more than ever.
LRP had the chance to talk a little bit with who is on everybody lips nowadays – Ronald Völker.

LRP: First before we start this interview, congratulations to your amazing start to the 2010 racing year! In just 4 month you have been able to win the DHI Cup, 1/10th EFRA European Indoor Championship, LRP Touring Car Masters, German 1/10th Indoor Championship as well as being Vice-European Champion in 1/12th. What do you say about this crazy start to the year?
Ronald Völker: Thank you very much. It’s been a fantastic start into the 2010 season for me, better than I ever expected and I hope to be able to keep this form for the upcoming events in 2010. This will be very tough but I will for sure try.

LRP: What do you believe is the secret to your success this year? What have you made different from previous years?
Ronald Völker:  Beside of the great support of LRP I get every race, my new car sponsor Yokomo is supporting me perfectly by the help of Yukijiro Umino as my own mechanic who makes it a lot easier for me to focus on pure driving. This is the main thing that has changed for me compared to the past years but obviously a very good and important one icon smile LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview! Of course hard training with other racing friends has been very important as well.

LRP: Top drivers such as Christer Andersson described before the TCM that you are on “fire” right now and that it will be difficult for anybody to stop you. What do you have to say about hearing comments like that?
Ronald Völker: Of course it´s very nice to hear that. It’s a good motivation when other top racers think so.

LRP: The new LRP 50C LiPo batteries and LRP VECTOR X12 Octa-Wind motors have been introduced at 2010. How important are the new LRP products for your 2010 racing success?
Ronald Völker:  The new 50C Lipo and the X12 Octa-Wind motor series have improved the performance and power of the car significantly, which is of course a good advantage to have. I think our team will be especially competitive on fast tracks with this combination. Not to forget the SXX TC spec which is also very important.

LRP: You are Vice-World Champion after the 2008 World Championship in Bangkok, Thailand. Will you be aiming for one better this time around?
Ronald Völker:  This is the goal for many drivers attending the Worlds this year, but I would be lying if I say I’m not aiming for the title this year.

LRP: Which has been the most important title for you this year?
Ronald Völker:  All of them were very important for me in 2010 but to win the LRP Masters for the 1st time was definitely something special! I have always wanted to win the TCM and to finally do it was a fantastic feeling!

LRP: You primarily race 1/10th TC and 1/12th. Do you have any thoughts of starting to race any other classes as well?
Ronald Völker:  “Lol” – you need to ask this to my LRP team manager.:)
I have not planned to do any other races then 1/10th TC or 1/12th this year, but we will see in 2011 if I make a debut in any other class…

lrp ronald 05 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!lrp ronald 07 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!lrp ronald 07 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!lrp ronald 08 LRP top driver Ronald Volker Interview!

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