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Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP – Round 2 Race Report

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Race Report F1RCGP

Game 2 F1RCGP2010 in Ibaraki
Yatabe Arena February 7, 2010 (Sun)
r0200 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report


Weather: Sunny (indoor) temperature: 15 ℃, Humidity: 45%, surface temperature: 12 ℃

F1RCGP2010 the second game of the Kansai and Kanto transfer the venue was held at Yatabe Arena in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Onrodosakitto. Yatabe Arena will have a good circuit of one of the most extensive facilities in the prefecture is one of the Kanto. The first year of Heisei in 1989 as an indoor off-road circuit at the time as a grand opening with an innovative retractable roof. Onrodokosu 1992 to expand its outdoor things will be known nationwide as the largest electric car circuit Kanto prefecture. Later, IFMRA motorized off-road car world championship due to be held in the year 1995, expanded the pit area with a tent. (Now: Dorifutokosueria) after the world championships, the first two runs indoors as Onrodosakitto place, and has also been popular for beginners. However, 1997 will be the first thing that a big natural disaster hit early Yatabe Arena. Tent collapsed due to heavy snow lock occurs to suspend operations. And when you re-open in the spring of 1997, together with off-road course, with a large outdoor tent and toward the far Onrodokosu the on / Proven to be bustling again as a typical indoor off course. Then outdoor Onrodosakitto later became a disaster when the second Onrodosakitto the course due to a renewed boom drift drift year 2004. Two years later, in 2006 with a drift course was a tent, all three will face an all-weather circuit. And is the oldest off-road circuit, from population growth and buggy thing was crowded 2.4GHz space vehicles fly by widespread problems, 2007 was approximately 1.5 larger as the relocation of the times the site area indoor off-road circuit. Site of the former off-road circuit will be temporary indoor pit area. In recent years, and in 2010 began a major renovation since the temporary pit area. The pit area is part of Onrodosakitto moved indoors, including the race, one place behind this traditional ratio was about 2 / 3 of the area to be operated Onrodosakitto. (Of course operated by the size of the drift is unchanged) since 2011, including the shop, and how reincarnation is a very fun or easy to spend a great facility that everyone will! Then talk about Memashou F1RCGP2010 Round2. It is still early in the 2010 series is an entry I pace than last year already. Number of Class F-1 Grand Prix team, with increased size, and very high level of antagonism. (F-1 class is still relaxed mood.) In such, ALEX RACING Winners win the opening game to dominate other players cars Kambayashi, which has been the situation in which one step ahead. However, in this second leg, IFMAR, JMRCA the boost in groups organized by race, many drivers appear to have been rivals for the top leading always. One of the players is the most powerful players Ban Masami TEAM YM Wide race this year after retiring the first time in 3 months + Rajikonresu will race in a borrowed car, in the hope they will do. Also, Team Bomber from the players Kato, Adachi-entry players. On / off regardless of the all-rounder and I’m in F-1 driving places.

However, ZEN from, 2nd driver Endo players debut. DD is also worth seeing the same players that excel at running racer. Others, many of Ku à teams or players confront them if Kambayashi, you are expected to be very interesting. F-1 class in Nagoya, Kansai Presents an entry from all directions, sprinkled another opportunity to deepen the exchange of Kanto. Council and the story setting, I can hear their cars and local epidemic. Here Yatabe (Kanto) in the range of strong TRG109 very popular. Is followed, TECH, F103/104 what conversion companies. F-1 class 540 says only limited power, and also select the area and tune up car full of originality, each player will feel the enthusiasm.
The course, like mentioned, is small and tentative course Yatabe Arena. The site usually two / three to about angustate circuit, the technical area, speed area, Rizumuwaindingueria large three parter where you can. Zhou is one of about 160m, the 30m back straight will be about. Asphalt road surface is flat-grained, patchy paint repair in line, some uneven spots. Had struggled for many players, high-speed end of the straight Shikeinkona. F-1 Ke Kenaku flat out there and does not expect a good time. The corner will test the courage and technique. Rizumuwaindingu its destination, and good cornering performance car, and out the understeer or oversteer out, is not consistent laps. And the place will be linking arms showing how the shortest straight line then the best is still the Yatabe Arena Onrodokosu be lost without even changing the size of the course. Indeed, while preliminary, it is not a great track layout and more. Number of participants, F-1 Class: 23, F-1 Class Grand Prix: 13 teams 21 from a total of 44 people worldwide. F-1 Grand Prix class, F1RCGP record number of teams, we recorded the number of drivers. Register new teams from the tournament, Team Bomber, Team YM, Team Top circuit, TEAM SONIC, Team Castrol Lotus etc.. Any member in teams, especially noteworthy only female, Team Castrol Lotus Toki three players in the winter. In combination with Dad, we are aiming to top the podium heights. In addition, Team top circuit, and well-known Shibuya Tokyu Toyoko mean, players ditch the arms broken-circuit the top three in the past appeared in Shibuya, a red Ferrari. Theorist in the setting of a weapon, far fuller exploitation. TEAM SONIC Sakura tail end, the combination of players is Kawachi, fluorescent pink, first appeared in the body painted yellow with each other. 2009 the F-1 or experience anything in his class, this year’s race will play in the long-awaited Grand Prix class. F-1 and Class F-1 Grand Prix class. Boundaries of each other is very low status. F-1 class players, setting, and rapidly absorbed from the Grand Prix class and other people who ran the course, you want to learn. F-1 through category and say, I think the organizers are pleased as I look forward cultivated such an atmosphere.

r0201 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0202 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0203 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0204 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

Practice Day
Practice the day before the Sun was very crowded. On the day, Yatabe JMRCA cum round and race electric touring 1 / 12 to 1 motor racing championship Japan Joint qualifying following Gotta Shimasu car on the course of the three categories. But everyone there is a great technique, pace concession between different vehicles, a big mess is not happening. I did not split the driving time, especially if there is like a safe manner. The first look at everyone, ALEX RACING Winners Uebayashi of the two players Yokoi. Cornering, the speed with one has to go on the round finish. And hear the story, even in places like local Yatabe, and he has gone through so many menus before you enter the test site. Notes on the PC side and the show, had oodles of data on the screen settings. This data comparison, ALEX RACING parent team and things are also provided. ALEX RACING surely increase the speed of the players and the first driver Kito, and continues to run at a good feeling. Next, we will excite the audience with every machine filled with original ideas, i-hobby Racing Team willow, this combination of chamber players. And hear a coach talk to Mr. Yu, a direct-drive F-1 and things have been introduced. Difference between the drive shaft to drive now, in the structure around the Def, but struggled to adjust slightly, and increased the sharpness of the movement of the machine-like than the opener. Then, last year’s winner of the constructors, Futaba F-1 Racing Morita, David has two names, TECH F125 has brought the break. Saidopusshuroddo were added to the new, the grip seems to be up. However, it will be a slight lift in the corner a little fast, I had to focus on measures like that. Any other team has 11 players time in the office early and late second to 12 seconds, the time and shows there is still uneven. The limited time to hammer out a set of members help each other, this race would best appeal of that. When I look around the other team, ZEN drove the F104 is a very good conversion. State is yet to release less than one week, and so almost Ri perfectly set. Hashimoto, Endo, two players breathe each other, crazy to feel the direction is not. However, from time to race Team Bomber Kato, Adachi, both players are very aggressive attacking the course. Adachi players in particular, as the amount of driving is the most was the amount you will not compete. Team Bomber machine is, F104Bomber prototyping machine also say conversions. In the near future is likely to release, it looks, feels there had been a flawless finish and cool running. TRG from the only player in this race Takeshita. Hasegawa players in the absence of the antagonist, driving under the influence turn a handicap. The front suspension and a body color like we had the choice. The participants from the Kansai Team Tech F-1 race to launch F125 horizontal again. After F125 FA10-looking design and the kit has had good players Tamura. F-1 Grand Prix this class is also strong look at the matching members. A normal, so regular members can not keep the main guard, like I did enjoy your little radio-controlled in a rather serious. F-1 class, tranquil atmosphere fills from the usual practice. However, TRG ,3-Racing and machine-made, the rich variety of manufacturers, E color options are many other things more than a round of machine and equipment, drivers often characterized by small-minded focus on driving. Place each locality or, what is characteristic of the user base get tired just looking at the pit area the machine is also interesting galleries I have seen many people come to watch the scenery around to see that the . F-1 Preparative various machines, the picture is just appearance.
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Day tournament
E Mimashita very morning of the day. The parking gates will open before the participant is waiting. Accepted from those he has done his morning practice will begin gradually. In the morning, one surface of the road because of the temperature cools off, the grip is still difficult. The players appeared Team YM Hiroshi Ban from today, the kind of mechanical adjustment starts. Amplifier is adjusted to follow Team Yokomo Yamauchi players, in the course. Showing a good time volley straight to sail fast, and around amazed. Team Castrol Lotus Toki players are outstanding Riagurippu consistent laps. Office of the rear driving slide around a bit player, not really worried about such a situation. Tamiya F103 specification car, the pit of the old Tamiya GP, GP top circuit was used in car (Lotus cars) and are also on display was also directed to detail. Kawachi players of Team SONIC is hammered into the last of the setting in combination with the player Sakura tail. Compared with other teams, F-1 Grand Prix class team yet, it looks like a cozy comfortthat challenge. While working very happily set, how the race is not stable because both players are still in the line-end dive straight chicane, you can expect clear, even if further time up here. Most entry F-1 Grand Prix class, the top team until just before the start of the race was also severe information warfare, amplifiers and motors, gear or check the specifications of the index, concludes the hectic time of the morning practice. Gather the well was, ALEX RACING Winners, ZEN, Team Bomber of three teams. Futaba F-1 Racing is a little like being an underdog. Eventually, the opening ceremony began, the Chairman introduced each of the races today, taking a picture, the selection of the best Rukkinguka awards, regulations and other considerations have been announced race manners, and finally the opening race. This has become one JMRCA Joint Association championship qualifier, qualifying in relation to the total number of entries in the second inning, the final one will be times. As this new approach, F-1 Grand Prix class only way we conducted a photo session. F-1 vehicle reminiscent of the scene, many of you will feel the punch. F-1 Grand Prix class has a registration system, it is the only class that can challenge anyone to register. We sincerely welcome your participation and challenge everyone. So, F1RCGP2010 Round2! Is

※ On the day magazine RC, RC kindly been rushed to the World magazine interview. For athletes participating in and say things appear to magazine articles, I’ve been fired up than usual into.

r0209 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0210 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0211 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0212 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

r0213 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0214 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0215 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0216 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

First qualifying round
F-1 class first qualifying round, sail fast Proven to be one of the vanguard of the participating players Ozaki of heat raced from Aichi Prefecture. Color was painted in Toyota F-1, we’ll have steadily accelerated the Rizumuwaindingukona clear. Time 20L4’07.691, the best 104 in 12 seconds, the fastest time this preliminary heat. Ozaki F1RCGP2010 player for the season opener three classes of F-1 drivers also in the world. First team to victory is like a good start off. TRG second place driving a car, Yamaguti Riyouiti players. Best 20L4’10 .660 at 12.057, F-1 in a best time of the fastest class. Slight mistake in the middle of qualifying, but could not capture the players Ozaki, is expecte to bounce back the next round. This round, which marked the 20-lap mark is three, and up to three players will be ranked Sobue. Time difference between three names, three second gap 951. 19 laps 9 entered. Major players fought bravely from Kawasaki Fukushima particular.Ri a machine that is evenly colored Maruboromakuraren, we were excited the laughter. Currently sixth in 19L4’04 .102, the best 12 seconds 487. After the breakthrough is expected to increase further only the best. A round of one of the main border Suzuki 10 ranked players. Also Tamiya F103 · TRG is Maruboromakurarenkara Conversion. This qualification is two times. Qualifying times for the one remaining top 10 but managed to keep the place, but things do not forget to enjoy the race itself, F-1 features what might be the biggest office-class entrants. The main fight for the same things through friends, to enjoy one.

F-1 Grand Prix first qualifying round of the Class, First Team Bomber players in the fastest time 20L4’01 .195 Kato. Best 11 seconds 037. Heat player in Adachi’s team, ALEX RACING Winners is the time of the battle and Seiji Yokoi player. Kato is a great player running stability, but one or two other players during the times when mistakes are made, no mistake was almost a perfect race. In the next heat, ZEN players at running Ewatarimasu Hashimoto. Futaba F-1 Racing the early stages were very close competition between the players and Morita, up pace of late. 21L4’05 .607, second best 11 top 318 goals. From the back, Team Castrol Lotus hectic chase players hung in late winter ace driver Toki 3. As the 21 lap race 21L4’07 .950, the best mark of 11 to 426 seconds, the fastest overall time 7. And there was nothing spectacular to say the final heat. Hirosaka players in the GP side, attracts a three year course is one of the many galleries to see the players run Hirosaka months. The race, ALEX RACING Winners, from the previous year F-1 to build a lead early in Grand Prix racing class champion athletes Kambayashi, very especially intense form two battle for third place. Team YM Hirosaka player, ZEN players Endo, opened a little interval, Team Tech F-1 players Tamura, Tomoe development of one of four players Anthill. Hirosaka players but other players have less speed than the machine slightly, in line took a world-class players Takumi Endo ZEN block. 1:00 Endo ZEN players also get out in front, the battle will continue until the end. Each other in battle, the player with fewer mistakes when I sat in front again four pattern-minute goal. Team YM Hirosaka player, Team Tech F-1 and Seiji Anthill players each battle. Round 1 of the provisional pole position time in qualifying, ALEX RACING Winners Uebayashi of players.

Tournament record and, 22L4’06 .074, the best record of 11.000. Comprehensive two-place finish, Team Bomber players Kato. In stride in the grip of heat, even without opening, F104Bomber Emashita the conversion run. Hirosaka Team YM-place finish three players. Back to the expectations of everyone, the last thing you two will continue to showcase the great race of round.
r0217 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0218 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0219 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0220 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

Second qualifying round
Placing a lunch break, I’ll go with the second qualifying round. During lunch break, so have plenty of time to practice, even in the next round of bad players tone earlier, the trend changed for the better, things that players will come back into form. F-1 class on the second qualifying round, enters its second round is a good time like the string of each player came up to grip the track. F-1 class time is running at a pace 11 seconds into the cars. Ozaki players running in the heat of the first color Toyota, F103 Square Ri the conversion, the time to update self 1.541 seconds, 20L4’06 .150, the best pole in 11 seconds 748. F1RCGP her first pole position is well constructed for the race win. Yamaguchi second place player. Self-raising time 3.505 seconds, was more than a player’s bat Paul Osaki. Tamiya F103 Sakai third player is. 20L4’08 .198. Best 11 seconds of the top 678 so far! This position is a variation in tone and pace of the late first-half goal in the final round of the fish in troubled waters, will she make things more sail fast. Mabuchi F-1 class 540 as described above will be limited to the regulation of motor power. Optional parts of the third party direct effect is like a big time up less, and 4 is like looking at driving performance can be obtained in minutes in total stability. Round two of 20 players finished at a record six laps. Sobue players will be up 20L4’10 .952. Chance of winning this or be narrowed down to six names, or 19th anniversary of the first half to record 4 minutes, 0.629 seconds behind in what four players to jump up from behind 犇Meku the name of the final round of the following occupied. F-1 grand prix classes, two of the final qualifying round, ALEX RACING Winners Again

Kambayashi, Yokoi players pair Proven to sail fast. Conversion F103 Fusion Racing’s tight infield turns, slow turns, regardless of speed, always showed a stable cornering. Fantom17.5 straight or pleasant thanks to the growth of the brushless motor, always 70km/h or more had a top-end growth. I like the way TEKIN amplifier is used. Pin point the amplifier is set up there, you do get the Moapawa. ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi time players 22L4’08 .497 in one-time beyond the first round, 2.423 seconds, but one superb record of consecutive pole position of his two rounds. Yokoi players are arriving, on lap 22 narrowly, 21L4’00 .360, the best was 11 seconds 157, moved up to third overall position. In this round wowed the stadium, Team Bomber Adachi players. The rendezvous with the player running mate Kato, and looks on course with a time of approaching a double race. Like a scene from the floor to see if they will hear the cry, almost like a race. Seiji Adachi, a battle with American players and Kato, 21L4’01 .174, the best 072 in 11 seconds, close to the best player the second time Kambayashi 3. Can expect a breakthrough in the final good. Two-place finish overall, ZEN player comes up big jump Hashimoto. Always ran faultlessly in the late stable from the early, rush to the 22 th day of the two-lap mark, 22L4’10 .591, the second best time is 11 seconds 2 and 041, personal Datsu best race series I think in the Ta. ZEN F104ZEN conversion machine as well as teams. Is the track conditions are going to be hung in the second half with a touch of oversteer, and stable under were weak throughout. Endo ZEN player’s team, Team YM is a close battle from the first half high Hirosaka players. I was deployed for about a position that severely strained, the second half the pace down a little from each other. Endo fourth ZEN players, Team YM Hirosaka is 7 Select the position players. A border is the main, ALEX

RACING Kito players 21L4’08 .156. 21 players entered a total of nine laps. Hibino Prochemi players but 21 laps into the overall 11th unfortunately. Addition, F1RCGP A pair of regulars in the main Team Tech F-1, TRG has also been unlucky with the B main. Only two times in the qualifying round is like have led to severe consequences for better or worse. Finally following is the last and final round. Each main, and hope they proved their strength and power of the team.

r0221 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0222 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0223 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0224 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

F-1 class
Rank 1 Ozaki Nirou one place 2R20L4’06 .150

Rank 2 Yamaguti Ryouiti 2R20L4’07 .155

Rank 3 Sakai Takayuki 2R20L4’08 .198

Rank 4 Morita Kouhei 2R20L4’10 .353

Rank 5 Place five stones 2R20L4’10 .566 Hitoshi Suzuki

Rank 6 students place Asahi Sobue 2R20L4’10 .952

Rank 7 Matsuno Syuuzi 2R19L4’00 .667

Rank 8 Shin Kato place 2R19L4’00 .749

Rank 9 Ban Masae place 2R19L4’01 .253

Rank 10 Negishi Hiroyuki place 1R19L4’01 .296

Rank 11 Kawasaki Akihiro place 1R19L4’04 .102

Rank 12 Hajime his place 1R19L4’04 .178

Rank 13 Wada Tatsuya place 2R19L4’05 .347

Rank 14 Sakurai Hiroshi place 2R19L4’06 .422

Rank 15 Kazumi Kato place 2R19L4’07 .956

Rank 16 Makoto Omura place 2R19L4’09 .258

Rank 17 Iinuma Toshirou place 2R19L4’12 .325

Rank 18 Yamaguti Tomoaki 2R18L4’00 .069

Rank 19 Nishizawa Makoto place 2R18L4’02 .224

Rank 20 Motoki Katsuyuki place 2R18L4’05 .546

Rank 21 Shogo Takemoto place 2R18L4’07 .261

Rank 22 Yanagi Nobuyuki 2R18L4’12 .327

Rank 23 Miyano Masashi place 1R18L4’25 .869

Class F-1 grand prix
Rank 1 Kamibayashi Hiroshi (ALW) 1R22L4’06 .074

Rank 2 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 2R22L4’10 .591

Rank 3 Yokoi Akihiro (ALW) 2R21L4’00 .360

Rank 4 Endou Kazuki (ZEN) 2R21L4’00 .937

Rank 5 Shinnosuke Adachi (BOM) 2R21L4’01 .174

Rank 6 Takashi Kato (BOM) 1R21L4’01 .195

Rank 7 Masami Hirosaka place (TYM) 2R21L4’01 .436

Rank 8 Morita Shigeru place(FUR) 2R21L4’04 .951

Rank 9 Toki place three winters (LTS) 1R21L4’07 .950

Rank 10 Kitou Masaharu (ALE) 2R21L4’08 .156

Rank 11 Hibino Tatsuya place (PRC) 2R21L4’09 .074

Rank 12 Tamura Hideki place (TTF) 2R20L4’01 .013

Rank 13 Shinya Anthill place (TTF) 1R20L4’03 .074

Rank 14 Toki place Keita (LTS) 2R20L4’03 .832

Rank 15 Place three grooves 15 Takao (TOP) 2R20L4’04 .730

Rank 16 David Tse (FUR) 2R20L4’07 .462

Rank 17 Takeshita Atsushi (TRG) 2R20L4’10 .369

Rank 18 Sakura Shinya tail position (SON) 1R19L4’05 .985

Rank 19 Kawachi crown position (SON) 2R18L4’02 .946

Rank 20 Place this chamber Ken (IHO) 2R16L4’00 .947

Rank 21 Yanagi Masahiro (IHO) 2R15L4’08 .357

For final
Race is only one single one-shot deal. Each entered the main players, in order to successfully complete the development of this whole thing assuming all kinds of machine-ordinate. And-tighten the screw, and motor and reset the amplifier, the game will entrust each station varies widely. ALEX RACING Winners of the two players are different this time directed by Canada’s lack of luck in his big mountains. The data also been Tsu, ALEX RACING is also good to see and interact. Fusion was impressive was the Barashi carefully before final conversion. Meanwhile, Team YM Hirosaka players. The condition of the state of the race was a rehearsal, now 7, also fared well in place and here. Matsukura players to follow the father of mechanics and strategies under consideration in the final. Futaba F-1 Racing struggled to set up, David A state lacking the main players. A final climb alone Morita main players, like changing the crook and the adjustments we had, it is good if Gare into this final race of the best. And Team Castrol Lotus Nda only female player in the winter Toki 3. 2nd B Main contented to hope luck is the father of the driver minutes. Class F-1 Grand Prix grid in order, ALEX RACING Winners, ZEN poised alternating grid, the two dressed Team Bomber hear it behind the name. Further behind their players ahead of Team YM Hirosaka, multiplied by the pressure to the players in front of silence. We continued waiting for someone at any moment and also the whereabouts of people watching the final.

F-1 class, color or Toyota Ozaki players will win, I am so excited. In addition, TRG’s are expected to use the machine to get back two players ranked Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi players white and blue tones, the line containing the original orange color. TRG F-1 Grand Prix in front of the class team player Takeshita, F1RCGP by TRG is focused on you decorate the cup. Now, finally after this is the start of the final round.

r0225 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0226 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0227 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0228 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

F-1 Class C final main
Main F-1 Class C final. Takemoto players first one solid color white shots starting grid is one pole position, followed by three players from the grid Ferrari Miyano, aimed at the top with your back to the cheers of the gallery from the beginning as early as go. -Place finish dropped three players driving a Benetton Renault willow, a large crash Shimashita early, it has no much difference yet, takes the catch-up.Shi Kari the middle of the race, Takemoto top players are steadily pulling away the difference between the two place. And attention of the two battle for third place. Willow players Benetton Renault, Ferrari is competition between these Miyano. Currently, the two players Renault willow place, just behind Ferrari Miyano by the players. Miyano is a risky line against players taking aim at a slightly Ingirigiri, players will feel like willow sober adults to run relaxed. The difference was even closer, the number of mistakes many young players to become Miyano, to be released step by step development. The difference between top-ranked and open about seven seconds. 2 battle for third place with three minutes remaining, suddenly close again. The end of the battle over the laps, players fall on the last corner painful Miyano Ferrari in this game. Top on the last lap but fell a single, solid color white Takemoto players built their lead throughout, two position players Benetton willow, Miyano three players and Ferrari says the final order to place the main C ended.
r0229 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0230 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0231 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0232 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

F-1 Class B final main
F-1 Class B main finals. Marlboro McLaren Kawasaki 1 start player is determined to a great start from the grid. Wada second GP of the color brown, was painted with three purple and blue on a white background followed by the fastest players 3Racing ride a machine works.Shimasu the melee behind it. McLaren’s top players continued to sail fast Kawasaki, wrapped in path delays have already been involved in an unexpected crash, the recession and damage to the drive system. We jumped to the top of his players. Kato two machine players were painted in blue color white grid. Williams FW-07 followed by three players in the fastest ride to Sakurai. And, completing the race in the same drivetrain problems with his players in a position Yamaguti Tomoaki midfield, survival becomes the face of the race. Second half of the race, the top two players in his place to build a gap of more than seven seconds, the state monopoly. Kato two players remain in place, jump up to third with 10 players starting Motoki, driving a Lotus grid. Then call shortly after 8 minutes! Top players are determined to finish his great stable running from the midfield.
r0233 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0234 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0235 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0236 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

F-1 Grand Prix Class B main finals
F-1 Grand Prix Class B main finals. A men’s team narrowly missed the main by the end, let’s hope a great race. Hibino players Prochemi grid is one. Dash is a bad-so start, decided to dash back from the fast and furious start, Team Tech F-1 Tamura, Anthill two players. Anthill players at the end of the straight chicane to be involved in the crash, but players took the shots Paul Tamura, Prochemi floats to the top early and keep the players Hibino. The three fastest players Keita Team Castrol Lotus Toki, 4-place finish for David Futaba F-1 Racing player followed by a narrow margin. Begin to reach the middle office as early as lap, Prochemi the players straight Tamura Kemasu Hibino players, the difference between a mistake indicates, spread a little. Meanwhile, the third fastest rising Futaba F-1 Racing’s David athletes. Three equally spaced along the forward deployed units. Top players Tamura Team Tech F-1, how to set the focus has been cornering, tendency to slide a little tail. Hibino players that chase the other hand, looks like that Riagurippu stable. Difference between the two goes by increases the Jiwarijiwari packed with orbit. Eventually, Prochemi players Hibino, right behind the players to Tamura. Then the players hung Tamura end of the straight leg of the chicane is committed to a painful fall, reversing the top. Hibino Prochemi players stood on the top. Second half of the race team continued to run high in almost regular intervals, Prochemi Hibino players to slow down slightly, is switched to a strategy like the top of the rock-solid play goal.

However, during the processing circuit lap top three grooves and Team, Team Castrol Lotus in a bit crowded with people and the Toki Ma player, the scene was also a bit dangerous, last played a top goal happy. Hibino Prochemi players to step up since the F-1 Grand Prix class, is steadily increasing and rank. Perhaps this time, I think good things balanced for the next round of data. Team Tech F-1 well, the two players Tamura Get a goal position. So I could take two more data and raced cars, and expects to bounce back after the third round.

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Final Standings
F-1 Class C Main
Rank 1 Shogo Takemoto one place 36L8’13 .668

Rank 2 Yanagi Nobuyuki 35L8’05 .022

Rank 3 Miyano Masashi 35L8’11 .216

F-1 Class B main
Rank 1 Hajime 37L8’05 .019

Rank 2 Kazumi Kato 37L8’13 .015

Rank 3 Motoki Katsuyuki 36L8’11 .165

Rank 4 Sakurai Hiroshi 36L8’12 .071

Rank 5 Iinuma Toshirou 35L8’00 .933

Rank 6 Wada Tatsuya place 34L8’02 .170

Rank 7 Makoto Omura 33L8’00 .441

Rank 8 Nishizawa Kiyoshi 29L7’49 .572

Rank 9 Yamaguti Tomoaki 08L1’54 .956

Rank 10 Kawasaki Akihiro place 05L1’06 .818

F-1 Grand Prix Class B main
Rank 1 Hibino Tatsuya (PRC) 40L8’03 .471

Rank 2 Tamura Hideki (TTF) 40L8’05 .890

Rank 3 David Tse (FUR) 40L8’10 .040

Rank 4 Takeshita Atsushi (TRG) 39L8’02 .565

Rank 5 Toki place Keita (LTS) 39L8’02 .852

Rank 6 Takao groove (TOP) 39L8’04 .803

Rank 7 Shinya Anthill (TTF) 39L8’05 .112

Rank 8 Sakura Shinya tail (SON) 38L8’14 .714

Rank 9 Kawachi crown (SON) 34L8’06 .639

Rank 10 chamber Ken (IHO) 06L1’51 .658

Rank 11 Yanagi Masahiro (IHO) D.N.S. (C Main)

F-1 Class A-Main
F-1 Class A-Main race. Paul Osaki color shot players also started from pole position for Toyota. Suzuki was second with five players from the grid Janpuappu of Marlboro McLaren, Williams, Sakai three players continue to expand the fastest. Including the top team in the midfield after a fairly narrow margin, and not show their composure pretty kaleidoscopic aspect. This section has three of the fastest up the rankings is No. 6 in F-1 Orange player of the grid color Sobue. Aichi Prefecture, some 15-year-old players from participating. Take a sharp line is very powerful in E runs a youth. Then the two players in the driving position Marlboro McLaren Suzuki will also suffer a crash involving another car at the end of the straight chicane. Sobue players will hold it at work calmly steering player Sobue orange color, the two become the market leader here. Ozaki player equipped with Toyota Shakufin huge difference between players and Sobue, but gradually became less, 1.4 seconds have been cut. Its back, white blue color orange line drive in the TRG Yamaguchi player approaches. And the second half of the race, Ozaki Player plug-in with Toyota’s past approach to a straight line, Shimasu a big fall. Meanwhile, the two largest players in the gap Sobue that upset the line, stand-awaited top players and Yamaguchi. Sobue second place player, to just three in the leading place is Toyota players Ozaki. Race time is at this point is two minutes off. Now, what, the leading players Yamaguchi, painful fall hook on the machine with a bowl of Rizumuwaindingu infield. Sobue emerged as the top player at the end of the last orange color. Ozaki place two players. However, the time off to race in one minute longer there, players will keep a competitive athlete Kanto Sobue many happy I decided to win. Osaki was second player was leading the race from the beginning. Yamaguchi, third prize is a shame to miss the last player. Including the top players, so did a very good race with an impressive all, RiGarimashita larger venue.

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F-1 Grand Prix class A-Main
Class F-1 Grand Prix final A-Main. The pole-sitter, led the players ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi, many big names lined up behind. In the final battle and tell everyone to enjoy winning more than seven players starting grid Hirosaka Team YM, Kambayashi stand between five players signed well before the machines, or that can close the top the start of the attention. Many galleries also flooded, letter like ad reads this race was in off-road course drivers in training. Paul took the shot, the players started from pole ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi. Yokoi player’s teammate, was second. ALEX RACING Winners or as early as rock-solid preparations. Hashimoto third ZEN players, Team YM place as early as four players are Janpuappu Hirosaka. Hashimoto ZEN players, the two fastest runs to spare in getting good ALEX RACING Winners players signed Yokoi, again at No. 2. Yokoi players, you come here from a slightly nervous, slightly Kimasu and unspirited line trace. Team YM Hirosaka players in the final corner, the players exchanged Yokoi, 3 to the position.Kimasu the hall-like atmosphere to the players it’s time to put the pressure finally Hirosaka Kambayashi the top players. 4-place finish, Team Bomber players emerged Kato. Conversion is a good person F104Bomber motility, multiply three deployments to the left and right players shake Hirosaka run the place and give it to a dead halt in the background. Around reach a mid-race, two players run to place Hashimoto ZEN big mistake! Where two of the players moved into the place Hirosaka Team YM. But it’s not. Mark the players behind the Team Bomber players Ban Hiroshi Kato, yet perfect. Sono Katou pressure off the players or players ahead ALEX RACING Winners Hirosaka is to focus on players caught Kambayashi devastating. Or in anticipation of it, Team Bomber players like Kato is further strengthened if they were under pressure. These two great attention to the race venue place! The greatest joy has been given two lives, today. Hirosaka a few players in with a straight-end players Kato Then, at No. 2, but players under intense pressure after Hirosaka, again in turnover in the field, tied up one second of second expansion.

Meanwhile, the top players Kambayashi ALEX RACING Winners will steadily expand the difference between two approaches to the race for second place behind. Then, the two battle for third place after two cars meet Re, Team YM Hirosaka players painful slowdown. To retreat to the rear. On behalf of the end of the three moved into place, ZEN Hashimoto player, or chop and say 1:00 minutes remaining. Is the last stride, Hashimoto player has finally seen the corner of the podium. And 8-minute call! Defended the top winning players throughout Kambayashi ALEX RACING Winners of the 2nd Team Bomber players Kato, third in the order of player ZEN HASHIMOTO, 2nd team, including the driver, respectively, second, third, fourth, fifth Tamiya F104 is said conversion results. Team YM Hirosaka players will throw down the last sound, sixth. An impressive best F-1 Grand Prix Class A finals in each of our main players, were given a round of applause from the audience a while things did not cease to ring. ALEX RACING Winners this season as early as two players win Kambayashi. F-1 for two consecutive world championship season, has seen a great rise.
r0245 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0246 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0247 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0248 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report
Awards podium champagne
F1RCGP finish off the last event is the annual award will be podium. F-1 class, F-1 Grand Prix class top-class three awards each. F-1 champion class athletes Sobue, Aichi Haruka from each race. Shoot for a championship run to finish plenty of spirit is so amazing. F-1 Grand Prix class winner ALEX RACING Winners Kambayashi players are up two victories this season, 50 points the season points. What places ahead of the others said. And, second and third ranked players E, champagne is made. During the cold wind blows, beginning the countdown is finally starting. F-1 to the target immediately and continue to race and class before Ozaki players. Become all wet T-shirt, mosquito net and anxiety while leaving to go home safely remain in Aichi, the end was awarded with a congratulatory round of applause from everyone there. The runners you, Congratulations really.

Final Standings ■
F-1 Class A-Main
Rank 1 Asahi freshman Sobue 39L8’11 .859

Rank 2 Ozaki Nirou 38L8’01 .821

Rank 3 Yamaguti Ryouiti 38L8’03 .476

Rank 4 Negishi Hiroyuki 38L8’05 .125

Rank 5 Sakai Takayuki 38L8’05 .758

Rank 6 Morita Kouhei 37L8’04 .423

Rank 7 stone place 37L8’06 .679 Hitoshi Suzuki

Rank 8 Matsuno Syuuzi 36L8’04 .696

Rank 9 Shin Kato place 35L8’06 .260

Rank 10 Ban Masae place 34L8’07 .285

F-1 Grand Prix class A-Main
Rank 1 Kamibayashi Hiroshi 1 Rank (ALW) 43L8’09 .795

Rank 2 Takashi Kato (BOM) 42L8’10 .171

Rank 3 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 41L8’01 .060

Rank 4 Shinnosuke Adachi (BOM) 41L8’02 .999

Rank 5 Endou Kazuki (ZEN) 41L8’03 .368

Rank 6 Masami Hirosaka place (TYM) 41L8’04 .765

Rank 7 Yokoi Akihiro (ALW) 41L8’10 .400

Rank 8 Winter Toki 3 position (LTS) 40L8’05 .018

Rank 9 Morita Shigeru (FUR) 40L8’06 .005

Rank 10 Kitou Masaharu (ALE) 39L8’11 .601

Award Besutorukkinguka
Besutorukkinguka of the tournament award, the players of yesteryear Sakurai Hiroshi Williams, FW-07 was chosen. Since 1979 in his machine, ring tones and color is off-white and green line was finished in the breathtaking beauty of everyone. Great color and decorated with a machine like this, most curvaceous machine F-1 race. F1RCGP clutch a little in its shape, and also minimizing Kananbadekaru. Some, but there are also disadvantages with confusing numbers on the course, like to get representation on the course Ri possible to everyone’s machine, F1RCGPA is also a consideration.

r0249 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0250 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0251 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0252 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report

Awards draw overall
Last player you collect in the course the participants, the entire ceremony was held. Gift cards are awarded to all participants, will be blessed. Then, go into the draw, moderated by Mr. Kato, chairman of the special events and presenter of the ladies in cooperation Toki, sponsored goods passed from one vendors who sponsor one participant. Final draw after a hectic time, until the time must have pressed a little cold, the Dear participants will be small, but I feel sorry, F1RCGP2010 Round2 in Yatabe Arena has been successfully completed. I just capped your cooperation, cheers for hard work really.
r0253 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0254 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0255 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Reportr0256 s Yeah Racing Sponsored Japan F1RCGP   Round 2 Race Report
Camera data F1RCGP major tournament
Data will F1RCGP tournament. Machine, Propo, amplifiers, batteries, F-1 and share Guranpurikurasumota, County names of all participating athletes, age, and gender ratio. Who will be attending the next time you are away, etc., please make yourself helpful. F1RCGP2010 Round3 is scheduled to be held next March 14 (Sun), Tokushima Prefecture is BIG +3 tournament circuit. We look forward to your participation everyone. Share Share Puroposhea amp motor car share Age sex ratio Prefecture players who share Battery

The player everyone participating in this tournament, capped rent a circuit like circuit Yokobori owner and chairman of everyone helping each run capped the run, everyone and everyone Tabata staff and staff of the series circuit, the most usual capped everyone’s cooperation and support your product manufacturers sponsors, Thanks so much. We acknowledge reception and cooperation as a presenter, thanking you also like Toki. Things could safely exit the finals in . Finally, RC magazine, RC people’s World magazine, Haruka thanked so much we interview.

The above version is translated from: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RCGP/Racereport2010/rr2010r2.html
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For accurate content, please refer to: F1RCGP.com

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