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Yeah Racing Aluminum Motor Gear (48P & 64P) has just arrived!

YR Motor Gear News 20100317 Yeah Racing Aluminum Motor Gear (48P & 64P) has just arrived!
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New product line from Yeah Racing, a whole series of Aluminum Motor Gear has been released @ yeahracing.com. The motor gear series including 2 major types of Pitch Pinion – the 48 Pitch Pinion and the 64 Pitch Pinion. The 48 Pitch Pinion available from 15 teeth to 38 teeth. The 64 Pitch Pinion available from 17 teeth to 52 teeth. The Yeah Racing Aluminum Motor Gear are made by 7075 high quality aluminum with gold coated surface to offer the most durable performance.

Please check the following list for more detail of the Super Bundle Set:

Super Bundle Set:
64P:  17T-22T (#MG-64017-022)
64P:  23T-28T (#MG-64023-028)
64P:  29T-34T (#MG-64029-034)
64P:  35T-40T (#MG-64035-040)
64P:  41T-46T (#MG-64041-046)
64P:  47T-52T (#MG-64047-052)

48P: 15T-20T (#MG-48015-020)
48P: 21T-26T (#MG-48021-026)
48P: 27T-32T (#MG-48027-032)
48P: 33T-38T (#MG-48033-038)

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