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Yeah Racing Electronic Digital Caliper – New Tools

yrac digital caliper arrival news 065 Yeah Racing Electronic Digital Caliper   New Tools
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The Brand New Yeah Racing Electronic Digital Caliper is just arrived yeahracing.com. The Caliper is available in 2 lengths, (#YT-0062) 0-100mm and (#YT-0063) 0-200mm.

# These calipers features mm/inch change-over at any position and zero setting at any position to make differential measurments.
# With serial output, which can interface with a computer or printer via a special converter to process data.

# Outside Measuring Faces
# Step Measuring Faces
# Inside Measuring Faces
# Slider Clamp Screw
# LCD Display
# Main Scale
# Depth Measuring Faces
# Battery Compartment
# Zero (On/Zero) Switch
# ON/OFF (OFF) Switch
# Inch/mm Switch
# Output Connector
# Thumb Roller

# Measurement area: 0-100mm/6″(YT-0062) / 0-200mm/8″(YT-0063)
# Repeatability: 0.01mm / 0.0005″
# Maximum Measurement Speed: 1.5m/s
# Operating Temperature: 0Deg ~ 40 Deg

Source: yeahracing

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