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New Traxxas original parts arrived rcMart!!!

traxxas rc parts 051 New Traxxas original parts arrived rcMart!!!

New parts for TRAXXAS model, including original parts for Slash 4×4 (#6804/6808) have arrived rcMart.  Please check the following list below for your desired parts:

Where to buy:

New Parts for 6804/6808
Part: Name:
1664 Shock shafts, steel, chrome finish (long) (2)
1666 Silicone shock oil (30 wt)
1765 Silicone diaphragms (4)
1952 Carriers, stub axle (rear) (2)
1965 Piston head set, (2 sets of 3 types)/ shock collars (2)/ spring retainers (2)
2362 Shock rebuild kit (for 2 shocks)
2537 Threaded rods (20/25/44mm 1 ea.)/ (1) 12mm set screw
2554 Screws, 3x6mm cap-head machine (hex drive) (6)
2656 Shock shafts, steel, chrome finish (xx-long) (2)
2664 Big Bore shock cylinder (long) (1)
2666 Big Bore shock cylinder (XX-long) (1)
2667 Shock caps, aluminum (2)/ (Big Bore Shocks, also fits plastic Ultra Shocks)
2668 Spring retainers, upper & lower (2)/ spring pre-load spacers: 1mm (4)/ 1.5mm (2)/ 2mm (2)/ 4mm (2)/ 8mm (2) (Big Bore Shocks)
2669 Piston head set (2-hole (2)/ 3-hole (2))/ shock mounting bushings & washers (2) (Big Bore Shocks)
2760 Shock caps, aluminum (2)
2765 Shock shafts, steel, chrome finish (X-long) (2)
3629 Seal kit, receiver box (includes o-ring, seals, and silicone grease)
3642 Attachment screws, shock (3x12mm shoulder screws) (6)
3643 Turnbuckles, camber link, 49mm (82mm center to center) (assembled with rod ends and hollow balls) (1 left, 1 right)
3760 Ultra Shocks (black) (long) (complete w/ spring pre-load spacers & springs) (front) (2)
3762 Ultra Shocks (black) (xx-long) (complete w/ spring pre-load spacers & springs) (rear) (2)
3767 Shock caps (2)/ shock bottoms (2)
3768 Spring retainers, upper & lower (2)/ piston head set (2-hole (2)/ 3-hole (2))
3769 Spring pre-load spacers: 1mm (4)/ 2mm (2)/ 4mm (2)/ 8mm (2)
3793 Input shaft (slipper shaft) / spring pin
3942 Gear, 12-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3943 Gear, 13-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3944 Gear, 14-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3946 Gear, 16-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3947 Gear, 17-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3948 Gear, 18-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3949 Gear, 19-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3950 Gear, 20-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3951 Gear, 21-T pinion (32-p) (mach. steel)/ set screw
3952 Gear, 22-T pinion (32-p) (mach.steel)/set screw
4760 Shocks, long (hard-anodized & Teflon-coated T6 aluminum) w/o springs (front) (2)
4761 Shocks, X-long (hard-anodized & Teflon-coated T6 aluminum) w/o springs (rear) (2)
5148 Grease, white lithium
5539 Turnbuckles, camber links, 58mm (assembled with rod ends and hollow balls) (2)
6815 Body mount (1)/ body mount post (2) (front or rear)
6823 Bulkhead tie bars, front & rear, aluminum (blue-anodized)
6829 Bulkhead, rear
6830 Bulkhead, front
6832 Caster blocks (c-hubs), left & right
6835 Bumper, front/ bumper mount, front (black)
6836 Bumper, rear/ bumper mount, rear (black)
6837 Steering blocks, left & right
6838 Shock tower, rear
6839 Shock tower, front
6855 Driveshaft, center, aluminum (blue-anodized)
6880 Housings, differential, rear
6881 Housings, differential, front
6890 Plate, motor
1664T Shock shafts, hardened steel, titanium nitride coated (long) (2)
1952X Carriers, stub axle (blue-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum)(rear)(2)
2656T Shock shafts, hardened steel, titanium nitride coated (xx-long) (2)
2765T Shock shafts, hardened steel, titanium nitride coated (X-long) (2)
3760A Ultra Shocks (grey) (long) (complete w/ spring pre-load spacers & springs) (2)
3762A Ultra Shocks (grey) (xx-long) (complete w/ spring pre-load spacers & springs) (rear) (2)
3765A Body, Ultra Shock(s) (long) (grey) (2)
3766A Body, Ultra Shock(s) (XXL) (grey) (2)
3767X Shock caps, aluminum (red-anodized) (4) (fits all Ultra Shocks)
New Parts for other models:
Part: Name:
3019 EVX-2 Electronic Speed Control (land version, fwd/rev)
3742 Shoulder screws, steering bellcranks (3x30mm hex cap) (2)/ draglink shoulder screws (chrome) (2)
3744 Servo saver w/ adapters
5393 Primary shaft/ 1st speed hub/ one-way bearing/ snap ring/ 5x8mm TW
5624 Box, receiver (sealed)/ foam pad/ silicone grease/ 3x8mm BCS (2)/ 2.5x8mm CS (2)/ 3x6mm BCS (2)
5822 Chassis, Slash
5837 Skidplates, front & rear (black)
7131 Suspension arm set, front (includes upper right & left and lower right & left arms) (1/16 E-Revo)
3743X Steering bellcranks, drag link (red-anodized T6 aluminum)/ 5x8mm ball bearings (4) hardware (assembled)
4917R Shock tower (for rectangular body posts)
5360X Big block Installation kit (engine mount and required hardware)
5395X Reverse installation kit (includes all components to add mechanical reverse (no Optidrive) to Revo) (includes 2060 sub-micro servo)
5827X Hold down, battery/ hold down retainer/ battery post/ foam spacer/ angled body clip (allows for installation of taller, multi-cell batteries)
Restock of parts:
Part: Name:
4146X Traxxas (#4146X) Clutch Shoes & Spring
5450 Traxxas (#5450) Half Shaft Set L/R Maxx/Revo
5318X Traxxas (#5318X) Push Rod
5312X Traxxas (#5312X) Revo 3.3 Body (Extended Chassis)
3960 Traxxas (#3960) Spur Gear 65T
5348 Traxxas (#5348) Rod Ends
3956 Traxxas (#3956) Spur Gear 54T
5352X Traxxas (#5352X) Rebuild Kit Revo/Maxx
3961 Traxxas (#3961) Spur Gear 0.8P 68-Tooth For Revo / E-Maxx
5451X Traxxas (#5451X) Drive Shaft Assembly
3678 Traxxas (#3678) Complete Wheelie bar assembly for Slash
5644 Traxxas (#5644) Gear (18T-32P)
5353X Traxxas (#5353X) Wheel Hubs
3061 Traxxas (#3061) Adaptor, Traxxas Connector Male to Molex Female
1942 Traxxas (#1942) Rod Ends (16 long & 4 short) / Hollow Balls Connectors (18)
3953 Traxxas (#3953) Spur Gear 1.0P 36T For Revo / Slayer
4690 Traxxas (#4690) Original Spur Gear (48P 90T)
5291 Traxxas (#5291) Wrist Pin/Clips (TRX 3.3)
3232X Traxxas (#3232X) Super Duty Long Glow Plug For Revo

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