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PowerPro LiFe Performance Racing Battery – New Arrival

powerpro battery arrival news 078 PowerPro LiFe Performance Racing Battery   New Arrival
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A New Brand – ‘PowerPro’ arrived rcMart.com introducing a new battery series with new power source ‘LiFe’ power. There are 4 different LiFe Performance racing Batteries available now for RC car / aircraft in various scale. Please check the list below for detail:

- (LF6611533-2ST) LiFe Battery 1150mAh 6.6V 33C for Traxxas 1:16 E-Revo/Slash VXL
- (LF6611533-2S) LiFe Battery 1150mAh 6.6V 33C for Transmitter/1:12 Car
- (LF-6623033-2S2P) LiFe Battery (hardcase) 2300mAh 6.6V 40C for 1:10 RC Car
- (LF9911533-3S) LiFe Battery 1150mAh 9.9V 33C for Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Advantages of LiFe battery:

Short Charging Time – The PowerPro LiFe Battery can be recharged in about 20 minutes by most of the charger equipped with LiFe charging function. Two LiFe battery packs allow you to enjoy your R/C all day long when you use and recharge the battery packs alternately.

Long Lasting Life – The PowerPro LiFe Battery features approximately 1000 recharging cycles. The LiFe battery does not lose its maximum energy capacity as it does not have a memory effect which is observed in rechargeable batteries.

Maintenance Free – The use of a discharger to recondition the battery after each run is not required anymore. In addition, minimal self-discharging enables long term storing by simply charging the battery to about 50% of its capacity.

Light in Weight – A great feature of this battery is its light weight. It weights approximately half of a Ni-MH Battery.

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