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LRP Welcomes Nic Hamilton in the LRP Team!

nic hamilton news 021 LRP Welcomes Nic Hamilton in the LRP Team!

LRP is proud to announce Nic Hamilton as new member of LRP racing team!

nic hamilton news 023 LRP Welcomes Nic Hamilton in the LRP Team!Young Nic Hamilton (brother to Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton) has decided to join forces with LRP and VTEC for the upcoming racing season. Used to the sound and racing action of Formula 1, Nic still founds his true joy and passion in the R/C model sport and is determined to develop and improve in the coming season.

Introduced to the R/C hobby by his brother Lewis back in 2007, Nic has already enjoyed early success, despite limited free time by finishing in an impressive 7th place at the AKA winter series and 4th in a 4 hour long endurance race.

LRP has interviewed Nic to hear a little bit about his racing and to see what makes him so passionate about R/C. Here´s what Nic told us:

nic hamilton news 022 LRP Welcomes Nic Hamilton in the LRP Team!
- You are now using the new LRP VTEC Offroad tyres. What do you like most at these tyres?

“I find these tyres very consistent; throughout a final they always produce a good level of grip and do not fall away like some other tyres do. They work at every track I race at, and the only thing change is the compound, as I have found that some compounds are not as good at some tracks so I change to a softer or harder compound and instantly the tyre works. This is very good for me as since I have been with LRP my knowledge in tyre choices have improved as well as the handling of my car, but the main thing is that my results have improved since I have been using the LRP VTEC Tyres.”

- How long have you been racing R/C now?
“I had my first race in 2007 driving 1/8th Scale off road. This race was a good day out with me and my brother as he does not have much time to spend with me so racing together for the fist time was great. Although I stated in 2007, I find it hard to find time for RC as I am busy going away with Lewis to Formula one races. So I rarely go testing or racing. From 2010 I will start making a lot more time for RC as it is what I love.”

- Who made you familiar with this hobby?
“My brother was the person who introduced me into RC as he use to race when he was 6 years old.”

- What do you like most at this hobby?
“I find RC very competitive, fun and I enjoy driving the car mostly. I think one of the best things about RC is the people involved, everybody wants to help each other so this means that you could go to a race meeting on your own and for sure there will be someone there wanting to help. This is very important with the sport.”

- You are now mainly driving the 1/8 Offroad class. What do you like most at this class (though the weather conditions are not always the best icon wink LRP Welcomes Nic Hamilton in the LRP Team! )?
“With the 1/8th Offroad class, I mainly like the jumps, and bumps. This is because, in order to make sure you do not crash, you have to think a lot about where to place the car in order for you to miss a bump. I think it requires the ability to be able to read the track. By this I mean to learn where thee bumps are, and work out the best way to get around certain corners. Also the jumps are very enjoyable but also require a lot of control if the car is not behaving right. All of this adds to the thrill of driving the car and is the reason why I like RC so much.”

- Do you have an “idol” – a person who has/had a great influence on your life or thinking?
“I would have to say my brother Lewis is my idol, not so much my idol but I look up to him in every way. He helps me a lot with my mentality as I am always nervous before a final in RC and he is always there to help me think positive as I am a very negative person.”

- Can you give our readers a useful tip regarding R/C driving?
“I think the main thing is to enjoy yourself, it is a great sport and full of nice people. I always take the opportunity to go to different countries and race to see if the racing is any different. I have found that the best way to be is relaxed and never focus on the drivers behind you, all you need to do is go forward and focus on the drivers ahead.”

- Can you give our readers a useful tip in general (for live)? What’s your motto?
“To be yourself, do not let people tell you otherwise. You are who you are and all you can do at the end of the day is your best. If at first you do not succeed, always keep trying and maybe you will surprise yourself.
Can I just say thank you to all at LRP!”

LRP wants to wish Nic the best of luck in the future with your new VTEC offroad tyres!

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