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Future RC Car “ene Cargo” Runs On Coke with Bio-Battery

sugar rc car news 025 Future RC Car “ene Cargo” Runs On Coke with Bio Battery

You might have seen green phone concept that runs on Coke. Unfortunately it was just a concept mockup and we haven’t yet seen an actual working model. But something similar to the Coke Phone might come out in near future.

Working models of radio control car and some other toys running on sugary drink were on display at TOY Forum 2010, using bio-battery currently in development.

“ene Concept zone” of Takara Tomy’s booth introducing green toys.

“ene” stands for Entertainment New Energy.

RC car “ene Cargo” co-developed by Sony and Takara Tomy. Looks sort of like some kitchen equipment, but maybe this is what the cars of the future look like.
sugar rc car news 026 Future RC Car “ene Cargo” Runs On Coke with Bio Battery

It’s a prototype, but looks neat enough to go commercial.
YouTube – RC Car “ene Cargo” running on sugary drink

Source: en.gigazine

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