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Yeah Racing Brand New (#YE-0016) Doctor Drift Available

doctor drift news 025 Yeah Racing Brand New (#YE 0016) Doctor Drift Available
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The Yeah Racing (#YE-0016) Doctor Drift for All Drift / Onroad / Offroad Cars is now available @ rcMart.com

# The concept of Yeah Racing Doctor Drift has applied the avionic navigation control system and it keeps tracking of its moving direction.
In case of changing environment, the Yeah Racing Doctor Drift takes over the steering control as a reflex action in order to achieve the correction. Likewise, when your car is moving high speed at a corner, drifting can happen at any time. There is no need to be panic or worry of crashing your car. The Yeah Racing Doctor Drift can easily correct its tracking with no extra skill. But the drifting motion can become much more beautiful.

# For: All Drift/Onroad/Offroad Cars

# Weight: 5.1g
# Operation Voltage: 4.8V – 6.0V
# Sensitive adjustable

# Doctor Drift (1 Pc)

# Inserting the control in between the receiver and steering servo, it can start to function with zero setting up time.
# The Yeah Racing Doctor Drift MUST located in the right dimension in respect to the steering direction. The video shown below explains the installation. After the installation, it can be tested by turning your car to anti-clockwise in the air and the steering should go to the opposite or vice versa.
# The last thing is to fine tune the response time (R.T.) by adjusting the trimmer on the device.
# Neutral Steering is needed to be reset by the steering switch after adjusting the response time.

Source: yeahracing

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