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(IMPORTANT NEWS) Delay of Hong Kong Post Service

(Latest update)
We are informed by Hong Kong Post the situation is betting better and all Christmas air mail posted before the latest dates of posting have already been conveyed to their destinations. However outbound air mail may still experienced a slight delay during this period and we urge every client to adopt EMS for urgent order. rcMart appreciates your support during last three months and we will strive to offer the best service in future. (updated at 29th Dec)

Dear all valued customers,

We were informed by Hong Kong Post that postal delay is to be expected because of the increasing shipping activities.  The delay was caused by the insufficient freight cargo space and result in a 1-2 weeks delay of airmail parcels to Brazil, Russia, US and certain European countries.  Hong Kong Post is looking for solutions regarding the situation and customers are advised to adopt EMS for prompt delivery.  rcMart will keep watch with Hong Kong Post for the updated information, as well as looking for alternative shipping means.

The situation might be worse during X’mas and New Year peak season and customers are advised to arrange early posting. Please expect parcels to take 1-2 weeks longer than normal delivery.  Packages received by Hong Kong Post might not be updated with tracking number instantly.

Latest news will be updated in the RSS news section and rcMart appreciates for your kind understanding.



(1) Announcement from Hong Kong Post


(2) Announcement from eBay HK regarding the postal delay:


(3) News from Apple Daily about the delay of airmail parcel

hk post news 003 (IMPORTANT NEWS) Delay of Hong Kong Post Service

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(Post at 27 Nov, 2009)




【本報訊】香港郵政被揭發無力應付不斷增加的航空郵件量,令大批空郵郵件未能按時付運,部份寄往歐美的郵件,更較以往多一倍時間。有從事網上零售業務生意的中小企,慘被蒙在鼓裏,誤以為是郵件寄失而重複寄出貨物,損失慘重,已向立法會申訴部投訴。香港郵政預計 2至 3星期內郵件積壓情況才可紓緩。 記者:盧文烈

吳先生從事網上零售業務生意,一直透過香港郵政大量投寄空郵郵件服務,將客人訂購的物品寄往歐美,每月投寄 2,000至 3,000件小郵包,郵費 3萬元,以往郵包兩星期便會寄到客人手中,但最近 3個月,約一半郵包需要長達 4個星期才抵埗。
過去幾個月,吳先生收到不少客人投訴,他最初以為是寄失,故將貨物重複寄出兩次,加上郵費支出增加,每月額外開支多出 2至 3萬元,令生意由賺變蝕。吳先生一直找不到郵件延誤的底蘊,直至最近在 e-Bay中國網站留意到一則提示,指由於香港郵政需求量激增, 9月開始郵包的運送速度明顯減慢,吳先生才恍然大悟。


吳先生批評香港郵政隱瞞事件,「如果你早啲話我知,我可以幫襯其他公司,甚至唔做生意,家分明係呃市民,你收足我錢,但就畀唔到應有服務。」 11及 12月是網上零售業旺季,吳先生擔心情況更嚴重,已向香港郵政及立法會申訴部投訴,稍後再向申訴專員公署及特首辦投訴。「香港作為國際城市,發生咁嘅事真係好羞恥。」


有空運業人士認為,香港郵政推卸責任,郵件量增加應尋求方法解決,例如用包機,「收咗人錢,又提供唔到服務,事後講句 sorry就算,非常無恥」。

Source: appledaily

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