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Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita – Race Report

yr genearl 468x60 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
The Round 9 F1RCGP2009 in Oita
Kuju RC circuit park Sunday, October 18, 2009

r0900 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

Weather: Sunny, temperature: 13 ℃, Humidity: 66%, surface temperature: 12 ℃

F1RCGP2009 first nine races, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, was held at the Park Kusumi RC circuit. Year F1RCGP2009 Series ShiKari the final days, starting the past nine rounds against Kyushu, followed by 10 and his two races. Standings in the race, the The other two are believed to have a big change in his top group.
Kusumi Park will stage the tournament RC circuit in 1996, opened in November. Lap 250m, 50m has the back straight, and The medium-grained asphalt pavement surface. Car engines, for both electric car, known as the circuit representative of Oita Prefecture Are. Characteristics of this circuit is changed on the surface like asphalt files. Or for its relatively under any circumstances, Outdoor track and get a grip and stable I do not think about. Black line black line is running normally if Steeped the place, rather than black, white and features also become one. The seams on the track after the renovation and there, Bump because there is relatively techniques are required to take control line. Mr. Mori Kazunori course owners, steering enRoute Kyushu by Mr. RC-MODELs the Mizobe Hiroyuki. Both of the two friendly personality, mood of relaxed throughout the race went to go to.
Number of participants in the day, F-1 local classes: 4, F-1 Class: 12, F-1 Grand Prix classes: 3 Team 5, total 21 people. Entry is now compared to other competitions, the clean air, natural and help to all the participants The relaxed atmosphere was one thing I enjoy the race day. F-1 Grand Prix class, in Kitakyushu Working PRO2.stn, NEXTER, active in the Shikoku and Team – I Take? The war. NEXTER of long time series since the first game Is entered. Organized team, a new color for both teams, we are engaged in the race next season what we suspected. Meanwhile, PRO2.stn The first winner of the game, Hisashi Kobayashi our players fought. Hotta, two players who have aligned, the team attracted attention as a potential winner. The Shikoku Haruka goes from each of the race and Team – I? In Yoshiyuki player is his own team’s first points with Rubeku, triumphant in the race.
F-1 class, near Kyushu, F-1 race a hot number, too. Wear a beautiful body and all their pride in a real Has deployed the race. F-1 and those of local classes, this is OK for the regulation of lipoprotein 30T + speed say, Show me the race of great power.
Teams, drivers and other points in the race for the top team Futaba F-1 Racing, the top drivers Alex Racing postpone the race of the players during Kambayashi, there are two possibilities growing position on the following major changes in place. 8 I have a chance to score points to place, look this is surprisingly high hurdles. This small number of participants like Well take advantage of the race, even more efficient to get a point and one single idea, I think that strategy. Until the final round, Attention will also change the mid-point of the group rankings.

r0901 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0903 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0904 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0902 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

Practice Day
Mainly the local stress from the day before, and each player is working hard to set up a vigorous defense. Mizobe F-1 player in the local class war, To demonstrate the power of the Li-Po, 19 are from the mid-second laps in the second half. Increase the rear wing Toraku This course is point-like approach to make application. Mizobe player machine is Ferrari. Here the rear wing Take wing end plate widely as possible, trying to say I see the intent of downforce laughed. Meanwhile, PRO2.stn of the two cars, Driving on the course followed by two cars in the rendezvous. Running with each other to confirm the course of the speed at point point I like that. In the car, how better players Hotta, looks good response crosscut the chicane. Kobayashi players The following is the form it has traction in the corners is a large range of outstanding. Team players and the sacrifice – I Yoshiyuki, NEXTER of Matsunaga, Yamaguchi, the two players at the same pace as the laps. Yamaguchi players will be unfamiliar course, the bold corner That the attack was impressive. F-1 Grand Prix class, the use of lipoproteins has not been observed. But this truly How many experts for class, F-1 time comparable to the local class, 19 laps in one second. Finally, F-1 class And care for the machine, the real vehicle that faithfully reproduce F-1 is often reminded in the thing. McLaren, Ferrari, Honda, Sauber-state system often.
Also increased grip while hanging in the evening, the pace gradually comes up to each car. The first player to visit this course, The course is a familiar pattern. Curb higher than other courses (Zeburazon) be careful when I do only the minimum, a reasonable time You should get that. With tomorrow’s race course knows that the players are expected to greatly expand a high level.

r0905 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0906 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0907 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0908 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

Day tournament
Day event, the morning dew moistening the surface, echoing course. Yesterday was a bit strong but the wind has changed today is calm. Fine autumn sky, the sun is shining state, sometimes, it traps the cloud is highly contrasting situations.
Like the time in the morning practice yesterday and is in good running everyone. At the entrance to the back straight, and hook your feet on the curb, The machine will go directly to the grass off the track immediately felt. Stage of the morning had become the victim of several players. The course and push Are scattered throughout a dangerous place. What is safe to be there pushing Ni, the strategy will be a point of this course.
Chairman of the finals competition, the tournament progresses from descriptions of the contents of said groove portion, declared dry, take note of the race Doraibazumitingu Presents speak at the award presentation Besutorukkinguka, and explain rules from a penalty when referee chairman, the program will gradually We are going. Then, take the interval Shi, F1RCGP game in the 9th Circuit Park RC Kusumi, they should honor Race Is started.

r0909 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0910 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0911 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0912 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

First qualifying round
F-1 local classes first qualifying round, the players showed a fast groove portion from the beginning, with another 19 units in the second run. Behind it, chasing the players form Anan. How best lap, faster players who Anan, 19 seconds 688 mark. However, lack the stability noticeable mistake in the chicane. The two Ferrari colors together. Top goal, players Mizobe, 12L4: 02.648, records say the best 19 seconds 799. Anan second player about five seconds behind. 12L4: 07.664.
F-1 class first qualifying round, the players Oshima positive heats of the one-time mark. 12L4: 16.672 top goals. Best 20 seconds 482, F-1 is different than the pace of local classes about 0.8 seconds, given the wonderful things Mabuchi 540 motor and say Record guess. Second heat, the players Ferrari Tamaki 12L4: 13.132 and Oshima driving record than the players. Take the line Very beautiful, fantastic driving was stable throughout. 772 best and 20 seconds, recording the fastest round is four, only that I have all the time was average. This round end, one place: players Tamaki, 2nd place: players Oshima, 3rd place: players Motokawa, 4th place: Hirota players. So far 12 players have marked the anniversary. Led 11 laps, the four fruits of the fastest players. 11L4: 06.973.
F-1 Grand Prix class, second qualifying round. PRO2.stn Kobayashi, Hotta, two players the players, one head and one lead. Each other, one 19 seconds Mark the middle of practice. Kobayashi, 19 seconds 433 players, 466 players Hotta, 19 seconds. Then came the breaking of it is, Team goes And ~ I? Players in the Yoshiyuki. 20 seconds with 629 best in consistent laps, picking up the mistakes of players Hotta, moved into second place. Looking it over, Top players scored PRO2.stn Kobayashi, 12L4: 04.349,2 Team and the place goes – I Yoshiyuki players in the 12L4: 10.922,3 in rank Hotta PRO2.stn player 12L4: 14.254. All cars with 5 units set a record of 12 laps. PRO2.stn car is, TECH F125, TAMIYA F103 in Is divided. F125 has good footwork in the infield players moving ride a Kobayashi, F103 players ride the Hotta Proven to be stable in fast corners movement. Two different places, so drive fast, without leaving an interesting development Kazu interval, this qualifying round We also showed from early.

r0913 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0914 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0915 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0916 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

Second qualifying round
Second qualifying round on a course the sun shines a little more, the wind began to blow. The situation is difficult and time-out Is expected.
First Local Class F-1 Qualifying second round, the players also jump groove portion 1 from the first lap with a time of 20 seconds early, two laps Crash. On behalf of the players has emerged as a top Anan. Most of the 19 lap cars came in second ride, the players ahead MIZOBE Takes. But realists MIZOBE lost some players, best time of 19 seconds to mark the 556 class, hectic chase. Anan, American MIZOBE By their two Ferrari race cars, the Re Mimasu until the last lap, last lap the sake of a painful crash MIZOBE players, Goal Anan top players. 12L4: 01.332 and became the fastest preliminary. American Honda earthy Asahi, Place finish round two. 12L4: 13.501 emerged fastest overall in three. Onozawa 0.393 second round players in the time up The third largest 12L4: 18.854 mark.
F-1 class the second qualifying round of the Ferrari 20 seconds Tamaki 716 players qualifying round is one of the best from the better, Lacked the stability of the second half of the time, 12L4: 15.317 as well as self-time updates. Meanwhile, McLaren Honkawa good players. The vehicle The reminder of taking a wide line, consistent lap times, a personal best of about 1.5 second update. In second round Became the goal. The previous round by machine 0 problems of retired players Zhou Nishikawa, in this round 9L4: 33.546 played and finished.
F-1 Grand Prix class, second qualifying round. This round, each player Chi Temasu great record. First of The only player at this point PRO2.stn Kobayashi, 13 laps, 13L4: 19.459, now 682 in 19 seconds, the top goal. Personal best UP and will be about 4.5 seconds. Also, the rear is the same place two players PRO2.stn Hotta, 12L4: 02.483, now 557 in 19 seconds Continues. Paced player who prematurely Hotta, had to run out in front, the late time of a crash on lap 11 Drop the two topped regrettable. But from the time the previous round, what the 11 seconds 771 UP. Matsunaga NEXTER third player, Moreover, it did change the settings on the machine, fit in the middle of the corner splash, 12L4: 06.433, the best 20 seconds 214. Self 841UP is best to let the eight seconds. Meanwhile, players Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki players in, while a slightly slower speed, make your best self Showed competitive. Yamaguchi NEXTER particular player is a 12 second time 924 UP!
Before the round is concerned about the deteriorating track conditions, etc., but there was less concern with time, each player This is leaving many of his best jump-started the race became a great round. Following the final round further Time up is aimed at what you want.

r0917 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0920 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0919 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0918 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

Third qualifying round
The third and final qualifying round, first the F-1 local class. Start at the beginning, before the players MIZOBE I get that reversed from the mid-Anan players. 19 seconds while driving out of the 488 best. Intact, the second tournament Will mark 13 anniversary, 13L4: 19.655 to finish in, won the pole position.
Three classes of F-1 qualifying round. Final round of this class, the snag after another time. In the first heat, Motokawa McLaren players, personal best and be the best class 12L4: 11.960 and give the players any Tamaki followed by heat Emits the same time. After all, the second best player in the Tamaki been adopted by two-time first round, the players Tamaki Ferrari Pole. Best 20 seconds of the 423 top-class players Tamaki. Finally 20 or F-1 rush early in the second class. Behind the nine players Inoue won the third time in a grid of round, round two of the very same time. 12L4: 09.197 a Mark. As a result 1 / 1000 until the second time the name of staying two became strained expansion.
Class F-1 Grand Prix, the third qualifying round. Each car in the pace laps from the beginning, the forward, PRO2.stn players Kobayashi, Hotta players fight. Heapinkona mistakes in the field to each other in the end, the players less of time loss Kobayashi Only the top goal. This time about two seconds, 13L4: 17.488 won the pole position. Best 19 seconds in the 355 Best competition. Hotta, place 2 players First three laps in the 13 and holder, 13L4: 17.749 mark. Best 19 seconds 469. Paul is only the difference between the players and Kobayashi 0.261 seconds. Team and third goes – I? Players in the Yoshiyuki. 7 second personal best to update the 689, three things successfully slide into the grid. Fourth, and fifth place, NEXTER the two players. American Matsunaga Yamaguchi is the players. The best lap was not getting so close to never predecessors, is expected to jump up in the final.

r0921 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0924 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0923 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0922 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

■ ■ qualifying
Class F-1 local

1st Yoshinobu Anan 3R13L4: 19.655
Second Mizobe Hiroyuki 3R12L4: 00.639
Third Minato Asahi 2R12L4: 13.501
4th Onozawa Akira 3R12L4: 17.579

F-1 class

1st Hiroki Tamaki 3R12L4: 11.960
Second Motokawa Susumu 3R12L4: 11.960
Third Katsuhiro birds waiting 3R12L4: 14.116
4th Ooshima Kouzi 3R12L4: 16.560
5th Hirota Township History 1R12L4: 21.166
6th Yuki Takahumi 3R11L4: 03.283
7th Matsubara Hiromitsu 2R11L4: 04.859
8th Kodama Syuuiti 3R11L4: 07.456
9th 史Inoue Megumi 3R11L4: 09.197
10th Minato Asahi 3R11L4: 09.414
11th Hiroshi Nishikawa 3R11L4: 14.986
12th Sanae dam 3R11L4: 17.601

Class F-1 Grand Prix

1st Hiro Kobayashi (PR2) 3R13L4: 17.488
Second Hotta Mikio (PR2) 3R13L4: 17.749
Third Go in Yoshiyuki (IKE) 3R12L4: 03.233
4th Matsunaga Yukiharu (NEX) 3R12L4: 05.652
5th Yamaguti Kentarou (NEX) 2R12L4: 12.037

For final
Takahara said the course location pattern is the difference between extreme situation Thanksgiving Day morning. Approaching someone for a final time, Temperatures can fall at once. Each player, setting patterns have been considering the change of surface cooling. Furikushonpaddo grease, etc., so temperature sensitive, and taking steps after the start, and later The difference seems to be coming out pretty hard. And to mitigate the degree of change in his pre-soft touch of color and people Is like have a plan. The state is struggling to fight every last gap in the road. At close quarters after the start, the gap Taken with the feet, so they simply fallen in the rankings, the fight for Two nose-tail, a strategic Set changes are needed. So soon after the start of the final round.
r0925 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0926 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0927 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0928 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
Main Final B
F-1 race a local class B the main color of the Red Bull athletes Nishikawa, American bank of cherry pink color, and has two racing cars. The back straight after the start, crashing two big players in the starting grid dam. Gap that leads to the Red Bull athletes Nishikawa Spread in the form starts. Then, Nishikawa players take laps at a steady careful line, ran almost faultlessly. The two cars drive time of 22 seconds The lay-by time. To be in the middle, up the pace with his best players to update the dam. 555 time is 20 seconds, 0.075 seconds Nishikawa than players Pace. However, the player is running stable Nishikawa, already almost two to one place and spread the difference between laps. Even at the end of the race, the difference is unchanged, Nishikawa, Red Bull athletes, the race course knows that these veterans, F-1 Class B Main won the championship.

r0929 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0932 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0931 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0930 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

■ ■ Main B Final Standings
F-1 Class B main

1st Hiroshi Nishikawa 21L8: 17.093
Second Sanae dam 20L8: 12.816

Local Class F-1 A-Main
Local Class F-1 A-Main final. The decision to a great start, the two players starting grid of Ferrari Color Mizobe. One corner Like Ferrari Color Anan players pass the pole. Anan players right after that crash preceded a binge straight to the top. Mizobe players an easy to deploy. Is early, one place: players Mizobe, 2nd place: players Anan, 3rd place: players Onozawa Sauber, fourth: Honda earthy morning sun by the players. Mizobe the leading players and Ferrari are also stable and power, and takes to expand its lead in the subsequent sharp rise. Best 19 seconds to 567 Mark. And in the middle, within three seconds behind the leader spot. Behind the players Onozawa Sauber, Honda and Asahi three players also close race for second place. And the second half of the race, Anan players between the three approaches a group of players battle for third place Mizobe. And the players to pass back-marker Mizobe, Anan players will battle for third place between the three groups Scissors, dropped to four seconds behind. Then, three players had a race for second place Honda Asahi, straight increase in crashes. Three players in the driving position is Onozawa Sauber Dress is easy. Anan and the difference between the players, but players shrinks edgingly Mizobe, the last player to close the curtain on the top groove portion goal. Featured are 3 race for second place, Charge to the players but the players repeatedly Onozawa Asahi, after series of crashes in a few places. After all defensive players have made Onozawa third outfit.

r0934 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0936 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0935 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0933 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

F-1 Class A-Main
F-1 Class A-Main race. All cars start simultaneously beautiful. Top 3 players Tamaki Ferrari, players Maruboromakuraren Motokawa, McLaren also Birds waiting by the players. The rear, BMW Kodama players, players Faiyapatan Hirota, yellow and orange to white, and Williams followed Oshima player. Ferrari 1970′s, 312T2with The machine came with Niki Lauda driving a Hyundai Saiwai players. Aiming to lie in the top. Halfway through the race, Tamaki Janareji Ferrari with players still lead the top 748 with 20 second mark. At regular intervals followed by McLaren’s players Motokawa, American birds waiting Order. Senna Honkawa MP4/4with players are. 20 seconds out of the 722 Best, we have coming out on top. Tamaki’s top players, the players of the Force India Inoue Path. This race, each player very well-mannered, giving up makes way for a smooth lap. Then the players Inoue, end crashes back straight! The rear wing damage, pit. Time loss is regrettable. Second half of the race, no major change in the position. Top: players Tamaki, 2nd place: players Motokawa, 3rd place: bird waiting players. Tamaki 2 player group we place a Me Rimasu gradually, and some mistakes in the chicane, we’ll have a little isolated. And the last lap, from beginning to end Played a top goal of a top veteran players Tamaki has sail fast.

r0937 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0938 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0939 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0940 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

F-1 Grand Prix class A-Main
Class F-1 Grand Prix final A-Main. Kobayashi PRO2.stn players good start from pole position. More, right behind teammate’s Hotta players. Some open interval, Team and goes – I? By the players in the Yoshiyuki. NEXTER2 cars race for fourth position. Meanwhile, the race is very close to the very top. A few tenths Contest, players Kobayashi, Hotta, players are battling with. Marlboro McLaren with color, there is a scene reminiscent of the pro Senna. Team and goes – I In Yoshiyuki players in the battle fought in order to try to up the pace and measuring line near misses, they are expanding the difference in reverse. Idzure even then the top two cars in one lap 19 layers a second. And in the middle, Team and goes – I? Yoshiyuki more mistakes in the players, NEXTER Matsunaga three players moved into place. Matsunaga two players 19 seconds, 19 seconds out of a valiant chase 802. The difference between the players before driving Hotta PRO2.stn about 5 seconds. However, players Hotta, 19 seconds 387 times out of competition for two second behind the top players Kobayashi Up approaches. And the second half, NEXTER Yamaguchi players in trouble by the crash damaged the rear wing, an emergency pit stop. The significant fall. While there is a sense of top competition was narrowed down to two PRO2.stn2. Kobayashi, 19 seconds 441 still can not get the pace and the best players, and put the players shake Hotta Situation. Difference is 0.3 to 0.5 seconds left much unchanged at close quarters. But what would be the last, painful crash in the chicane at the entrance Hotta players! Kobayashi, where the leading players at once is easy. Open to three seconds difference. Remaining time is 2 minutes. Hotta PRO2.stn player has just made a mistake Despite the chicane, and then continue to attack without hesitation, about the difference between the top and shrinks to 1.3 seconds, time up to the heartless. After eight minutes, winning Kobayashi decided PRO2.stn players! Grand Prix class, and what a great race, everyone was given a round of applause after the race. Congratulations.

r0941 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0942 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0943 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0944 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

■ ■ A-Main Final Standings
Local Class F-1 A-Main

1st Mizobe Hiroyuki 24L8: 16.736
Second Yoshinobu Anan 24L8: 18.288
Third Onozawa Akira 22L8: 05.227
4th Minato Asahi 22L8: 05.823

F-1 Class A-Main

1st Hiroki Tamaki 23L8: 16.430
Second Motokawa Susumu 23L8: 18.870
Third Katsuhiro birds waiting 22L8: 07.725
4th Hirota Township History 22L8: 16.031
5th Ooshima Kouzi 22L8: 17.490
6th Kodama Syuuiti 22L8: 20.642
7th Yuki Takahumi 21L8: 01.072
8th Matsubara Hiromitsu 21L8: 01.226
9th Minato Asahi 21L8: 11.498
10th Inoue Megumi 9L8: 24.829





F-1 Grand Prix class A-Main

1st Hiro Kobayashi (PR2) 24L8: 07.083
Second Hotta Mikio (PR2) 24L8: 08.434
Third Matsunaga Yukiharu (NEX) 23L8: 04.527
4th Go in Yoshiyuki (IKE) 23L8: 11.931
5th Yamaguti Kentarou (NEX) 18L8: 04.129

Awards podium champagne
Top three in each class by the award podium, will be held immediately after the race. And trophies will be awarded to each person. Then, F1RCGP begins annual champagne. F-1 Grand Prix class winner, F-1 champion in the class, each second, Kemasu a blessed attack in three ranked players. Today we had some color wash things like that, but you will soak Performance showed me that fight. Kobayashi PRO2.stn especially the players, winning the first race since. Moreover, two races fought race, With two wins, boasts a 100 percent winning percentage. In Doraibazupointorankingu the three Janpuappu stretch from 10th place.

r0945 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0946 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0947 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0948 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

Award Besutorukkinguka
Besutorukkinguka Award, the players Minato Asahi, Honda RA107 has been painted in earth colors determined. Painted in blue and green earth, was a fine coating over the details. Asahi player says one thing and take about a week. The player everyone who are engaged in the race to watch all the great color, head down We, the organizers also really I think. One body one mind one loving race, the more colorful the starting grid.

r0949 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0952 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0951 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0950 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
Awards draw overall
Until last year, more trouble on the measurement of some of the players who will apologize to everyone that the inconvenience caused you. Then safely If the measurement is reinstated, could get underway without delay to the time schedule. After the awards podium to begin the entire award. All participants Awards were given cards, F-1 to the winner of the Tech class of goods was awarded as a prize sponsor of the F125 kit. Also, the lottery is a luxurious Handed to all participants a free gift from the sponsoring manufacturers.
And the closing ceremony, each Chairman and greetings, and then I received I would like to thank the Chairman and greetings tournament. This RC Car F-1 Grand Prix Also, leaving only after a final round now. The remaining games, while hope things get heated race fun, come and carry your foot race I think Kere. Thank you.

r0953 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0954 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report
r0955 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Reportr0956 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP Round 9 @ Oita   Race Report

Camera data F1RCGP major tournament
F1RCGP Ninth Meeting of the game will be the main equipment data. Who was also played, even more people in, and it’s helpful when you join or how the next. The next will be held F1RCGP2009 Round10 (final round), November 22 (Sunday) tournament in Fukuoka, F-1 is the home circuit. The final thing that, Little elaborately, the race will be held at night. Come and we look forward to your participation everyone.

Cooperation capped a run of the tournament staff, enRoute RC MODELs like groove portion of Kyushu, and Kusumi Park RC circuit Forest owners like course, everyone capped help operations staff and to agree to sponsor the tournament and I Gratitude to the person represents the manufacturers. The day capped MC PRO2.stn cooperation and competition in the Kobayashi-like, help us shoot I Represent equally like to thank Kimura, Ta. Thanks so much. The O Sama and made good things to safely exit the tournament, became the only remaining final series of Fukuoka. Unchanged in the future, Since we intend to take the race to enjoy making everyone, thank you.

Google Translation from: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RCGP/Racereport2009/rr2009r9.html

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