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Traxxas original parts arrived rcMart!!!

traxxas rc parts 051 Traxxas original parts arrived rcMart!!!

Numbers of TRAXXAS R/C model parts for monster truck has just arrived rcMart.com! Please check the list below for your desired Traxxas parts:

Model No. Product Name
1951 Half Shafts, Long Truck
2419 Pinion Gear 19T 48P w/Set Screw
2423 Pinion Gear 23T 48P w/Set Screw
2555 Suspension Arms (Rear)
2556 Headerscrews 3x23mm
3080 Traxxas Connector (female) (2)
3632 Caster Blocks (30-degree)
3637 Axles (Front)
3736 Steering blocks, left & right (2)
3752 Stub Axle Carriers
4725 Pinion Gear (48P 25T)
5329 Bulkhead, rear (L&R halves)/ diff retainer, rear/ 4x14mm BCS (4)
5458 Yokes, Differential and Transmission
5460 Shocks, GTR aluminum (assembled) (2) (without springs)
5469 Rod Ends (GTR shocks) (6)
5531 Suspension arms, front (left & right)
5533 Suspension arms, rear (left & right)
5535 Bumper, front
5561 Shocks, GTR composite (assembled) (2) (without springs)
5656 Half Shaft Set (Long)
2742x Rod Ends, short (6)/ hollow balls (6)
4628X Differential output yokes, hardened steel (w/ u-joints) (2)
4935X Bumpers, 6061-T6, brushed aluminum (f&r)
5312R Body, Revo 3.3, ProGraphix (extended chassis) (replacement for painted body. Graphics are printed, requires paint & final color application)/decal sheet
5312X Body, Revo 3.3 (extended chassis), ProGraphix (replacement for painted body. Graphics are painted- requires paint and final color application)/window, grill, lights decal sheet
5338A Toe links, Revo (Tubes 7075-T6 aluminum, black)(128mm, fits front or rear) (2)/ rod ends, rear (4)/ rod ends, front (4)/ wrench (1)
5338R Toe links, Revo (Tubes red-anodized, 7075-T6 aluminum, stronger than titanium) (128mm, fits front or rear) (2)/ rod ends, rear (4)/ rod ends, front (4)/ aluminum wrench (1)
5458x Yokes, Differential and Transmission
5918X Aluminum Push Rod For Slayer

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