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Tamiya TT-01R TYPE-E 1:10 EP Car Kit

rcmart050 Tamiya TT 01R TYPE E 1:10 EP Car Kit
『TT-01R TYPE-E Chassis early』 Tamiya Grand Prix, “National Unification Tamiya RC Council” across the country as the years have been held more than 300 times
“Tamiyacharenjikappu” in mind to join, is familiar to many people since its inception as an entry model, 『TT-01 TYPE-E』

Tuning Shimashita pressed the point. The leg is equipped with a damper CVA, essential to setting
And Ajasutaburuappaamu, Toinriyaappuraito Mimashita to improve straight ahead.
Propeller shaft drive system is lightweight and the Teleca joint attention also to withstand further tuning.
And the combination is specified in Raitochunmota Midiamunaroreshingurajiarutaiya Challenge Cup and now
The choice is essential to Risugutsu racing parts, chassis enhanced combat power.

TT-01R TYPE-E-only special parts
● OP. 674 TT-01 Ajasutaburuappaamusetto (3 × 18mm specifications Arumitanbakkuru)
● OP. 1026 TT-01 Arumipuroperashafutojointo & Shaft
Set (OP.783TB EVOLUTION Ⅳ lightweight propeller shaft design)

Adopting SP / OP Parts List
● SP. 746 CVA Danpasupamini
● SP. 823 TG10 Hoiruakusuru
● SP. 883 39mm drive shaft
● SP. 1023 Midiamunaroreshingurajiarutaiya
● OP. 471 Midiamunaro five-spoke wheels (white)
● OP. 673 TT-01 Toinriyaappuraito
● OP. Arumipiroboru 642 5mm (Blue)
● OP. 665 TT-01 Supagiyasetto (55T/58T)
● OP. 983 Raitochunmota (28T)
● OP. 1025 TT-01 TYPE-E Furubearingusetto
● 39mm drive shaft Giyabokkusujointo

★ TT-01 TYPE-E Chuningubajon about the selection of the chassis
★ Tamiya Grand Prix will be held in the country, the optimal design considering the user entry Challenge Cup race
★ body is not included
★ Product Spot
★ electric
★ 1 / 10 size

Osusumepatsu together
★ 45040 FM Fainsupekku electric set ÄÞ × ² ÌÞ
★ 51000 SP. Haitorukusaboseiba 1000 (Black)
★ 53333 OP. 333 Tsuringukashototaipusupuringu
★ 53864 OP. 864 TT-01 Arumisutearingurinku
★ 54058 OP. 1058 TT-01E Arumireshingusuteasetto

Translation from Tamiya

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