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COLT New Body and old items just arrived rcMart.com

colt body news 121 COLT New Body and old items just arrived rcMart.com
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Two Brand New Rally Style Body from COLT – The (#M2323) 160mm 1:12 Skoda Fabia WRC Body and (#M2322) 190mm 1:10 Subaru Impreza WRC 07 Body are now available @ rcMart.com.  Please check the following for the whole section of COLT body with the best price ever.

Where to buy?

M1105 COLT (#M1105) 1/10 Mini Body VW New Beetle
M1106 COLT (#M1106) 1/10 Mini Body Mitsubishi Evo
M1107 COLT (#M1107) 1/10 Mini Body Mercedes A-Class
M1108 COLT (#M1108) 1/10 Mini Body Mini Cooper
M1109 COLT (#M1109) 1/10 Mini Body Impreza
M1110 COLT (#M1110) 1/10 Mini Body 911 GT1
M1129 COLT (#M1129) 200mm Body Toyota AE86
M1130 COLT (#M1130) 200mm Body CLK GTR
M1132 COLT (#M1132) 200mm Body CLK DTM
M1135 COLT (#M1135) 200mm Body BMW M3
M1136 COLT (#M1136) 200mm Body 911 GT1
M1137 COLT (#M1137) 200mm Body S2000
M1138 COLT (#M1138) 200mm Body TOYOTA GT1
M1147 COLT (#M1147) 200mm Body Mazda Atenza
M2304 COLT (#M2304) 200mm Body Nissan S15
M2305 COLT (#M2305) 1/10 Mini Body March
M2307 COLT (#M2307) 1/10 mini Body NSU TT
M2308 COLT (#M2308) 1/10 Mini Body Fiat
M2309 COLT (#M2309) 1/10 Mini Body Swift
M2313 COLT (#M2313) 1/10 Mini Body Yaris
M2314 COLT (#M2314) 200mm Body RX-7 FD3S
M2316 COLT (#M2316) 1/10 Mini Body FORD PICK UP
M2318 COLT (#M2318) 1/10 Mini Body CHEVY PICK UP
M2323 COLT (#M2323) 1/12 BODY SKODA FABIA WRC 160MM

colt body sale COLT New Body and old items just arrived rcMart.com

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