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Traxxas NEW REVO 3.3 (#5309) Monster Truck New Arrival

traxxas 5309 coming 029 Traxxas NEW REVO 3.3 (#5309) Monster Truck New Arrival
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traxxas 5309 coming 022 Traxxas NEW REVO 3.3 (#5309) Monster Truck New Arrival

The Traxxas NEW REVO 3.3 (#5309) Monster Truck has just arrived rcMart.com

Introducing the biggest, toughest, most versatile Revo 3.3 yet! The pinnacle of monster truck performance, Revo’s advanced design is an engineering marvel that turned the world of R/C upside down with its completely unique chassis and suspension configuration. Today’s Revo 3.3 combines legendary performance with incredible all-terrain ability and a wider, tougher stance for maximum monster fun. The heavy-duty reversing transmission lets Revo 3.3 back out of tight spots, while the OptiDrive® Electronic Transmission Control guarantees safe, smooth engagementevery time. The new TQ radio system keeps you in complete control with the latest 2.4GHz technology for nocrystals-required reliability and convenience. New Geode chrome wheels with 17mm hex hubs wear massive 6.3”Maxx-sized tires for total traction in all conditions, and Revo 3.3’s dual-servo steering system provides powerful,responsive handling. Traxxas’ heavy-duty 2075 servos combine digital circuitry, a ball-bearing geartrain, and waterproof case for the ultimate in precision and reliability. And of course, the new Revo 3.3 is 100% Ready-To-Race®—even rechargeable NiMH packs for the receiver and EZ-Start system are included! Total domination on the track and seven National Championships have proven the value of Revo’s overwhelmingly superior engineering and innovation. All the race-engineered features that make Revo a winner on the track also make it the ultimate platform for all your monster truck fun. Revo durability is second to none, and with the long travel rockers installed, Revo has the most suspension travel of any monster truck. Experience the ultimate Ready-To-Race® performance machine.

traxxas 5309 coming 023 Traxxas NEW REVO 3.3 (#5309) Monster Truck New Arrival

All the accessories you need to run the Revo are included, including a high-quality NiMH receiver battery andTraxxas 6-cell EZ-Start battery. There’s even an extra air filter element and glow plug to speed maintenance.
The only items left to buy are fuel and AA batteries.

traxxas 5309 coming 025 Traxxas NEW REVO 3.3 (#5309) Monster Truck New Arrival

Revo 3.3 New Features
• NEW wide-track body with custom graphics
• TQ 2.4GHz 3-CH radio system
• 1200mAh RX pack and 1500mAh EZ-Start® battery
• Battery chargers included
• New 17mm hex Geode™ mirror-chrome wheels with pre-glued on 6.3” Maxx-Sized Tires
• 17mm aluminum splined wheel hubs and nuts
• Large capacity 150cc fuel tank
• Dual 2075 digital high-torque ball bearing servos
• Hard-anodized Teflon®-coated GTR shocks with TiN shock shafts
• Oversized wheel bearings & reinforced axle carriers
• RX box includes 5-cell flat rechargeable RX pack
• High flow dual-stage air filter
• Polished Resonator™ dual chamber tuned pipe
• Heavy-duty reversing OptiDrive® transmission

Quick Points Summary
• TRX 3.3 Racing Engine with Resonator tuned pipe
• 45+mph top speed
• 6.3” Maxx-sized tires mounted on Geode wheels
• Splined 17mm aluminum wheel hubs
• Super-duty sealed driveshafts
• Teflon®-coated hard-anodized GTR™ shocks
• Installed progressive 2 long travel rockers
• 150cc fuel tank
• EZ-Start® electric starting system (battery included)
• Included Accessories:
- 1200mAh 5-cell receiver battery
- 1500mAh 6-cell EZ-Start pack
- Fuel filler bottle
- Extra glow plug
- Extra oiled air filter
- Long travel rockers & springs

traxxas 5309 coming 024 Traxxas NEW REVO 3.3 (#5309) Monster Truck New Arrival

Source: Traxxas

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