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Tamiya TRF416X 1:10 EP

rcmart049 Tamiya TRF416X 1:10 EP
TRF latest spec series
Limited TRF416X Chassis
※ image is different from the actual product in the previous model.

So far, 2002,2004,2008 year and has won the IFMAR ISTC World Class Tsurinka TRF. The year 2010 will be held next year for the tournament six times, TRF416 series will attempt to further. Starting with the 2009 champion DHICUP in three consecutive years in the Euro Touring Series 1-2-3 has always leave a stable and good results based on TRF416WE finish, to maximize the limited battery power , sought more tire-friendly machine. Received further 1mm inside the motor mount to mount the rear ball differential position, and further efforts to improve the balance and depends Riyatorakushon. Also, increase the stiffness and Furontobaruguheddo is spread along the length of the mounting distances, and generously back data from field practice.

1mm motors motors mounted inside. Uniform right balance when cornering. It also prevents interference with the body and center cable.

The changes and Riyaberuto Riyaroabaruguheddo, mounted on the rear ball differential position.

Furontoroabaruguheddo spread the mounting distances, together with changes achieved Shashikatto rigidity. After the reception, the improvement can be equipped with front and rear Separetosasumaunto, fixed power-up.

New Dezainroadekki 2.25 mm thick, 2 mm thick upper deck, around Roabaruguheddo, Motor mount, Sentabaruguheddomotamauntosapoto, Riyaberuto new design. Body, RC unit, battery, motor, pinion gear, tires and wheels are not included in the kit.

Source : Tamiya

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